Self-Appreciation Saturdays

Self-Appreciation Saturday. (4/15/17)

I hope everyone who is currently on Spring Break is having a lovely week off from school or work or whatever you are on vacation for; I definitely needed this time off to get all the week that I needed to get done GET DONE before the semester ends in a month. Again, this is what my Spring Break has been like for the last two years: just working on school stuff at home.

But now that we all had our week off and we all return to reality on Tuesday, it could be hard to transition from “lazy, unproductive self” to “did I forget to breathe during my long day of work?” self. We all got a taste of relaxation and days of sleeping in, and now we all have the Spring Break blues. 

So, how do you get rid of them before the break is actually over?

One Last Weekend Out

Even though Easter is literally tomorrow and most families come together to celebrate, you can still find time to use today as the last weekend out before the break is over. Go out for lunch with a couple of your friends, take a walk to the pier or to the park, or go to the bar during happy hour. If you don’t want to spend money, then go to a friend’s house and watch movies all day or play video games. Eat pizza. Take a nap, whatever – just as long as you’re spending time with people you want to be around before your schedules conflict again. I know that my Spring Break still had me very busy because I am in the beginning stages of writing my two final research papers for the semester, and it sucks that during this time where most of my friends are off from school or work, I’m stuck at home researching and writing and annotating and all that fun jazz. If you’re stuck at home with absolutely nothing to do today, go out and enjoy yourself! Then enjoy some family time for Easter, obviously if you celebrate it.

Plan for the Upcoming Summer!

So, you didn’t get to do something that you told yourself you wanted to do during your Spring Break. I know exactly how that feels. I planned to rewatch all of my favorite TV shows that I haven’t seen in the last couple of months and actually start watching Thirteen Reasons Why on Netflix. (Edit: I did watch it, and here’s my post about it.) I didn’t get to do anything of that because of all this school stuff I needed to get done. It sucks because only God knows that once the break is over, my mind and body are going into overdrive to finish these two research papers before May 18th. If you didn’t get to do something during your break, don’t try to force to do it now. Plan it for the summer! The great thing about Spring Break this year is that it’s near the time where the semester is coming to an end and you don’t have to wait that long to do the things you couldn’t do during Spring Break. The summer is the perfect time to binge-watch television series you missed (like me), hang out with friends you couldn’t see (like me) and do whatever social events you couldn’t do (like me)!

Prepare Yourself for the Return

Sometimes we wait for the break to come and when it finally arrives, it seriously flies by. If you have your hands in your pants and you’re panicking about returning to school on Tuesday, prepare yourself. No matter what grade or level you’re in, returning to school after a break seems torturous. Teachers/professors seem like they want to teach you a textbook load of new material, transportation is extra crowded since everyone is returning to normal life, and the first day back is always hectic and long for no reason. Make sure you prepare yourself for this return back. Go to sleep early the night before, plan your outfit the night before, and make sure all your assignments and homework is complete and put away in your bag. Preparing yourself will make you feel better about your return, and will help reduce your anxiety about it. Next thing you know, your mind and body will get into the swing of things and you’ll be fine.

For those who’ve been bored this entire break…

For the lucky people who didn’t have anything to do over this Spring Break and are living a life where you’re experiencing Cabin’s Fever, I hate you. But seriously, if your Spring Break blues involve you being sad because you were bored the entire time, then definitely cheer yourself up by saying that school will be back soon and you will be productive once again. I know I get that way during the Winter and Summer Breaks between school semesters, so it could definitely happen to those who have the luxury of actually relaxing this break. Still, try to do things that keep you productive like hobbies or working out. Anything is doable.

Anyway, that’s it for this week’s post; come by next week to see another Self-Appreciation Saturday post that reminds you that things will always get better, even after a long, stressful week.

-Liz (:

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