Blogust 2018: The Series

Day 25: Happy 200 Posts of TNTH!

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Hey, guys – welcome back to TNTH!


Can you believe there have been 200 posts on the blog? That’s honestly a number way too insane to imagine. I can’t even think of 200 things to talk about, let alone write them! Honestly, thank you guys who come on here and read these posts. Despite having a blast writing on here every day for the last 25 days, I’m honored to see you guys countlessly come back on the blog’s scheduled days and see what’s new on the blog. Without TNTH, there would be no Self-Appreciation Saturdays, no Voiceless Rants, no travel diaries, and definitely no special series. This year alone, we had three different series go on in TNTH, which honestly was an amazing experience and will be coming back very soon!

If you’ll like to see some of my favorite posts when we hit 100 posts on TNTH, you can click the link to check it out!

For now, here are some of my favorite posts, part 2!

  1. October 2017: SAS: What *truly* defines Femininity? (10/7/17)
  2. October 2017: A Voiceless Rant: October 2017 Edition.
  3.  December 2017: Twelve Days of TNTHmas 2017: The Series.
  4. January 2018: TNTH’s 1st Anniversary Blogging Celebration: The Series.
  5. January 2018: SAS: Speaking Confidence Into Existence. (1/13/18)
  6. January 2018: Travel Diary: Poughkeepsie, NY (Part II)
  7. February 2018: How My Imaginary Friends Became Characters.
  8. February 2018: SAS: What a Tarot-Card Reading Taught Me. (2/10/18)
  9. February 2018: “I Miss Your Colored Hair Days!”: A Confession.
  10. April 2018: What’s On My Book Shelf?
  11. April 2018: Let’s Talk About Triggers. (4/28/18)
  12. May 2018: SAS: Therapy Isn’t a Sign of Weakness. (5/19/18)
  13. May 2018: A Voiceless Rant: May 2018 Edition.
  14. June 2018: What Grad School Taught Me: The Master’s Grad Edition.
  15. June 2018: Dear Extroverts, Signed a “SAD” Introvert.
  16. June 2018: For Your 18th Birthday: A Letter.
  17. July 2018: The Message in Grav3yardgirl’s “We Need to Talk” Video.
  18. August 2018: Blogust 2018: The Series. (duh!)

Again, thank you everyone who’s supported TNTH these last 200 posts. Here’s the next 100 and the next 100 and the next 100…

Here’s to forever.


-Liz. (:


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