The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Meltdown: A Scene.

41 Amazing Small Apartment Living Room - HOMISHOME

The from door of the apartment opens and Milo Sr. and Jennifer walk in. Mollie walks straight to the couch and buries her face in the pillows. Milo Sr. looks at Jennifer and walks out of the living room, giving space to the sisters. Jennifer sits in the lounge chair next to the sofa, looking at Mollie.

Jennifer: Wanna talk?

Mollie: No.

Jennifer: Well we’re going to have to talk about it sooner or later. You don’t want to have this conversation with Mom or Dad first.

Mollie doesn’t respond. Jennifer sighs.

Jennifer: Mol, why would you go to that party without letting Dad know?

Mollie doesn’t answer.

Jennifer: You gotta give me something here.

Mollie turns around and her eyes are puffy and red. Her face is stained with tears.

Mollie: Because I wanted to go and I wasn’t invited.

Jennifer: Why would you go if you weren’t invited?

Mollie doesn’t say anything.

Jennifer: Mol?

Mollie: *yells* Because I was stupid enough to think that the boy I liked liked me back and he fucking invited me to go with him! That’s why!

Jennifer looks at the bedroom that her youngest son, Micah, is sleeping in. She turns back around towards Mollie to try to calm her down.

Jennifer: What happened at the party?

Mollie: *louder* I don’t wanna talk about it, Pep! Theo is just an asshole and Laurie is a cunt and I hate her stupid minions and I hope they go rot in hell!

Jennifer: Mollie.

Mollie heaves on the sofa and cries.

In his bedroom, Milo hears Mollie and Jennifer’s conversation from the living room. His phone vibrates; he gets a message from Sophie.

leesophie: Is she okay?
milolani: Her sister is talking to her right now. 
milolani: What happened?

Moments later, a mass text message is sent, including to Milo. Milo opens up the attachment and it’s a video of Mollie and Theo kissing at the party, followed by catching them and laughing at Mollie. Mollie looks absolutely mortified. Milo is shocked at what he saw.

Milo Sr. knocks on Milo’s door and enters. Milo takes the video off of his screen.

Milo Sr: Hey bud, are you okay?

Milo: Mol’s gonna hate me.

Milo Sr: Hey, you did the right thing. No one knew where she was tonight… did she tell you she was going to this party?

Milo shakes his head.

Milo: No. A friend told me she was there.

Milo Sr takes in this newfound information.

Milo Sr: Did your friend tell you what happened?

Milo: No.

Milo’s phone begins to ring constantly and it catches Milo Sr’s attention.

Milo Sr: What’s wrong with your phone?

Milo: *nervously* It-it’s nothing.

Milo tries to laugh it off until his father puts his hand out.

Milo Sr: Phone. Now.

Milo sighs and hands over his phone.

Milo: Please don’t show Mollie and Pep! Mol will kill me!

Milo Sr watches the video and his face drops. He shuts his eyes and hands Milo his phone.

Milo Sr: You did the right thing telling us about Mollie, bud. Don’t kick yourself for doing that. You were only looking out for your friend and that’s what a good friend does.

Milo still feels bad and not convinced. Milo Sr leaves Milo’s room and heads towards the living room. Mollie is crying even harder now; Jennifer is looking at Mollie’s phone, angry.

Jennifer: This is not even right, those kids should be ashamed of themselves *to Milo Sr* did you–?

Milo Sr sadly nods his head. Jennifer goes from angry to concerned and looks back at Mollie, crying on the sofa.

Milo comes out of his room and peeks into the living room. Mollie sees him and gets extremely angry.

Mollie: You fucking snitch!

Milo: *defensive* I didn’t even know you were actually gonna go to that stupid party with Theo!

Mollie: You still told them that I went, dumbass!

Jennifer: That’s enough! *to Milo* You, back in your room! *to Mollie* We gotta tell dad that you’re with me.

Mollie doesn’t say anything; she just sits on the sofa. Milo turns around and walks back into his room.

While Milo Sr walks in the same direction as his son, Jennifer sits back down with Mollie.

Jennifer: It’s wrong what those kids did to you. No one should ever have to go through that.

Mollie stays silent.

Jennifer: And that boy? Not worth it. Just because someone looks good on the outside, doesn’t mean they’re good on the inside.

Mollie: I thought he liked me. He made me feel special.

Jennifer: I know, sweetie.

Mollie begins to cry in Jennifer’s shoulder. She holds Mollie as she comforts her.

Mollie: My first kiss was suppose to be special, and he ruined it! Laurie ruined it! They all ruined a moment that was suppose to be memorable!

Mollie heaves in Jennifer’s body. Jennifer gently rocks her sister to comfort her in a vulnerable state like this.

Milo sits at his desk and messages Sophie.

milolani: You should've just let Mollie be. 
leesophie: What?
milolani: She's an ungrateful person and should've dealt with her own shit on her own.

Milo throws his phone on the bed, upset that his best friend is mad at him for helping her out in a situation where she was left alone. He hides under his covers, and begins to cry.

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