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Something Good For Me: A Scene.

Midnight. It is Midnight on Christmas Eve in New York City. The city indeed never sleeps, but there are an exceptional amount of people strolling in the streets; Grace and Jamie are no different.

They walk by Rockefeller Plaza and stop to see the Christmas Tree standing there in the middle of it. Grace looks up in complete awe. Jamie looks up as well, he slips his hand into Grace’s hand. No words are exchanged, they are just both mesmerized by the lights.

Grace: This is literally the first time since being in NYC that I got to see the lights in person.

Jamie: *smiles* I’m glad that you got the chance to finally do so this year.

Grace looks at Jamie and smiles. She looks back at the lights. Jamie continues to look at Grace, pondering in thought.

Grace: I’m glad you were up for doing all of the cheesy holiday touristy stuff. It gave me a reason to live my holiday city dream.

Jamie: Thank you for showing me around this beautiful city. It was possibly one of my favorite things I’ve done in a really long time.

Grace: Really? That makes me so happy!

She squeezes Jamie’s hand in excitement. He laughs at her excitement. He lets go of her hand and puts his arm around her shoulder. They both look at the Christmas tree once more.

Later that night…

About an hour later, the lights turn on in an apartment. Jamie escorts Grace into the apartment. He kindly helps grace take off her coat and hangs it up on a hanger in the closet. Grace immediately walks into a room of the apartment.

Jamie sets the keys down and takes in a deep breath. As he takes off his coat to place it on a hanger, Grace walks out of the room in sweatpants and an over-sized hoodie. Jamie smiles at Grace. He loves the fact that Grace has made his apartment her second home. She started to stay over a lot more during the time she was working on her case. She crashed a couple of times at his place during the long nights of getting the paperwork done, and since then, she’s slowly made herself a space in her closet for those nights, to not worry about pausing her work to go home at the late hours of the night. Jamie enjoyed Grace’s company the most out of everyone who comes visit.

Jamie walks towards Grace and wraps his arms around her petite body.

Jamie: You look cozy, Gracie.

Grace: I am. I’ll get the hot chocolate ready for us.

Jamie: *laughs* We are literally children, you know that?

Grace pulls away and playfully slaps Jamie on the arm.

Grace: Oh my god, hajima!

Jamie’s eyebrows cock up in surprise. Grace… Korean… wow. He watches Grace walk towards the kitchen, breaking his thought.

Grace: Go get cozy, Jamie!

Jamie smiles back at her and walks to his bedroom. After closing the door, the smile instantly vanishes. He rubs his eyes, stressed out. He looks back up and walks further into the room.

He comes out of the bedroom in a t-shirt and sweatpants. He watches Grace walk carefully towards the living room with the two mugs. He takes one from her and they both sit on the couch together.

Grace: *takes a sip* The fact that the trial to this damn case is literally the day after Christmas is literally a crime within itself. Like, these people don’t give a shit about the holidays.

Jamie: You’re going to do great. You’re well prepared, and you have an amazing case to present on that day.

Grace: Yeah, I guess… *takes a deep breath* Thanks again for helping me with it this whole time. I can’t believe that it’s potentially going to be over soon.

Jamie: What are you going to do once it ends?

Grace leans back on the sofa, and sets the hot chocolate on the coffee table.

Grace: I honestly just want to spend some time with Willow. Possibly take her for a week and just… be with her.

Jamie listens to Grace speak her thoughts.

Grace: I miss Willow. It’s definitely been difficult these last couple of weeks to get her for the weekend. So, once this case ends, I’m definitely going to see if I can just…

Grace stops in the middle of her thought. She cocks her head back, trying to stop any tears from falling.

Jamie: You’re such an amazing mom, Grace. Don’t forget that. Circumstances are not what you’ll like them to be, but that doesn’t change the fact that you are an amazing mom to Willow. I mean, I see her bright smile every time you play with her. She’s a happy baby, and you contribute to her happiness. You’re her mom.

Grace smiles as a tear goes down her cheek.

Grace: You’ve only know me for 4 months. You’re the only one to have ever say that to me.

Jamie: You deserve to hear it. It’s the truth.

Jamie takes his thumb to wipe the tear off of Grace’s cheek.

Jamie: Thank you for coming into my life.

Grace: *scoffs* You’re the one that helped me gather my mess off of the floor in the cafe! I should be thanking you!

They both laugh and they stare at each other endearingly.

Grace: It’s insane how happy I’ve been these last couple of months. Sure, the case didn’t make things easier, but I felt… the lightest I’ve been in a really long time.

Jamie watches Grace speak.

Grace: So, thank you, if anything.

Jamie suddenly looks sad. Grace doesn’t notice it at first, but Jamie takes a deep breath in. Grace leans in and kisses Jamie softly on the lips. She holds the nape of his neck and pulls him close. Jamie kisses her back, gently wraps his arms around Grace; his hands travel up her body. They are now kissing passionately; Grace runs her hands in Jamie’s blonde hair, Jamie runs his hands down Grace’s back. In the heat of the moment, Grace wraps her legs around Jamie, now sitting on his lap; chest pressed against his. His hands are now holding Grace by the hips; he kisses her neck, down to the exposed skin of her chest in the hoodie. She moans softly, and it drives him crazy.

As he’s about to lift her up in his arms and take her to his bedroom, he immediately stops. He pulls back from the kiss and looks at Grace. Grace is now panting, catching her breath, staring at Jamie. He looks at her with sad eyes.

Grace: What’s wrong?

Jamie doesn’t say anything, he just continues to look at Grace, speechless; a thousand thoughts but no words to verbalize them.

Grace: *worried* Jamie?

Jamie: I… I’m…

Jamie starts to lift Grace off of him; she goes back to the spot where she was sitting prior and looks at Jamie. As Jamie starts to get up, Grace grabs him by the hand.

Grace: Jamie.

Jamie looks at Grace. He can’t lie to her.

Jamie: I’m leaving on the 31st.

Grace’s face instantly turns from worried to shock. She lets go of his hand.

Grace: That… That’s in a week.

Jamie: I know, I–

Grace: *gets up from the couch, upset* You tell me a week before that you’re leaving? You’re just up and leaving?

Jamie: Grace, I–

Grace: *interrupts* No! You had a chance to talk, now it’s my turn!

Jamie: Grace–

Jamie tries to hold Grace’s hand, and she instantly pulls away.

Grace: It’s not the fact that I didn’t know you were eventually going to leave the States, it’s the fact that you tell me, on this night, after our night out, after… everything, you didn’t bother to even tell me until now; now Jamie!

Jamie: What was I supposed to say? When I was supposed to tell you to not get this reaction from you? I didn’t want to hurt you, Grace.

Grace: Well it’s too fucking late for that!

Grace walks to the bedroom, Jamie rushes behind her to talk.

Jamie: Grace–

Grace: *turns around* Don’t you “Grace” me! After everything I told you tonight, everything that I said and admitted and just spoke out into the universe, your response to it was telling me you’re leaving in a week. How am I suppose to feel?

Jamie: How do you think I feel? Do you think I feel good just leaving you behind after spending all my days and nights to you? Do you think that I want to go back home without the one person that makes my sad, fucking life just a million times better? Do you think that saying this was any easier for me? Grace, you’ve made me so fucking happy these last couple of months that I don’t know how I’m going to go back to my normal life without you getting me through it!

Grace stands there, looking at Jamie, who just tiredly sits on the bed and holds his head in his hand. Grace doesn’t move, nor looks at Jamie. She stands there with tears coming down her face. She walks into the living room, Jamie doesn’t follow her.

The Next Morning…

Grace tosses around before she opens her eyes. She’s surrounded in a comforter and fluffy white pillows. The last thing she remembers was crashing on the couch in… Jamie’s apartment. She jolts up and scans the room; how did she get into Jamie’s bed? She gets up and changes out of the sweatpants and into the outfit she wore last night as quietly as possible so she wouldn’t wake Jamie in the next room.

She walks into the living room; there’s no one there. She walks towards the door to put her shoes on and sees a note hanging on the door. She takes the note off of the door to read it.


I stepped out to get a couple of things done at the office before everyone goes home for the weekend. I figured you would be gone by the time I would come back, so I’m leaving things on this note. I am sorry for waiting too long to tell you this. I knew this day would come and that it would hurt just as much, but I didn’t realize just how much of an impact you’ve made in my life in such a short period of time. Thank you for the amazing memories and the amazing times these last couple of months. I have never laughed and smiled and had as much fun as much as I have spending time with you. You are such an amazing person, and I’m so glad that all those months ago, in the cafe, we met.

Yours truly, Jamie.

Grace folds the note and places it in her purse. She opens to the front door, walks out, and shuts it behind her.

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