The "Something" Series

“Is Something Going On?” : A Scene.

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The morning sun comes in through the window. It shines in Grace’s eyes as she turns her body in the bed. She opens her eyes, blocking the sunlight with her hand. She notices that the space next to her is empty. She wonders why it is.

Grace gets up from the bed; she’s wearing nothing but an over-sized t-shirt and underwear. She takes a hair tie on the nightstand and ties her curly red hair up. She walks out of the bedroom to see an interesting sight; one she hasn’t seen in quite some time.

Jamie turns around and faces Grace, with Willow in his arms. Grace smiles at the sight.

Grace: Sorry if she woke you up.

Jamie: Don’t be. Who needs to set an alarm when little bean is your alarm?

Grace giggles to herself and takes Willow from Jamie to place her in the playpen. Grace turns around to see Jamie near the stove in the kitchen, preparing coffee for the two of them. She notices that Jamie is wearing a pair of sweatpants and a tank top; she smiles, knowing he most likely found that in the same spot in her closet that most of his clothes once were before his move a couple of months ago.

Jamie turns around and faces Grace, handing her a hot cup of coffee.

Jamie: How’d you sleep last night?

Grace: Pretty well. And you?

Jamie: Better than I did the night before on the airplane back here.

Grace took a sip of her coffee and nodded in agreement.

Grace: Man, that sounds so brutal to do.

Jamie: It could be. One day you should try it for yourself.

Grace smirked as she takes another sip of her coffee.

Grace: One day.

They silently drink their coffee before Grace starts the conversation again.

Grace: So, what type of work are you trying to look for while you’re here?

Jamie: *sighs* Honestly, I would even probably take up dog-walking if it gives me some extra cash while I’m here.

Grace ponders the thought and plays with the rim of her coffee mug.

Grace: Why don’t you apply for a position at my firm?

Jamie looks up after taking a sip oif his coffee; shocked.

Jamie: Really?

Grace: Yeah. They’re looking for a position that’s opening up after someone left, I think you’d be a great addition to the firm.

Jamie: You think so?

Grace: Yeah. They would be stupid not to hire you with the experience you have under your belt.

Jamie smiles as the doorbell rings. Grace looks at the door, then back at Jamie.

Grace: Who the hell is ringing my bell this early in the morning?

Grace walks to the door and opens it. Her eyes widen in shock.

Cami: The best auntie and uncle are here in the house!

Cami and Emerson enter the apartment. Grace shockingly stands back and looks over at Jamie.

Cami: We are ready to give Willow a day of fun and–

Cami notices the man sitting at the kitchen table.

Cami: Oh, well helloooo there!

Grace gives Cami a stern look. Emerson stands next to Cami, trying to keep her quiet. It doesn’t work.

Cami: Is something going on? Did we come at the wrong time or…?

Emerson: Cami–

Cami: What? Just asking a well-needed question!

Jamie hides his amusement with the palm of his hand.

Grace: *defeated* Cami, Em; this is Jamie. Jamie, these are my friends, Cami and Emmie– *corrects* Emerson.

Jamie gets up from his seat and says hello while bowing. Cami genuinely looks confused, and is about to curtsy. Grace stops her from doing so.

Emerson: It’s nice to meet you. t’s nice to finally put a name to the face.

Grace glares at Emerson.

Jamie: You two as well.

Cami: *interrupts* So! Is Willow ready yet? We have a whole day planned for our favorite little human!

Grace: Yes, let me just get her bag for you and things.

Grace walks into the room; Cami and Emerson are in the common room area with Jamie.

Cami: So, where are you from?

Emerson: *embarrassed* Cami!

Jamie: *laughs* I’m from Korea.

Cami: Ahhhh, interesting. Must be a lot of good looking men in Korea.

Emerson: *to Cami* Do you not see me standing here, babe?

Cami: *dismissive* Oh shut up, as if you’re not part Korean-American.

Jamie laughs at the banter. Everyone looks towards the door when Grace walks out with Willow’s things and Willow in her arms.

Grace: Okay, so here are Willow’s things. If you need anything don’t hesitate to call me for questions.

Cami: Relax super-mom, we got this! Go and *air quotes* run your errands.

Grace: That’s exactly what I’ll be doing; running errands.

Emerson picks up Willow’s bag while Cami holds Willow and they walk out the front door. The door closes behind them as Grace and Jamie sit at the kitchen table. Nothing is said between them, they just look at each other and share a mutual understanding of the silence. Grace begins to nod her head in thought.

Grace: Man, those errands… those damn errands.

Jamie nods in agreement. He looks at Grace when she speaks.

Jamie: Errands.

Grace falls into the bed, Jamie on top of her. He kisses her softly and tangles his fingers in her red hair. Her back arched to his touch. Jamie’s arms hover her in the tank top, she holds onto his arms and smiles, ultimately breaking their kiss.

Grace: Been working out, huh?

Jamie smiles down at her.

Jamie: Maybe.

Grace grabs Jamie by the back of his neck and pulls him down to kiss him. He doesn’t protest, he simply melts in her arms, within her touch.

The couple lay under the sheets; Grace has her head against Jamie’s bare chest as he brushes her hair with his fingers.

Grace: How is Korea during the summer?

Jamie looked down at her, pondering the motive for Grace to ask such question.

Jamie: It’s beautiful. The weather can get hot here and there but, it’s great to walk through Seoul and just see everyone enjoy the warmer weather. A lot more street food is displayed. When I first moved out of my parent’s house, I didn’t make much money, and a lot of the dinners I had in the summer were just from food carts.

Grace: How old were you when you moved out?

Jamie: I was 20.

Grace looks up at Jamie in shock.

Jamie: Goddamn, that’s mad young!

Jamie smiles in awe.

Jamie: “Mad”. Gosh how I missed that.

Grace hides her face in Jamie’s chest as he laughs. He pulls her closer to him.

Jamie: 20 is legal age in Korea. I started university and decided to be closer to the city. It wasn’t easy, but I’m glad I did it.

Grace: Really?

Jamie: Yeah. It taught me at a young age that I can go anywhere I wanted to go without feeling like I had to stay.

Grace sits in thought. She doesn’t look back up at Jamie, she just sits in the empty space of air.

Grace: Do you ever feel like staying in one place?

Jamie sighs softly, but Grace still feels it. She instantly regrets asking the question, and attempts to change the subject.

Grace: I was totally suppose to run like a really important errand.

Jamie follows along.

Jamie: Is that so?

Grace: Yeah, I promised my mom I would see her today.

Jamie: She wouldn’t want to see Willow?

Grace looks up at Jamie, readjusting herself to get off of his chest. She covers her chest with the sheet.

Grace: It was something important that I didn’t want Willow to be around.

Jamie: *concerned* Is everything okay? Do you still have to go and see her?

Grace: *shrugs* It’s too late now, Emmie and Cami should be coming back with Willow soon.

Jamie finally sits up from the bed, the sheet barely covering his body.

Jamie: I could watch Willow for you for a bit if you want to still run that errand.

Grace: You don’t have to do that. *sighs* You probably have so much you have to do that’s… not here. Heh.

Jamie shakes his head and gets up from the bed. His naked body walks to this designated drawer to take some clothes out to get dressed.

Jamie: Gracie it’s okay if you still need to do that today. I can watch Willow while you’re away.

Grace looks up and thinks about it. Jamie gives her a reassuring look.

Jamie: Little bean will be okay, I promise.

Grace: *sighs* Fine, I’ll go.

The doorbell rings. Grace looks at Jamie and mouths “fuck”.

Grace: They’re fucking back and we’re–

Jamie: In your bedroom, naked?

Grace jumps up from the bed and grabs her clothes from the floor. She quickly puts her outfit on.

Grace: Do not come inside looking like… that.

Jamie looks down at his body.

Jamie: What’s wrong?

Grace: I will never hear the end of it from Cami if she saw you like that.

Grace closes the door behind her as Jamie continues to get dressed. He looks in the vanity mirror to notice a nice “little” mark on his body. He touches it.

Jamie: *shakes head* Aigoo, jagiya.

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