Creative Pieces, The "Something" Series, Twelve Letters of Lizmas: 2020

“Do Something About It!” : A Scene.

With sleeves rolled up and a loose tie around his neck, Jamie gathers a bunch of papers from his desk and files them into a box. Smooth piano playing is being played in the background and there is a glass of wine on the counter beside Jamie. Jamie pulls his blonde hair back and takes a deep sigh looking at the filing box in front of him. His attention is now towards the door once he hears the doorbell ring. He gets up from his chair to answer the door.

When he opens the door, two guys hold up bags of drinks and greet Jamie in noise. Jamie laughs and hurries them in to his apartment.

Jamie: Ahh, you guys are just making sure I get kicked out of this apartment, huh?

The guys with the bottles of drinks in his hand, Shawn, places the bags on the counter.

Shawn: It’s a Thursday night, half of the firm is probably out getting drinks anyway!

The other, shorter guy with glasses, Kevin, takes his coat off and places it on a hanger.

Kevin: It’s true, they asked Shawn and I if we wanted to tag along tonight, but we wanted to check on you since it’s been a while since you came out.

Jamie puts the last of the paperwork into the filing box and pushes the box under his desk.

Jamie: I’ve just been busier these days, trying to get this case together and just–

Shawn: *interrupts* Falling in love with an American girl?

Jamie deadpans Shawn while Kevin stands in between them, looking back and forth at the exchange. Shawn laughs as he opens one of the bottles.

Shawn: Am I wrong though? Is there not an American girl that’s taking up all your time these days? Like, Jamie Kim, falling for a woman in New York City. When’s the novel coming out?

Kevin: Hey, stop teasing him… you know he can’t help himself!

The guys laugh as Jamie holds the bridge of his nose.

Jamie: You guys are going to be the death of me.

Jamie walks to the cabinets and takes out glasses for the three of them. Shawn and Kevin walk to the bar chairs on the island as Jamie pours drinks for them.

Shawn: So, tell us about your American girl. Are they any different than–

Kevin: *interrupts* Aigoo, stay out of his business, man!

Shawn stares at Kevin; these are a dynamic duo that sometimes is too much for Jamie to handle. He laughs at the fact that the youngest of the bunch is bossing Shawn around, like he typically does.

Jamie: We just went on a couple of dates, I guess? We typically spend our time in the cafe most days; she’s also working on a case.

Kevin: She’s also a laywer?

Jamie: Defense, it’s her first case so I’ve been helping her around the details.

Shawn: *chimes in* I bet that’s not the only thing you’re helping her with…

Kevin can’t help but giggle to himself. Jamie rolls his eyes and takes in a deep breath.

Jamie: She’s not like that, man. She’s…

Jamie ponders on the thought of Grace. His face softens.

Jamie: Just… refreshing.


Kevin rolls his eyes and sips his drink. Jamie laughs to himself and explains.

Jamie: She’s simple. I feel like I can get my work done with her around. She’s such good company and, well–

Jamie takes a sip of his drink and lingers on the words he wants to say.

Jamie: I don’t know. I just find myself liking her company a lot.

Kevin: That’s it? You just like her company? Is she your friend?

Shawn chokes on his drink, Kevin never beats around the bush. Jamie rolls his eyes and sighs.

Jamie: She’s–

Shawn: *interrupts* So let me get this straight: you hang out with this girl, all the time, and you only like her company? *dumbfounded* Is she ugly?

Kevin: *deep sigh* Shawn!

Jamie: Let’s just talk about something else…

Both Shawn and Kevin turn their heads to Jamie.

Both: Ani!

Jamie looks at both of the guys; the guys look at him in hopes he will continue with the conversation. Jamie looks at the guys intently before saying anything.

Jamie: Her name is Grace. We met that day in the cafe when you two were running late. I just went to pick up a coffee before heading for orientation and, well, she was there. *smiles* She was having a hard time organizing her papers on the table, so they fell and I helped her. I realized she was working on a case and I offered to help her out.

Shawn and Kevin don’t say a word; their attention is on Jamie.

Jamie: I don’t know when it became this habit but we just met up at the cafe a lot. She was working on her case and I just… got my work done. I’m telling you, her company is just different. It’s calming. It’s…

The room gets silent and Jamie stands there, trying to find the right words in that moment.

Jamie: *deep sigh* Something I didn’t expect while being here.

Silence fills the room until the youngest speaks up.

Kevin: So do something about it.

Both Shawn and Jamie look at Kevin, confused.

Jamie: What?

Kevin: What’s holding you back from asking her out?

Jamie: It’s complicated.

Kevin: It’s a simple question; you either want to ask her out or not. Clearly, you like her. A lot.

Shawn sips his drink, head turning side to side in Kevin and Jamie’s direction.

Jamie: There’s no use in starting something while I’m here.

Kevin: Wae?

Jamie: Because I don’t need to get into anything knowing that in a couple of months, I’ll be back in Korea.

Shawn: So why not keep it casual? Maybe she’s not looking for a relationship?

Jamie ponders the thought, but quickly dismisses it.

Jamie: I wouldn’t do that to her.

Kevin: What makes you think what you’re doing now isn’t hurting her? Maybe she feels the same about you? Maybe she’s waiting for you to make that first move.

Jamie wiggles his drink around in thought. He sets it back down and sighs.

Jamie: I don’t want to complicate things for her. It’s fine. Things are fine the way they are.

Kevin: *sarcastically* Alright, just let another guy swoon her and make her happy, like you always do when things get too complicated for you to handle.

Shawn reacts to Kevin’s comment. Jamie looks at Kevin warily.

Jamie: Kevin, what am I suppose to do? Date her while I’m here, then tell her “sorry, I have to go back to Korea, guess this is it!” and break her heart?

Kevin: *annoyed* No, but at least talk to her! Tell her how you feel; something!

Jamie: I’m fine. There’s nothing to talk about. End of story.

Jamie walks away from the counter and heads to his desk where the box of papers are in. Kevin gets off from out of the chair and walks towards Jamie.

Kevin: Why do you keep lying to yourself? What’s wrong with you?

Jamie: There’s nothing to be spoken about this topic anymore. So, if you don’t mind, I have to finish getting these files together for our meeting tomorrow. You guys know your way out.

Shawn: *from the counter* Oh come on, Jamie–

Jamie: *sternly* I will see you guys at the office in the morning. Have a good night.

Shawn looks at Kevin and grabs his shoulder has he gets up. Shawn turns to walk towards the front door while Kevin stands there looking at Jamie.

Kevin: If you’re going to let your past fuck you up and not allow you some sort of happiness, then maybe the best thing for you is to leave her alone, Jamie.

Kevin turns around and walks towards the door with Shawn. Once the door closes, Jamie closes his eyes in frustration; he sits in that position until his phone vibrates in his pocket. He smiles as he reads the notification:

Grace: I hope your meeting goes well tomorrow! Keep me posted, Jamie! Drinks on me.

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