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Day 24: Stories I’ve Been Working On! (Part II)

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Hey, guys – welcome back to TNTH!

Since it’s Friday, I figured it would be nice to post something on the less serious side, so I decided to let you guys in on what I’ve been brewing inside my mind regarding some potential stories.

If you’ll like to read the first installment of this, here’s part one of Stories I’ve Been Working OnEdit: Looking back at this post, I realize I wrote the first post on this exact day a year ago; how weird!

Without further ado, here are some stories I’ve been working on:

1.) “Post-Partum Reflection”

In a nutshell, I really play around with this one family a lot because to some extent, it reflects on the life I live and it’s just the group of people that very much have in-depth characteristics. This story follows the two characters that were in my first part of this series; in summary, these two people have reunited again after heartbreak and loss and decide to give their friendship once last chance of redemption. As the year passed, they’ve gotten to know each other in a different light even if they’ve been best friends ever since they were four years old all the way back in 1996. Life happens, people grow up, and they both very much had to get to know each other again after a year and a half of not speaking. One night in October, they had admitted to each other that it’s always been them, despite the many people whose walked in and out of their lives. So, just like that, they tried this whole dating thing. Although on the surface this relationship seemed perfect in everyone else’s eyes, the female character still had to deal with some of her inner demons. She felt guilty that she jumped back into a relationship only 5 months after her fiance passed away due to a chronic illness, and she had felt that those around her were judging her for her decision. Every now and then she would be alright, and then there were some nights when she wasn’t.

And then the unthinkable happened. She had found out she was pregnant. Not being completely ready for yet a new chapter in her life, her partner (the male character) reassured her that everything was going to be alright. Personally, I love this male character, like he has his own battles he deals with and he grew up being a single teen parent, but he always knew he was supposed to be with this girl and now that they got together and got to this point in their lives, he was willing to do whatever it was to protect her, even if it meant protecting her from herself sometimes. So, the months pass by, it’s now the end of July, and she is now roughly 30 weeks. She goes into labor. She has the baby, and of course, he is born prematurely. Dealing with the trauma of her labor and potentially losing her baby, she’s now at a state of mind where she feels like she has to be on full survival mode with her child all the time, which her partner starts to realize she’s beginning to tune him out, as well as being crazy protective over their son. One thing spirals after the other, accusations are made, things are truly going too fast, and, well, something major happens that honestly, I didn’t see coming from this character.

You might be thinking, “well goddamn Liz, these people can’t be happy in your world!” That’s not true. I’ve played around with these characters for the last decade, and life is nothing short of a breeze for these two. The beauty of it all, though, is that these two always make it out alright, just like everyone else in the real world. Of course, there are consequences, there is reasoning due to characteristics these characters have, and I think that’s why I love these two together. They literally would go to the moon and back for one another.

2.) “Micah”

When stories in the present day really interest me, I always like to jump ahead into the future and start planning out storylines for characters who might be too young in my mind, or that solely don’t exist yet in the universe. In this case, I’ve been looking forward into the future of Micah, the son of the first two people in the previous story. I guess you can say he turns out fine because, in this universe, he’s already 17 years old. Micah follows the footsteps of his father and his older brother; they’re all musically inclined. Micah takes it to a whole new level; while his older brother was more of a “percussion and acapella” type of guy, he’s definitely more into the “I play lead guitar in a grungy-rock garage band” type of guy whenever he’s not playing the piano to suit his father’s needs.

In this universe, he meets a girl named Kalia. At first, they couldn’t stand each other due to their unofficial competition of who is the better musician in their class, but Micah begins to fall for this girl’s spunk, sassy, yet passionate and humble personality. She’s not afraid to be seen with the other “band geeks” that play in the band as the very much competitive vocal program in their school takes most of their spotlight. (No tea, no shade!) She’s really the only girl who’s decided she didn’t want to sing in the “all-girl angelic plastic choir”. But he’s starting to notice something strange in Kalia’s behavior. She won’t invite him over to hang out at her place, she sometimes take unexpected days off (even on important exam dates where teachers don’t discipline her) and she’s never wanting to be seen in public. What’s her deal, and will Micah ever find out?

Although I already have the idea set in mind, it’s also this very convoluted and I definitely will have to revisit this idea in another post to break down the entire story!


Let me know if you’ll like to possibly see some scenes within these two stories written out on TNTH in the near future! Possibly next week? 😉 You gotta come back and see!


-Liz. (:

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