Blogust 2020: The Series

Day 6: The Night Of – A Scene.

Mollie stands in front of her closet doors, staring at the dress hanging on the hook of her closet. She sits at the edge of the bed and takes a deep breath in. The sun is starting to set and she knows she needs to start getting ready for one of the most important nights of her life. Although she didn’t plan for things to go the way they’re currently going, but her life was never conventional.

She stands up from the bed and walks to her vanity. She looks in the mirror and sees herself. She’s still pretty petite and fit, but her stomach is slowly getting more round as the weeks go by. She’s 4-months pregnant and she’s feeling indifferent about it. She’s scared, she’s anxious, and at some points she’s depressed; she stopped her whole life to get ready for the one she’s about to live. But, she also knows that when people are madly in love, they do crazy things, and she’s become one of them.

There’s a picture of her and her fiance, Weston, when they were teenagers. They’re both in caps and gowns, smiling as Weston’s “bunny ears” hand is behind Mollie’s head. Mollie smiles. There was no doubt that she loved him since the moment she met him in high-school, and even with a couple of obstacles in their way, they’re just a couple of hours from getting married and 5 months away from welcoming their first child. She’s happy, yet she feels like she doesn’t deserve to be.

Her thoughts are quickly brought back to reality when she hears someone knocking on her front door. The person outside of the door calls out for Mollie; she recognizes the voice; it’s Sophie, her best friend’s wife. Mollie yells out that the door is open, and she frantically starts to get her hair and makeup done.

Sophie walks into the bedroom and looks at Mollie.

Sophie: You’re not ready yet?

Mollie: Hello to you too, Sophie.

Sophie grabs a couple of bobby pins from the vanity and helps Mollie with her hair.

Sophie: I just expected for you to be ready by the time I got here, is everything alright?

Sophie looks at Mollie through the mirror of the vanity; Mollie looks anxious and worried.

Mollie: I’m fine, everything’s fine.

Sophie grabs the hairspray from the vanity; she shakes her head.

Sophie: Aigo…

Mollie: *confused* What?

Sophie: Nothing, Mol, you’re just sitting in this chair, lying to me…

Mollie: *turns around, irritated* I said I’m fine, Soph.

Sophie: *eyes widen, sarcastically* Wow, was I this moody with both of my pregnancies? Because you’re taking it to the next level.

Mollie rolls her eyes and faces the vanity mirror again to continue putting on her makeup.

Mollie: Look, I’m a little stressed, that’s all.

Sophie: I mean, that’s normal. You are getting married tonight.

Mollie: I’m eloping tonight, Sophie.

Sophie: *confused* It’s a marriage, Mol…

Sophie finishes with Mollie’s hair and turns the chair around to face her. With her hand out, Mollie gives her the makeup brush; Mollie was never the makeup wearing type.

Sophie: Are you having second doubts about this?

Mollie doesn’t answer; she’s just immersed in thought.

Sophie: *questions* Are you having second doubts marrying Weston?

Mollie: It’s not that, it’s just- everything is happening so fast…

Sophie: I mean, it happens, Mol. Things didn’t go the way Milo and I wanted.

Mollie: Well, you two are different. You guys are… normal.

Sophie: And you’re not?

Mollie wears a worry face; Mollie never thought she was as “normal” as Sophie. Sure, Sophie is a person that has traveled the world with her parents; born in South Korea, raised in England; living her American dream in New York City. Sure, she hasn’t had the most conventional relationship with Milo; she was pregnant with their daughter once they graduated high-school, they got married after graduating college, and now have a newborn son. Yet, their relationship felt natural, normal. There was no doubt that Weston loves Mollie, and Mollie loves Weston just as much, but she can’t help but feeling like she’ll ruin everything, since she believes that’s what she’s done all her life.

Mollie: *guard is up* You’re right. I’m just overthinking everything.

Sophie: Weston is lucky to have a woman like you. He’s madly in love with you and I know he’s probably back at the house with Milo excited as ever to marry you.

Back at Milo’s, Weston is in the bedroom looking at himself in his suit through the mirror. He takes a deep breath; he’s nervously adjusting his suit. Milo walks in the bedroom while trying to put on his tie. He takes a look at Weston.

Milo: Looking sharp, my man!

Weston: *nervously* Thanks.

Milo: That didn’t sound convincing. You’re okay?

Weston takes a deep breath and turns around to face Milo.

Weston: Didn’t you feel this nervous on your wedding day?

Milo: Well, yeah, it’s normal to feel nervous, but you look like you’re about to sweat your suit off. *pauses* I mean, you gotta save that move for Mol on your honeymoon!

Weston smirks as Milo laughs at his own joke. After Milo puts on his tie, he walks over to Weston to fix his up.

Milo: Man, you’re marrying Mollie Sue Castro… how does that feel?

Weston: *giddy* Amazing. Unbelievable. Like, whoever thought she’d say yes?

Milo: Mollie loves you, man. Of course she would’ve said yes.

Weston: *worrisome* I know, but… you know how Mollie is…

Milo: You mean how difficult she could be?

Weston looks at Milo uncomfortably. If anyone knows Mollie well, it’s her long lifetime best friend, Milo. Milo and Mollie were born just a month apart, and because Mollie’s oldest sister and Milo’s father have been best friends for life (now married) so it was only nature that most of their time was spent together. Milo knows just how much Mollie struggles with her own inner demons, and he knows that Weston juggles them as well as his own. But, Mollie loves Weston with all of her heart, and he loves her just as much, if not even more. They are expecting their first child together, and although that’s another adventure they’ll be going through, he knows he wouldn’t want nothing more than to marrying the love of his life.

Milo notices the look on Weston’s face; he knows what he’s thinking.

Milo: I didn’t mean it like it, man. I just… I just know how she is.

Weston: I know.

Milo: I just know that she overthinks everything and believes she can’t have good things happen for her.

Weston: *asks out loud* You think she wants this?

Milo scrunches his eyebrows; how could Weston even think such thing?

Milo: Bro…

Weston: She’s been struggling these last couple of months. It’s sometimes so hard to read her mind and see if she’s really happy, y’know? I know the pregnancy happened so unexpectedly, but still, I just hope she’s just trying to deal with everything coming our way.

Milo: Listen, Mollie is love with you, she just has a hard time expressing it. She thinks she doesn’t deserve it. And from what she tells me, it seems like you let her know all the time just how much she deserves to love and be loved.

Weston takes a nervous deep breath, and then turns back to look at the mirror in the bedroom.

Weston: She’s the best fucking thing to happen to me, man.

Milo: *gets up* Then let’s go and give her your last name, bro!

The men sit inside the church hall waiting for the ladies to arrive. Milo is sitting on a bench while Weston paces back and forth. He’s panicking and he’s thinking about all of the scenarios that could’ve possibly happen: what if she’s not feeling well? What if she changed her mind? What if she ran away and Sophie can’t find her? Weston hasn’t heard from Mollie since last night, and it’s been the longest since they’ve not seen or spoken to each other.

The door opens and Weston turns around; he sees Sophie holding the door open as Mollie walks in. Weston instantly smiles at the sight of Mollie. She’s wearing a flowy, white summer dress; one that perfectly showcases her ever growing belly. Her hair is perfectly curly with a princess braid wrapped around her head. A little veil is tucked in her hair, making her look angelic and fairy-like. Weston’s eyes get watery, and Mollie notices it.

Mollie: *cutely laughs* Oh, Weston.

Milo and Sophie caress each other and watch the couple taking each other’s sights in. They both mutually agree to walk away from the couple to give them their time.

Weston and Mollie hug each other tightly, and then step back to take a good look at each other.

Weston: You’re so fucking beautiful, Mol.

Mollie: And you’re so fucking handsome, Weston.

He laughs and takes in his view.

Weston: How you’re feeling, babe?

Mollie: Nervous, anxious… queasy.

Weston kneels down to Mollie’s stomach and directly talks to it.

Weston: Hey, princess, mommy looks incredibly beautiful in her dress today, and today’s the day that mommy and daddy get married. I know you wanna be the center of attention– mommy’s the same way– but let’s make this day special for her.

Mollie looks down at Weston and all of the nerves she had about marrying Weston disappears. She knows Weston already loves their child and will do anything to protect her and their child. She knew for a really long time that Weston was her person, THE person that she was meant to be with for the rest of her life. She didn’t expect it to be going as fast pace as it was going. She may feel like she doens’t immediately know where life will take her, but she’s sure enough she wants Weston by her side.

He gets up from kneeling and back staring at Mollie. The smile never leaves his face.

Weston: Is this what you want, Mol?

The question takes her off-guard. She expected her hand to be held by Weston’s and guided her towards the inside of the church. The look on her face makes him nervous.

Weston: Mol?

She snaps out of the thought.

Mollie: Yeah?

Weston: *whispers* Listen, if you’re not ready to do this, we can always wait. If you want the whole wedding ceremony, I will give you just that, babe. Anything.

Mollie smiles at Weston. Damn, when did she get so lucky to have this man? She leans in and kisses Weston softly.

Mollie: Let’s do this, Mr. Ashmore.

Weston smiles and opens the door for Mollie. He bows.

Weston: After you, soon-to-be Mrs. Ashmore. 

They both walk into the Church with Milo and Sophie as their witnesses.  

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