Monthly Favorites

March 2021 Favorites!

Dear, guys – welcome back to Letters From Liz!

March came and went, didn’t it? I feel like it came, and now we’re just days away from April! It’s crazy to think that this time last year, we were in the midst of the pandemic and the cases were only getting higher and higher. It was a scary time, and it’s just insane to see just how far we’ve come from being where we were.

But, that was then and this is now, and I have some awesome things to share about this month and the things that I liked!

The *biggest* Highlight:

1.) I am cleared for surgery!

…Technically. Haha, this past month I had my last tests down for the surgery and in a week, I see my doctor and speak about the clearances and the beginning process of pre-op dieting and getting a date! That takes about a month to do, so we are guesstimating a surgery date as early as May! So scary that’s is coming! Nevertheless, I am so ready! One of the last tests that had to be done was a sleep study at their sleep center, which was an experience to say the least. You’re basically put into this room (a doctor’s office by day, a bedroom by night) and the nurses put all these wires on your day and this ridiculous net to keep everything in place. Needless to say, I looked CRAZY. They pretty much forced us to go to sleep around 10pm and thanks to the help of my nighttime medication, I was able to sleep pretty well! My results were pretty normal; no sleep apnea, light snoring, and I was asleep for about 80% of the test, which is a pretty good number. It’s interesting that there are people who work these night shifts at the sleep center to watch people sleep… yes, there was a camera in the room and a nurse would come in the room throughout the night to check up on you. As I write this, I’m awaiting for my blood and urine test results from my actual doctor and let’s hope that everything comes back normal enough to be cleared!


1.) Cravity’s 3rd Mini Album, “HIDEOUT SEASON 3: Be Our Voice”

K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: CRAVITY Stuns With Dynamic 3rd Mini Album "CRAVITY  Season 3. Hideout: Be Our Voice"

So, Cravity was a group that debuted early last year, and when they first came out, I was really liking their music and I thought I was going to really follow them as a group, but I feel out of love with them when they made their comeback with their 2nd mini album. I decided that I was going to give them another shot with their 3rd comeback. I have to admit, when this first dropped in January, I still wasn’t a fan of their newer stuff. Their lead single, “My Turn” was not hitting me at first but long and behold, Cravity is a group that typically has two singles on their albums, and they came back with their second lead single, “Bad Habits” which, oof… it was so good! I now offically love them again and I’m so hooked to this recent album. This is still a group that I can’t choose a bias for, so instead I have a bias line: Serim, Woobin, and Wonjin. (let’s be honest though, I will probably bias Woobin because of his angelic vocals… but UGH WONJIN HAS BEEN MY FAVORITIE SINCE HIS PDX101 DAYS) Anyway… yeah! this was definitely a favorite of mine in the last month.

2.) Music on The “Something” Series Playlist:

Because I’ve been doing a lot more writing of this series lately, I’ve been listening to this playlist while I write and adding new songs on here pretty much every other day to further along my writing process. Alot of the newer songs are songs I’ve actually listened to in the bookstore at work! I would be working on a project by myself in one of the aisles and hear a song so good, I will drop what I’m doing to grab my phone and Shazam it so I could know the title and artist of the song playing. I honestly love discovering new music this way; I don’t listen to music in my free time unless it’s pop, so when I listen to something other than Kpop and I like it, I try to find it so that I can add it to this playlist. Recently, I’ve been jamming out of “Leave The Door Open” by Bruno Mars which oof, such a good song with an old-school baby-making vibe.

3.) Pentagon’s 11th Mini Album, “LOVE or TAKE”

PENTAGON Releases Romantic Solo Teaser Images Ahead of Comeback - Koreaboo

Pentagon is a group that I hate to love because their company does them so dirty, it’s sickening. Anyway, I knew of Pentagon because they are an older group (they debuted a month before Victon did in 2016) and are pretty well known, but I never got around to listen to their music until my best friend showed me some of their music through a watch party a couple of months ago. What got me going was one of their b-sides on this album! “1+1” was on my release radar Spotify playlist and thought it was so cute and good and when their main vocalist was hitting those notes, I just had to find out who the hell it was hitting those notes! (Update: It’s Hui, their main vocalist obviously). I went to listen of the rest of the album and holy shit, it’s such a good album I can’t even stand it. Their sound really reminds me of an earlier Victon (like a boy crush/fresh concept) and it’s just so refreshing compared to the harder songs boy groups are doing these days. I’m definitely scared to hardcore stan them because when their contract is up, I won’t be surprised if they disband just because of the treatment and lack of promotions their company does for them. For the time being, I like them. A lot!

And that’s it for this month! Hopefully next month more new and exciting things happen and come my way so we can have more to talk about than music but… fuck it! Haha. 🙂

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