Blogust 2020: The Series, Creative Pieces

Day 7: in my corner – a poem.

are you proud of me?

are you happy that i found myself

through heartache and mental illness,

identity crisis and survivor’s guilt and

everything else that weighed me down over the years?

are you happy that i’m happy;

sitting in my corner

with things that make me happy,

Victon albums, fairy lights, & a souvenir

from my first ever solo plane trip,

Polaroids of my cat, a friend with lipstick so black,

a wall of pictures of Kpop boys

all covered with friends’ letters:

the ones who support me and spam Seungsik’s photos

as a weapon to attack;

my pet turtle named Squirtle that lives on my desk

and my laptop viewing watch parties and causing chaos with friends;

are you happy i found my happiness

in the littlest things?

i hope you’re happy for me

as much as i’m happy for you

for finding your happiness in things

and in other people that aren’t me anymore.

i hope you smile when you see i’m doing good

and that maybe i just need to be in my corner

in order for me to blossom.

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