The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Tightrope: A Scene.

How far would you go for a birthday celebration? - Parents - The Jakarta  Post

Milo is seen in his room, getting ready to go out for the night. He stares at himself in the mirror, fixing up his hair and glasses. A knock is heard on the door; it’s his dad checking up on him.

Milo Sr: You ready, bud?

Milo: I guess.

Milo Sr: You’ll be fine, Milo. It’s only Mollie’s house.

Milo: Yeah, with everyone she knows… *sigh* Dad–

Milo looks at his father, not completely himself.

Milo: I really don’t feel good to go out tonight.

Milo Sr: It’s Mollie’s birthday party though.

Milo: I’ll text her or something; she’s probably gonna be with all of her friends anyway to notice me not there.

Milo Sr takes a deep breath in.

Milo Sr: Are you sure you want to do this?

Milo: Please. I just don’t feel good.

Milo Sr: *sighs* Alright. Jennifer and I should be back from the party around 10 to put Micah to bed. Behave yourself. Get some rest. We’ll call you to check to see how you’re doing.

Milo: Thanks, dad.

Milo Sr smiles at his son and walks towards the front door and out of the house. Once the door is shut, Milo runs to his phone and dials up a number.

Milo: Hey, you wanted to work on the project tonight? *pause* Mollie wasn’t bothered, she knows we gotta graduate. *pause* I’ll meet you there.

Milo hangs up the phone and gathers his bookbag to go out.

Milo and Sophie sit on a ledge near the pier in Brooklyn Heights. Their breath is visible in the cold, winter air.

Milo: You picked the coldest place to be, Scout.

Sophie: *laughs* Hey, you told me to pick the next place.

Both teens look out into the water; across the waters is the sight of all of the lights brightly lit in Manhattan.

Sophie: I don’t think I got into Waverly.

Milo: *looks at Sophie* Why do you say that?

Sophie: *hesitant* I just feel like everyone is better than me. Like I don’t deserve a spot in their school or something.

Milo: Just because you don’t dance ballet or sing in a choir? So what? You play an instrument.

Sophie: Yeah, and how many girls actually make it into the bad at that school? I mean, you’ve seen their performances!

Milo: And?

Sophie: I just don’t see myself being one of the few girls in their ensemble. *sigh* Maybe he was right.

Milo: Who?

Sophie doesn’t say anything at first.

Milo: *puts two-and-two together* Simon.

Sophie: He was always the better player. I always took his advice seriously because no matter what he would tell me, I always got better because of it…

Milo wants to say something, but he sees Sophie’s head already in a different place. He knows to now just listen.

Sophie: I came here the night I find out he was dating Laurie. I was so upset. We fought over the phone and told me that Laurie was prettier. More talented. Better than I would ever be.

Milo: Sophie–

Sophie: –And I believed everything that he said. Why wouldn’t I? Everything he’s told me before always was right. So I came here right before the summer started. I jumped and swam deeper and deeper to the bottom. I felt truly alone. I don’t remember how I got out of the water; I just remember coughing and trying to catch my breath on the pier.

Milo is at a loss for words. He takes his legs away from the edge and folds them. He moves Sophie’s legs out of the edge as well.

Milo: Did you ever tell anyone?

Sophie shakes her head.

Sophie: If my mom ever found out I did that, she would send me back to the UK to live with my nan. Something like this in Korean culture is extremely looked down upon.

Milo: Did you ever tell Simon though?

Sophie: No.

Milo: Sophie… why are you still friends with Laurie after everything she’s caused you?

Sophie: *annoyed* What other choice do I got? It’s either be friends with her and get saved the bullying, or go against her and have my life be a living hell.

Milo: I’m your friend!

Sophie: And you best friend hates my guts, so really; are we friends? Or do you just tolerate me for the project nowadays?

Milo: *mad* I’m here with you when I could be with my best friend at her birthday party, Sophie. Don’t act like I don’t care about you. If you didn’t think I did, you wouldn’t have told me your story.

Sophie’s eyes water up, she looks out into the ocean and doesn’t say anything. Milo just looks at her.

Milo: I… really fucking care about you, Sophie.

Sophie wipes her eyes and begins to get up. Milo follows her gestures.

Sophie: I- I should get going, my mom will–

Milo grabs Sophie by the arm and hugs her tight. Sophie is hesitant at first, but then slowly puts her arms around Milo. They share a moment together. After the hug, he looks down at her.

Milo: You’re… so pretty. So talented, and funny and a great friend.

Sophie smiles and kisses Milo’s cheek.

Sophie: Thank you.

Milo smiles and walks away from the pier with Sophie.

Milo is shown running down a block towards a house. He runs up the steps of the house and begins to unlock the door with his keys. He walks through the studio towards the back way of the apartment, and quietly walks the stairs. He reaches the door where the kitchen is located and tries to sneak his way into the apartment. He turns around and screeches.

His dad and Jennifer stand in the kitchen, looking at their son.

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