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SAS: Going Through A Depressive Episode, This is How I Handle It. (3/2/19)


Dear, guys – welcome back to “Letters From Liz“!

Welcome to March! To be quite honest with you guys, I’m immensely happy that February is long and gone. February for me must be some cursed month because bad things have happened during the month of February for the last 3 years. 

With that being said, I’m going through a depressive episode. No, it doesn’t look like me crying every single night, it’s not me being suicidal, and it’s not me hating myself. It’s just me being in a runt and feeling lost most of the time. While dealing with my emotional self, I’ve learned to find ways to take care of myself during these times where it would be easier just to sit in my sadness all day and feel sorry for yourself. Of course, sometimes those days of utter nothingness are allowed, but I know for the sake of my mental health, it is best for me to go through it as smoothly as possible.

I recommend everyone who is battling their own depression or going through their own dark times in life to take this time and figure out what works best for you. It’s so easy to just let your emotions and let everything in your life defeat you, but knowing that you are handling your business and managing to keep your mental health at a healthy state is such a badass babe move. Like, #TakingCareOfYourselvesTheBestWay2019

If you’re stuck in what it may be that you should do when you’re battling depression or a depressive episode, let me tell you some of the things I’ve been doing to help me get through the day.

  • I’ve picked up a hobby. For 2019, I wanted to do this thing where I kept a scrapbook of all the junk I’ve collected each month and make it into a monthly spread type of thing. I’ve always liked keeping birthday cards and programs from events because maybe I’m just a glorified hoarder; who knows, so I decided to glue them in a bullet journal and decorate it all pretty and stuff and bam! You got yourself a place for your… knick knacks? Let’s go with that. I also even started crocheting! The point of the matter is that you keep yourself and your mind busy with something you’re interested in doing or you enjoy doing. Scrapbooking and crocheting are just some of the many hobbies I’d like to pick up in 2019!
  • Listening to feel good music. During my hiatus from the world back in November, I listened to a lot of music, and that got me through the sad and restless nights that my anxiety and depression would put me though. It was something I honestly took for granted before that time in my life; music is honestly such a great way to regroup your thoughts and your emotions, and sometimes it’s the one thing in your day that could put you in a better mood. Of course, I recommend listening to music that makes you feel good at the end of the day! Need some inspiration? Follow my Spotify Feelin’ Good Playlist!
  • Follow a routine that makes you the most comfortable. As a person with anxiety, I’ve noticed just how important it was for me to have a routine that was best suited for me and my needs because it got me through the day as least anxious as possible. Of course, it’s good if you’re also able to be flexible with your routine just so you don’t get too comfortable, but ultimately having a routine is a good place to start to keep yourself busy and less “in your head”. For me, my routine is pretty simple for now, and its one that I know will change as life changes with me, but setting time to do something instead of allowing bad energy seep in when you’re bored is always the better option in any situation.
  • Watch something funny, especially at night. The hardest time of day for me is the nighttime, and I could see that many people like me struggle with the same thing. The nighttime is quiet, your body is slowing down for the night and it’s quiet, which gives your mind just as much space to start making unnecessary noise. When it comes to my nighttime routine (and it’s a strict one since my nights are very crucial for me), I have to end my day watching something mindless and funny. Of course, I watch Game Grumps and their complications to help me get sleepy and get me through the night as quietly as possible. Seriously, I even had to do the same thing at my friend’s house in Pennsylvania when I stood over because it was the only way I wasn’t going to stay anxious. 
  • I’m writing for the blog more than I usually do. As much as I love writing for the blog, I sometimes to forget that a Tuesday or Saturday is approaching and I only have a couple of hours to whip something up for the next day of publishing. Lately, that hasn’t been a problem with me because I’m just writing so much in advance to keep my head grounded and focused on my craft. I have a reminder on my arm that says “write” on my arm every single day because I know when all else fails, just write. Writing has always been a way that I was able to feel whole and human again, and it’s always allowed me to express myself and be myself when I’m not feeling like myself in the real world. Plus, writing for LFL (formerly known as TNTH if you didn’t catch the hint yet) keeps me productive, and that makes me feel good.


I know my little things may differ from yours; as they should! As long as it fits you and your needs and gets you through the tough times, it’s good to always have some sort of idea of what makes your mind, body, and soul content and calm.

I’ll get through my own episode, and I hope you get through yours.

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