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February 2019 Highlights & Favorites!

Dear, guys – welcome back to “Letters From Liz“!

I don’t know about everyone else, but this month literally flew by. It seems like the month just started! Now in 2 more days, we enter March. Which means Spring. Which means denim jacket weather! Well, in April it is. 

Anyway, it surprises me that for such a short month, a lot of cool things happened, a lot of new things I became obsessed with, and a lot of life lessons were learned in the 28 days this month provided us.

So, without further ado: here are some of the highlights and favorites of this month!

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  • I got called in for another job interview! It’s been one hell of a process trying to look for jobs and land one for the last… well, since I graduated last June. It’s been scary not knowing where life will take you; will you land this job? Is the job you’re destined to work for still out there? Where will you be this time next year career-wise? It’s been a rollercoaster of ups and downs when it comes to the job hunting process; there have been a lot more rejection letters than callbacks for a job interview, so I’m glad that in the midst of rejections, there is still hope for me to land a job doing something I actually want to do.
  • I got two baby turtles as a very-late birthday present. Here’s the deal: I’ve always wanted turtles ever since my mother brought home two for my cousin and allowed me to take care of them within the month before we were going to see them… and when we handed them over, they died within a week. Getting baby turtles is a quite common thing here in NYC; you have to be lucky enough to find someone who’s selling them one day because you never know if they’ll be there the day another. So, on Chinese New Year, my sister came across a man who was selling baby turtles and picked them up for me. They are literally the cutest things ever! As I’m slowly trying to figure out their personalities, I’ve realized that one of them has an attitude most of the time and likes to chill out on the rocks in the tank, while the other one is very energetic and likes to swim in the water. So, I named them Squidward and Squirtle!
  • I got to see my family after 7 months. After my grandfather’s passing in July and his memorial service in August, it’s been very busy for my family and extended family. My aunt was getting her whole first floor done, my grandmother has been getting herself ready to sell the house in Pennsylvania, and my family has been going through some very personal issues on our own. Plus, life happens and we all get caught up in its busy schedule. I can’t like, I was nervous seeing my family all together again after so long; I didn’t know if the atmosphere was going to still be tense and sullen due to mourning and grieving, and I just didn’t know if things would’ve been said or done that would make things awkward. But alas, it went pretty good! It was very chill, to say the least, and we actually celebrated my birthday with some cake!


1.) I got my septum pierced!


To be honest, it’s been weird to see myself with this new piercing, but I honestly really like how it looks like on me! Of course, I already have a nostril piercing, which is where I typically wear a ring as well, so my nose is just all blinged out! Regarding how much pain I was in while getting it: it felt the same exact thing like having my nostril pierced; tears and having that constant urge to sneeze. The healing process wasn’t as painful as my nostril piercing, which was really surprising! Apparently, the healing process for a nostril piercing is longer than a septum because a nostril piercing requires you to go through cartilage, whereas a septum is just skin! By the 5th day, my nose didn’t hurt as much, and I was able to use my nose as normally as possible.

2.) Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next Album:

Image result for thank u next album cover

Just putting this out there, I wish the album cover didn’t look like a damn edited Instagram photo. But besides that, this album was surprisingly good. It was refreshing to actually hear Ariana address some of her struggles and challenges explicitly in most of the tracks, yet there were other tracks that clearly were there to give the album some “Top 40” hits. Besides the leading single “Thank U, Next” being one of my favorites, my top three at the moment are “Needy”, “Fake Smile”, and shamelessly “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored”. When I tell you “Needy” was actually written about me, it was written about me. I never related more to a damn song in my whole life. Seriously, “Needy” is one of those tracks are relatable to anyone on this damn planet who feels love, and has some emotional baggage: we all got it, we all want love, that’s it.

3.) ITZY:

Image result for itzy itz different

If you’d been a faithful “Letters” reader for some time now, you would know that I’m a very big fan of K-Pop ever since I discovered TWICE during a laundromat run in my predominantly Asian neighboorhood! Since my discovery of K-Pop, I’ve been very interested in the K-Pop industry and learning the differences between their music industry & the American music industry. As a person more familiar with American music, it baffles me when other industries prosper in other ways. For example, American music favors more solo artists than groups; in South Korea, groups are more favorited than solo artists. So back to this group: ITZY is a rookie girl group that debuted on February 11th, 2019 under JYP Entertainment. TWICE, who is also under the same agency, was the last girl group to debut under JYP, which was way back in 2015. So, needless to say, ITZY’s debut was highly anticipated because of that, but also because their “girl crush concept” contrasts with TWICE’s widely popular “cute concept”. When these five girls debuted as ITZY, I instantly became a fan. Their two songs are wildly addicting, and these girls are crazy talented! If you’re a fan of the queens of girl crush concept BLACKPINK, I highly recommend you check out ITZY’s debut single, “DALLA DALLA“.

And that’s about it! We’ll see you next month in March! What were some of your favorites this past month?

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