The "Something" Series

Something Out of Your League: A Scene.

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The door opens and Jamie walks in with his briefcase. He brushes his hair back and walks down the firm hallway. People turn their heads to see him, they’re shocked to see him back in the firm after taking a week leave after the incident. Jamie doesn’t look at anyone or stop to talk to anyone, he just continues to walk to his office.

He opens the door to his office and closes it behind him. He sits back down at his desk, opens the case file in front of him, and begins to start his day. Shortly after he’s starting, a knock is heard on the door.

Jamie: Come in.

The door opens and Ari walks in.

Ari: Hey Jamie, welcome back.

Jamie: *doesn’t look up* Thank you, Ms. Johnson…

Ari walks towards Jamie and places her hand on top of his paperwork. He looks up at her.

Ari: Sorry for getting you that week’s leave. Grace’s my girl, she told me to put the leave in.

Jamie smiles at the thought.

Jamie: It’s okay. Thank you for being a good friend to Grace.

Ari: Of course. *nods her head towards Jamie* You look like you’ve been doing better.

Jamie: Yeah, I’m happy that they’re healing.

Ari nods he head in silence. Jamie goes back to his work as Ari stands there. He looks back up, noticing her not leaving.

Jamie: Is there something you need from me, Ms. Johnson?

Ari: *annoyed* Ari. I just wanted to say that I’m sorry that you had to find out about Grace from me. I thought she had already spoke to you about her plans of leaving the firm.

Jamie: It’s okay, everything is fine.

Ari nods and proceeds to walk out of Jamie’s office before he speaks up again.

Jamie: Did she really give up her position before offering me the job?

Ari turns around to face Jamie again.

Jamie: I would hate to be the one that took her job from her.

Ari: *shakes her head* She hasn’t been back in the office since her last case wrapped up in April.

Jamie sits with the new information. His train of thought is broken by Ari’s voice.

Ari: She really cares about you, man. I hope you know that.

Jamie: I do.

Ari: Do you, though?

Jamie looks up at Ari.

Ari: Grace has been through a lot of shit. She’s not this way for everyone that comes into her life. She’s different with you. Typically, she’s something out of your league.

Jamie blinks in confusion. He nervously rubs the back of his neck. Ari smirks slyly.

Ari: Good thing you seem like a guy that really fucking cares about our girl.

Jamie: I do.


On the other side of the city, Grace is shown dancing to a song in a rehearsal studio. Her mom, Mollie, stands in the corner with her hands on her hips, counting in beat. The song ends and Grace takes a moment to breathe. She grabs her water and starts drinking from it.

Mollie: Your technique has really improved since the last time we went over this number.

Grace: Thanks, I’m trying.

Mollie: Just in time for the business to open too. Are you ready for that?

Grace: Getting there. I have a meeting with Aunt Jennifer to turn over the paperwork in a couple of days.

Mollie: *smiles* I remember when I first started dancing at her academy as a kid. Every Monday and Thursday I spent my afternoons in that studio.

Grace: Did she ever offer you the company when you were younger?

Mollie: Tons of times. Pep wanted the company to either be run by me or the twins; have you ever met them? Reagan and Dylan?

Grace: *sullen* I don’t really remember meeting most of your family’s side…

Silence fills the room.

Grace: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean–

Mollie: It’s fine. It’s the truth.

Grace: Mom, I didn’t–

Mollie: So, the showcase will be the weekend before the business reopens. I know you and Max aren’t on the greatest terms, but perhaps you should invite him. Willow deserves to be there for her mother’s big opening.

Grace drops the conversation and proceeds to talk more business stuff with Mollie.


Back at the law firm, a meeting is held with a couple of lawyers and attorneys about the trial that’s coming up. Jamie is seen taking notes in the conference room.

Attorney Carson: Mr. Kim–

Jamie looks up from his notebook.

Attorney Carson: I’m glad to see you back here with us working this case. Did you get to talk to the precinct about Mendez on your little vacation?

Jamie: *straightforward* No, I was beaten up by Mendez’s followers while I was there. On my own.

Attorney Carson: So we still don’t have details about the night according to police?

No one says anything. Jamie is literally dumbfounded at the people in the room.

Attorney Carson: Well now that you’re back, can you make sure you make it there in one piece and with our information, please? Meeting adjourned.

Everyone gets up from their seats. Jamie gathers his things until Attorney Carson calls for him.

Attorney Carson: Mr. Kim?

Jamie turns around and faces the attorney.

Jamie: What can I help you with?

Attorney Carson: I don’t know what they taught you in the firm you were previously at, but we do things a little different here. I’m sorry for what happened to you, but it shouldn’t stop you entirely from working a case.

Jamie: Sir, with all things considered, I went there alone and faced the consequences for being there in the first place. I was at the hospital for nearly the entire day. I was not okay to come into work the next morning. I needed the time off and as an employee, I have the right to do so.

Attorney Carson crosses his arms.

Attorney Carson: Jamie–

Jamie: *corrects* Mr. Kim, sir.

Attorney Carson: Mr. Kim, I am simply showing you how things work around here.

Jamie: I appreciate it, but I’ve been a prosecutor for nearly four years now. I know what I’m doing.

Attorney Carson: *angry* Things are different here than they were in China–

Jamie: *annoyed; corrects* South Korea, Sir, and justice is justice no matter what language it’s translated in.

Attorney Carson: I don’t like your tone, Mr. Kim.

Jamie: And I don’t like you telling me how to do my job, Sir; a job that I very much know how to do.

Attorney Carson: I can easily take you off this case.

Jamie: Just days away from the trial? That wouldn’t be professional of the Carter Law Firm, now would it?

Attorney Carson is at a loss for words.

Jamie: I will be scheduling a meeting with the detectives in my office later this week. I will have the information we need by the end of it.

Jamie gathers his things and leaves the conference room.


The front door of an apartment is open. Jamie walks in and places his briefcase next to the front door.

Jamie: Gracie?

There’s no response. Jamie assumes Grace is still out. He takes a wine glass out of the cabinet and opens a bottle of wine and pours it. He takes his glass and sits at the round table. He looks around the apartment and thinks to himself; when did this become home for him? He brushes his hair back and sips on his wine until he hears the door knocking. He walks to it and answers it.

It’s Max with Willow in his arms.

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