The "Something" Series

Something Inevitable: A Monologue.

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How am I in this hospital again in a matter of 6 months? My leg bounces in place as I sit in the hospital waiting room. I’ve never seen Grace so ill before; she’s definitely been a lot more sick this last month, but it’s never gotten to this before. I’m exhausted, still slightly tipsy from the drinks earlier, and numb. I can’t even think straight at this point.

I place my hands on my face as I lean forward; I just want to know if Grace is going to be okay. No one has come out to give me information on her. It has to be at least 2 in the morning at this point. I was so intently in thought, I just realize my phone was vibrating in my coat pocket.

I looked at the phone screen to see the call is coming from Kevin. I picked it up, trying not to appear as exhausted as i truly am.

yeoboseyo?” I answered. I could hear Shawn in the background, talking loudly before Kevin could say anything.

“Happy New Year, hyung!” Kevin greeted. I could faintly hear Shawn say the same thing in the background.

“Did you guys seriously wait for it to be the new year in America for this?” I teased.

“We thought it was midnight there not realizing we’re a little late…”

“About two hours late, but it’s the thought that counts.” I reassured.

“So, you and the lady celebrating? Are we interrupting?” Shawn says in the back.

“No, no…” I didn’t know what else to say. I could tell they felt some tension since they didn’t say anything else afterwards. It wasn’t until Kevin spoke softly in the phone.

Hyung, is everything alright?” Kevin finally said. I couldn’t not tell Kevin what was going on. I trusted him even if I was his senior. I took a deep breath and held the bridge of my nose before I spoke.

“My visa is expiring in three weeks,” I admitted.

“But you knew that already,” Kevin responded.

“I was trying to extend it,” I continued. “I got the call when I was at Grace’s friends place.”

“They didn’t extend it? But you work there?”

“I’m not active on a case and I have a feeling they didn’t put me on a case for that reason,” I explained. I can hear Kevin explaining the situation to Shawn. I shut my eyes closed. I need to tell someone.

“Also,” I continued. The line went silent. I sighed before I said anything else. “I’m at the hospital with Grace.”

“What?!” Both guys said through the phone. “Hyung, what the hell is going on?”

Ya,” I sternly reminded Kevin for respect. “Grace has been really sick the past couple of weeks. She was vomiting at the party we were at earlier tonight.”

“Maybe she just had too much to drink?” Kevin stated.

“She didn’t touch any of the drinks that were handed to her,” I corrected. I could hear the guys whispering something in Korean, something along the lines of having a suspicious thought about why Grace could’ve been that sick. I said it before they did.

“What if Grace is pregnant?” I shut my eyes as I said it out loud. I was scared to even think of the possibility. Here I am, leaving America in three weeks with the potential of my girlfriend being pregnant. I can’t leave her here alone if she’s pregnant.

I don’t hear Kevin or Shawn say anything until Shawn says something in the back.

“Are you going to marry her if she is, hyung?” he asked. I didn’t say anything back right away; in fact, I was taken back by the question. Marrying Grace? We just became a couple… would it be too soon? Would she want us to get married in order for me to stay? Will I just marry her for the wrong reasons? Will it be out of love?

Before I can say anything back, I see a nurse come out of the door calling my name.

“I got to go.” I said and quickly hung up the phone. I stood up from my seat as the nurse walked towards me.

“Mr. Kim?” the nurse asked. I nodded my head and she continued. “So Grace is resting and given some fluids, she should be okay to go home in the morning,” I took a deep breath in and quickly let it out. The nurse in front of me is flipping through some papers in her hands and begins to read what’s on the page. “She came in pretty dehydrated, which isn’t a surprise now knowing Grace’s condition.”

“Condition?” I asked. Aigoo, she’s pregnant.

“Grace’s vitals were beginning to shut down and her body temperature was below average. After a few tests, we concluded that she’s dehydrated and malnourished.” The nurse explained. I didn’t know what to say. Why didn’t I notice? Why wasn’t Grace eating? Why didn’t I see the damn signs earlier? I wanted nothing more than to see Grace.

“Is she awake? Can I see her?”

The nurse nodded at me and walked me through the hallway. I was nervous. I was confused. All I wanted to do was ask her why was she doing this to herself? Why didn’t she talk to me? I didn’t realize that we were already at her room. The nurse opens the door.

“Grace, you have a visitor.” The nurse said softly. I look into the room and see Grace laying on the bed. I entered the room slowly; I didn’t know how to approach Grace with the news. Did she even know what happened? I didn’t want to be the person that had to tell Grace what had happened, because if she knew that I knew, she would feel guilty. I know Grace Ashmore. She’s able to hide things from people until she can’t control it anymore; until something like tonight happens.

“I’ll leave you two alone and come back in a few to check on you, Ms. Ashmore.” The nurse walked out and closed the door behind her. Silence. I slowly walked over towards Grace’s bed and grabbed a chair. I got close to her and she didn’t move.

Jagiya,” I began. She still hasn’t looked in my direction. I took a deep breath before I would continue, but Grace finally spoke up.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered. She must know. I brushed my hair back away from my face and leaned forward towards the bed.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked, not realizing my tone was lower than intended.

“I don’t know,” she said. “I just didn’t want you to know.”

“Grace–” I interrupted, now annoyed. “This is something serious. This isn’t something you can keep to yourself. You scared the shit out of me tonight and all because you were starving yourself?”

“It’s not like that,” Grace spat back.

“What in the world made you think it was okay to just starve yourself, Grace?!” I couldn’t sugarcoat things anymore. I needed to understand.

“Why do you even care so much?!” Grace finally looked at me. She looked pale, skinny; not herself. I should’ve noticed sooner.

“Grace,” I said calmly. I tried to reach out for her hand, but she pulled it back.

“Just… go.” Grace demanded.

“What?” I scrunched my eyebrows, now more annoyed that Grace is doing this at a time like this.

“Just go, Jamie! I don’t need you caring about me! For what? For you to be here as I get better and for you to leave back to Korea soon?” Grace began to yell. I looked at the door, nervous someone would hear her. But she continued.

“I know you’re leaving, Jamie!” She spat at me. I didn’t know what to say.

“Grace, please calm down,” I said, defeated. “I’m not leaving anytime soon…”

“But you’re still leaving!” She yelled at me.

“You knew this though!” I yelled back. I was frustrated that Grace was destroying her body and didn’t want to tell me why she was doing so. She had never been this way in the year that I known her. What changed? What happened?

“You’re no different than everyone else who came and went.” Grace turned her body away from me. Before I can say anything, the nurse came back into the room. She first saw Grace upset and crying, then she looked at me in the chair.

“Grace needs some rest, Mr. Kim,” The nurse stated. I gathered my things and got up from the chair. I looked down at Grace before turning away towards the door. I walked passed the nurse, out to the hospital hallway.

“Mr. Kim,” The nurse called out for me. I turned around, surprised she called out for me in the first place.

“Grace is going to be okay. She’s just having a hard time processing things. She’s had a history of anorexia nervosa in the past; something triggering or stressful must’ve activated it.” The nurse explained. I took a deep breath; I had to let this out to someone; anyone.

“I was afraid she could’ve been pregnant. She’s been ill for almost a month, so–“

“That’s understandable. Are you two trying to have children?” The question took me back. I didn’t know if I ever wanted to have kids, but Grace and Little Bean made me see things differently.

“I wouldn’t have been upset if she was,” I said. I feel like that was the honest truth. All I wanted was for Grace and I to be your everyday couple; I wanted nothing more than to come home from work and see Grace and her pregnant belly greet me at the front door. I wanted nothing more to stay here and be with her and–

“Grace would have to gain some weight and take certain vitamins to be able to carry a child,” The nurse explained. “If children is what you both want, then you both have to make sure you work out any obstacles in your path.” The nurse walked away and down the hallway. She wasn’t wrong. Grace and I are far from ready to have a child; we’re barely on speaking terms as we speak.

And I also go back to Korea in three weeks.

The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage High-School Auditions: A Scene.

Setting the Stage: Building Theater Sets - Inventionland

It’s the day of the Waverly High auditions; the hallways are lined up with perspective teenagers awaiting to do their auditions for admission. Many of them are in costumes, dresses, formal attire, and leotards. Milo stands on line in his average clothing, looking around at the competition. He’s nervous and beginning to doubt himself.

A voice shouts out his name and he quickly turns around. He lets out a breath of relief as he sees who it is. Mollie has her hair up in a clean-looking ponytail with a skirt, Converse sneakers, and a chunky sweater.

Milo: Mollie? You actually showed up?

Mollie: I wasn’t gonna miss this audition for nothing!

Milo smiles; he’s incredibly happy that after everything that happened between them and herself, Mollie is here.

Mollie: You’re ready? You look like you’re about to shit your pants.

Milo rolls his eyes. That’s his best friend; Mollie Sue Castro.

Milo: *deadpans* Haha. i’m ready… nervous, but ready!

Mollie: You think you’re gonna make it in?

Milo: Do you think you’re gonna make it in?

Mollie: I do!

Milo: Well I do too!

Student: Cool, you may now kiss the bride!

The two teenagers look behind them. Mollie knows who it is; Milo doesn’t.

Mollie: Hey, Ronnie! I didn’t know you were auditioning?

Ronnie: You know I had to put my art skills into this tired looking school!

Mollie laughs and turns over to Milo.

Mollie: Milo, this is my friend Ronnie!

Ronnie: Short for Veronica.

Milo: Oh! You’re Mollie’s partner for the project?

Ronnie nods her head.

Mollie: She passes the vibe check.

Milo: It’s nice to meet you, Ronnie.

Ronnie: You too! *to Mollie* Remember we have to do week 4 of the project after school tomorrow.

Mollie: Oh yeah! I gotchu.

Ronnie and Mollie wave bye to each other and part their ways. Milo looks at Mollie.

Mollie: What?

Milo: *teases* Looks like I’ve been replaced.

Mollie: Oh please, I’m stuck with you for life. Ronnie is a cool chick. She skates! Well, skateboard, but still. She’s pretty chill.

Milo: Glad that someone was able to pass your incredibly hard “vibe check”.

Mollie pushes Milo as he laughs. The line begins to move towards the auditorium.

The group of students walk into a room next to the auditorium. No one says anything to each other. Milo and Mollie look around the room and see familiar faces from their school. Mollie rolls her eyes once she sees Laurie and her friends enter the room. Laurie is dressed in a very sparkly and elegant dress with her friends all wearing the same costume. Milo also looks in their direction and is surprised to not see Sophie with the girls. He looks around the room to see if perhaps Sophie even ever walked into the room; nothing. She was nowhere to be found.

Mollie: Earth to Milo?

Mollie knocks Milo’s head like it were a door. Milo snaps back to reality.

Mollie: Who are you looking for?

Milo: No one, I’m just seeing who’s here.

Mollie doesn’t suspect anything. Milo is attentive at who enters the room and who leaves.

One by one, the students leave the room to head out to their audition. Milo gets more and more nervous as the room gets more empty. Another small group of students enter the room. Milo notices Sophie within that group. He smiles.

Teacher: Milo Kamalani?

Milo looks toward the door at the teacher. He gets up from his seat as Mollie pats his back for good luck. He walks out the door and enters the auditorium. He looks around; it’s definitely the biggest auditorium he’s ever been in.

Milo opens his eyes as he sees Sophie looking down on him.

Sophie: Milo?

Milo sits up with his guitar and blocks the sun with his hand. He looks in Sophie’s direction.

Sophie: Tell me about your music.

Milo: *laughs* I only play music, I haven’t created anything yet.

Milo places his guitar to the side and faces Sophie, who is sitting on her knees and her jacket covering her legs.

Sophie: That’s still your music though. You seem like you’re incredibly passionate about it.

Milo: I am. I still haven’t decided what I wanted to do for the Waverly audition.

Sophie: You have to do what you feel is right.

Milo: Yeah, but…

Milo gets up from the grass and brushes the grass and dirt off of hi clothing. Sophie gets up with him.

Milo: I just feel like what I do right is so lame compared to other people.

Sophie: *stern* Hey.

Sophie looks up to Milo; the height difference becoming noticeable in between them. He looks down at her.

Sophie: Your best is your best, and it can’t be compared to other people because that’s YOUR best.

Sophie picks up Milo’s guitar and hands it to him.

Sophie: Play me something.

The teacher escorts Milo towards the stage, and Milo walks up to it. He faces the audience and sees the committee sitting at a table. Milo plugs his guitar into the amplifier and takes a deep breath.

Milo: Hi, I’m Milo Kamalani, and I’m auditioning for the Vocal & Band Duo Major.

Misc., The "Something" Series

Something For The New Year: A Scene.

Times Square Ball drop: Everything you need to know about the Times Square  New Year's Eve Ball - CBS News

The music is playing loudly in a small apartment in Brooklyn. People are dancing and drinking; it seems as if everyone is having a good time. On one side of the apartment, Grace and Jamie sit on the sofa; Jamie’s arm is around Grace as Grace is leaning against his chest.

Jamie: Are you feeling okay?

Grace: *nods* Yeah. It honestly had to be something that I ate.

Jamie: Maybe. Just let me know if you’re feeling sick, we can always go home early.

Grace smiles as Cami and Emerson come over towards the couple.

Cami: Yo! We’re glad you came!

Grace: Of course, we wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Emerson: *to Jamie* Do you guys celebrate New Year’s like this?

Grace: *annoyed* Em.

Jamie: *laughs* Uhm, sort of. We eat tons of food and celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Emerson: Lunar New Year at your place!

Jamie: It’s a date.

The couples continue to socialize and mingle with the rest of the party. Everything is going as planned and everyone seems to be joining their night as it progresses. Grace is seen sitting down for most of the night, which Jamie takes note of. Nevertheless, he stays by her side for most of the night.

Cami occasionally comes over with drinks for the couple. Jamie has had the first few, but began to feel tipsy. Grace declined all of the drinks.

Grace: Are you okay now, Jamie?

Jamie: Jagiya, I’m fine. I just… can’t keep drinking yours on top of mine. Are you sure you don’t want a drink?

Grace: I’m sure. *sigh* Honestly, I’m not just feeling great. My stomach as been bothering me all night and I just feel like I’m not someone anyone wants to be around right now.

Jamie: That’s not true, jagiya.

Grace: It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m not dancing, drinking, or dancing whille drinking. I’m a total buzzkill.

Jamie: *laughs* It doesn’t matter. As long as I’m ringing in the new year with you.

Jamie kisses the top of Grace’s forehead and puts his arm around her, she leans her head on his chest.

A couple of minutes later, Jamie gets a phone call. He looks at the number on his screen and sits up. Grace looks forward at Jamie.

Grace: Everything okay?

Jamie: Yeah, I just– give me a minute.

Jamie gets up from the couch and walks over to the front door. Grace sits on the sofa, examining the room. The aroma of alcohol is making Grace feel even worse. She begins to panic, and gets up from the sofa and walks in the other direction, away from everyone.

Jamie walks out the front door and picks up the phone.

Jamie: Hello?

Caller: Hi, Mr. Kim, we’re calling you about the extension request of your visa… unfortunately we weren’t able to approve the request. Your expiration date of January 21st still remains.

Jamie listens on the phone; disappointment and sadness immediately is written on his face. He hangs up the phone, and slowly goes back into the apartment. Everyone is still enjoying their night together, like the world keeps going despite his just completely crumbling.

Emerson walks over to Jamie and grabs his attention.

Emerson: Hey, the ball is gonna drop in a minute!

Jamie looks around the apartment, looking for Grace.

Jamie: Have you seen Grace?

Emerson: Grace?

Jamie: Yeah, she’s not where she was–

Cami finds Emerson and grabs him when people gather in the living room in front of the TV, counting the seconds down to midnight.

Jamie: *shouts* Grace?!

Someone is heard puking in the toilet. The person lifts their face up from the bowl and pushes their red hair back away from their face. Grace leans back on the tub and looks up towards the ceiling.

Grace: *whispers* Please, please, please…

She hears the people in the other room beginning to count down: 10!

Grace takes out her phone and notices missed messages from Jamie, asking her where she went. She doesn’t answer.

9! 8! 7!

Grace’s head is back in the toilet bowl; she flushes it and slumps down towards the floor.

6! 5! 4!

A knock is heard from the door, followed by a voice.

Jamie: Grace? Grace, are you in there?

Grace looks up at the door.

Grace: Jamie?

The bathroom door opens and Jamie sees Grace on the door. He rushes into the bathroom to attend to Grace.

Jamie: Aigoo, Grace–

3! 2! 1! Happy New Year!

Grace pukes in the toilet again. She comes back up and wipes off blood from her mouth. Jamie is concerned for Grace.

Jamie: Jagiya, you’re bleeding.

Grace looks at her hand and begins to panic.

Grace: Fuck–

Jamie: You’re going to be okay. You’re going to be okay…

Jamie gets up and lifts Grace off from the floor. He pushes the door open; Jamie and Grace sneak out of the apartment without anyone noticing them.

The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Punching Bag: A Scene.

The locker is slammed shut as Milo grabs his bag from the hallway floor and puts it on his back. The hallways are busy like usual, people passing by as if nothing else is happening in the world. Milo looks at the locker a couple of rows from his own. The locker reads “Mollie Castro”. Milo sighs as the bell rings.

Milo walks into his classroom with the rest of his classmates. People are sitting where they normally sit; it’s seriously just another day at school. Milo sits at his seat by himself, alone.

Sophie walks in with her group of friends; her eyes immediately go towards Milo. She’s curious in my Milo isn’t with his best friend, Mollie.

Simon: Yo, Soph!

Sophie instantly turns her head and looks at Simon’s direction.

Sophie: What do you want?

Simon: Listen, I just want to say that I’m sorry that whole lunchroom thing happened between you and Laurie. It wasn’t cool that she said those things to you.

Sophie: Thanks, I guess.

Sophie tries to walk away, but Simon grabs Sophie by the arm. She stops.

Simon: I miss you.

Sophie shuts her eyes and yanks her arm away from Simon. Simon hears his name being called by Laurie and doesn’t bother checking up on Sophie. Sophie sits in her seat, and the teacher comes into the class.

Teacher: Alright class, settle down. As you all know, the Waverly High audition is a week away from Tuesday. I know that’s something extremely important to most of you, but please refrain from allowing it to take away from your exit project. I will be asking for a progress report on Monday.

Sophie looks at Milo, who still looks sullen in his seat. Mollie isn’t next to him. Sophie turns the pages of her notebook and takes a piece of paper out. Sophie writes on the piece of paper and folds it up. She stands up to throw a scrap of paper into the garbage, in which she passes by Milo’s desk and places the piece of paper on his desk.

Milo looks down at the piece of folded paper on his desk. He looks up to see Sophie walk to the garbage can and walk back to her seat that nothing happened. He opens the piece of folded paper and reads the message:

“Hey, Milo. Are you okay? You seem a little sad today. Is everything alright? –Scout

Teacher: Mr. Kamalani.

Milo quickly looks up and places the paper in his notebook, out of sight.

Teacher: Clearly you seem preoccupied with other things other than the classwork *places hand out* The note, please.

Milo takes the note and hands it over to the teacher. She crumbles it up and tosses it into the garbage. Sophie bites her lip.

Teacher: So before we start with what’s planned for the day, let’s start off with attendance.

As the teacher continues with the attendance, Milo turns his head and looks at Sophie. He sees that she’s fidgeting with her pencil in her hand. He turns around then the teacher calls out a name.

Teacher: Mollie Sue Castro?

No one answers. The teacher calls out for her once more until Laurie says something out loud to the class.

Laurie: No surprise that delinquent isn’t in class!

Teacher: Ms. Callaway, language… *louder* Has anyone seen Mollie today?

No one says anything right away.

Laurie: Milo should know, since that’s his leader.

The class starts laughing and Sophie looks at Milo. She’s worried.

Milo: *low, but audible* How about you shut the fuck up and do what you do best: beg for a boy to be your boyfriend.

Laurie: At least I’m not always up Mollie’s ass like her damn minion!

Milo: *turns around* If anything, you’re a damn minion to Simon! Tell me, have you sucked his dick yet in the staircase like the rest of the girls?

The class gasps and the teacher raises her voice to quiet the class.

Teacher: That is enough! Milo Kamalani! Principal’s office, now!

Milo gathers his things and gets up from his desk. He storms out of the classroom, shutting the door behind him. Sophie looks at Laurie and is visibly angry.

Laurie: *to Simon* Can you believe that dickhead?

Simon: That guy has no respect for girls, clearly.

Sophie: *looks at Simon* Just how you have no respect for girls?

Laurie and Simon look at Sophie; confused.

Laurie: What are you talking about? *to Simon* what is she talking about, babe?

Simon: Nothing, Soph’s just joking around.

Sophie doesn’t say anything, she just turns around and faces the front of her desk.


It’s now after school; kids leave the school building and walk down the block in groups, talking loudly. Sophie exits the school and looks around.

Simon: Yo, Soph!

Sophie rolls her eyes and stops in her tracks. Simon runs towards her.

Simon: Soph, what was that all about in ELA class?

Sophie: *still looks forward* You tell me.

She finally stops and turns around to face Simon.

Sophie: What was all that crap about? You just love to fire up Laurie?

Simon: What? That asshole shouldn’t have said those things about Laurie.

Sophie: And I agree, but you couldn’t be the bigger person and at least tell her to calm down?

Simon: Are you seriously mad at me over something as stupid as that? Really Soph?

Sophie looks at the corner of her eye and sees Milo leaving the school building.

Simon: Soph? Hello?

Sophie looks at Milo and Milo looks at her back. She quickly looks away back at Simon.

Sophie: What, Simon?

Simon: *confused* Look, I care about you, but you can’t have Laurie getting worried like that. She was mad at me for most of the day.

Sophie: That isn’t my problem.

Simon: *annoyed* Yo, why are you such a bitch nowadays?

Sophie is taken back by Simon’s aggressive question.

Sophie: What?

Simon: Like I’m trying to be your friend, and every time I feel like we’re good, you say or do something that proves that we are not.

Sophie: Have you’ve been sucking up Laurie’s lip gloss or something? How can we every be friends again?!

Simon: What do you mean?

Sophie: *yells* You’re dating my friend! How am I suppose to feel after what you did?

Simon: *gently* Sophie…

Sophie: No!

Simon looks around at the people who are now staring at him and Sophie.

Sophie: You hurt me deep. You just didn’t think about me when you made your decision. How can I ever trust you as a friend?

Simon: Come on, Soph. We’ve been through a lot, and I know I made mistakes, but I wouldn’t do anything to purposely hurt you.

Sophie turns to walk away from Simon, but Simon grabs Sophie’s arm again.

Simon: Soph, please–

Sophie: If you don’t let me go, I swear I will break your hand. Let. Me. Go.

Simon lets go of Sophie’s arm, and Sophie walks away without turning back. She wipes a tear from her face.


Sophie: Milo? Milo??

Sophie stands in front of the tree house. She tries to look up to see if Milo is in there. There isn’t an answer.

Sophie: *louder* Milo? Are you up there?

A boy sticks his head out the window of the tree house; it’s Milo. He goes back into the tree house and starts to climb down the tree. When he finally reaches the ground, Sophie hugs him.

Sophie: I was so worried about you! Are you okay?

Milo doesn’t say anything. Sophie breaks out of the hug and looks at Milo.

Sophie: It was not fair for what Laurie said to you.

Milo: You think?

Sophie doesn’t say anything.

Milo: What are you doing here anyway?

Sophie: I- I wanted to check on you.

Milo: Why?

Sophie: *taken back* Because you’re my friend, I–

Milo rolls his eyes at Sophie; Sophie doesn’t understand where this is coming from.

Milo: Why don’t you go back to your best friend, Simon?

Sophie: *confused* Simon?

Milo: I saw you hanging out with Simon after school today.

Sophie: I- wasn’t hanging out with him–

Milo: Whatever, Sophie. When are you going to release that those aren’t your friends? Laurie and Simon and them? They aren’t your friends.

Sophie: Why do you get to tell me who to be friends with? The last time I remember, Mollie treated me just as badly and you’re supposed to be my friend!

Milo: At least Mollie is loyal to me! You will allow anyone into your life if they give you the time of day!

Sophie: *defensive* Forget you, Milo! Maybe if you stopped assuming things, then maybe you would’ve saw the big picture!

Milo rolls his eyes and Sophie turns away to walk away.

Milo: Where are you going? We have to finish this dumb project!

Sophie: *yells out* Yeah, well it’s not going to be today!

Sophie walks away and Milo stands there, still angry. He climbs up into his tree house.

Overexposed: A Self-Love Project.

Overexposed: The Pity Party for the WLS Girl.

If I had a dollar for every time someone has asked me what I can or cannot eat and then proceed to feel sorry for me when they have food, I’d be rich and would have every Seungsik photocard purchased for my collection.

I say that very lightheartedly. I appreciate every person I either work with, hang out with, or live with considering the fact that I can’t really eat the way normal people do, but for the most part, I’m just pretty tired of having to explain myself.

Hi, I’m Liz and please for the love of God just eat your food in front of me.

I hate to see people who have food with them feel guilty to eat it just because I can’t have what they are having. The truth of the matter is that even if I wanted what they were having, I couldn’t have it in the first place. A lot of this first month after surgery has been me practicing to fall into temptation but also coming to the terms that my diet can’t be what it used to be before I had surgery. The whole “having your stomach being smaller” helps you not crave food as much as you think, so if anyone really has food in front of me and feels guilty for eating it, I’m pretty sure I’m not even hungry to crave what you are having.

As I appreciate people being aware of me now that I had this surgery, I really do wish that further down the line, people will start treating me like a normal person. I don’t need special treatment because my stomach is different; like enjoy your food in front of me! Let’s face it, if we’re eating together, I’m most likely bussing down a salad that is hitting the spot!

This journey for those around me is just as new for me as it is for them. I’m still learning the things I can have or cannot have. I haven’t mastered the whole “alternative to my favorite foods” scenario yet, but with research and my visits to my nutritionist, I’ll be able to have more options of food, and even tell those around me what I actually can or cannot have.

But for the most part, I hope the people I’m around don’t ever feel guilty for eating something I can’t have. It’s totally okay to have that cheeseburger and fries in front of me! Want to get an ice cream cone? Go for it! It’s totally okay to eat your everyday food in front of me; I really do not mind and encourage those who live their life when they are with me!

Thank you for being conscious and aware of my new diet and lifestyle; it really means a lot that those around me are supportive and helpful and know that I take this new chapter of my life seriously both physically and mentally. But, I totally insist and would prefer you to eat whatever you want in front of me. I will be okay.

The "Something" Series

Leaving Behind Something: A Scene.

Local governments shouldn't fund themselves with unfair court fines

“In the accounts that were stated in this courtroom, the jury has concluded that the defendant is guilty for all charges and will face maximum sentencing.”

Jamie releases a sigh of relief once the verdict was read in his favor. His client cries in her seat, happy she got the justice she needed. Jamie begins to wrap up all paperwork as the courtroom begins to empty out.

Walking out of the courtroom, a man in a suit is seen running towards Jamie, calling out his name. Jamie stops in his tracks and see if it’s Attorney Carson.

Attorney Carson: Good work in there, Mr. Kim. You’ve definitely left your impression on me, the firm, and Mr. Carter himself.

Jamie: Thank you.

Attorney Carson: On Monday morning, go straight to Mr. Carter’s office; he couldn’t talk to you due to another meeting, but he’s excited to talk to you when he can.

Jamie: Sure, I’ll be there.

Attorney Carson pounds him on the shoulder with his fist.

Attorney Carson: The team is going out for some dinners in a few; wanna come?

Jamie: *shakes his head* No thanks. I’ll be celebrating this win with my girlfriend.

Jamie politely excuses himself and walks away from the courthouse with his briefcase in his hand.

He opens the front door of the apartment and calls out for Grace. She doesn’t respond. He places his briefcase near the front door and walks in. He takes a glass from the cabinet and pours a glass of wine for himself. While sipping and scrolling his phone, he gets a call.

Jamie: Hello?

Caller: Hi, am I speaking to a Mr. Kim Jae Min?

Jamie scrunches his eyebrows in concern.

Jamie: Speaking; may I ask who’s calling?

Caller: This is the United States of America Embassy, we are calling regarding your Worker’s Visa…

Jamie sits through the call, listening to all the details needed from the embassy. Once he gets off the phone, his face drops, suddenly sad and overwhelmed.

A couple of hours later, Grace comes home. She opens the front door and drops her bag near the door. She instantly takes off her shoes and walks into the rest of the apartment.

Grace: Jamie?

The bedroom door slams open and out comes Jamie.

Jamie: Jagiyaaaa~

Grace: *confused* Jamie?

Jamie walks on over to Grace and wraps his arms around her.

Grace: What’s gotten into you?

Jamie: Your man won the case today!

Grace: That’s amazing! I’m so proud of you!

Grace kisses Jamie and pulls back after she does. She smells the alcohol on his lips.

Grace: You’ve been drinking?

Jamie: Of course! Y’know I hadda celebrate the win widda drink!

Jamie slurs his words and his face is incredibly red. Grace realizes that Jamie is drunk, in which she has never seen him get carried away like this.

Grace: Come on, Jamie; let’s get you some water and something to eat.

Jamie: Look at my lady taking care of me. You’re so sweet, jagiya.

Grace smiles as she directs him towards the couch. Jamie sits and leans back on it, looking up at Grace, smiling.

Jamie: Ya, you wanna know why i call you jagiya?

Grace gathers up a pillow and blanket and places it on the couch.

Grace: Why?

Jamie: Because you’re my sweetie. My honey. My baby. The love of my fucking life.

Jamie’s eyes began to drop, he’s clearly exhausted from the day.

Grace: Get some rest, Jamie.

Jamie: Will you love me even when I go back home?

Grace doesn’t say anything, she just looks at Jamie and gathers her thoughts. What is he saying? It hasn’t even been a year since he got his worker’s visa. She doesn’t want to get into this tonight; especially having Jamie at his current state of mind.

Grace: I course I would.

Jamie smiles and falls asleep quickly after. Grace stands there, questioning Jamie’s words; should she believe them? Were they just drunken, meaningless words? Were there some truth behind what he was saying? Is he already going back? She instantly felt sick to her stomach that night. She ran out of bed and puked inside the toilet bowl that night. It wouldn’t have been the first time this happened either.

The following morning, Grace wakes up tangled in her bed sheets. She slowly gets up and puts her robe on on this particular cold December morning.

She walks out of her bedroom to see Jamie sitting at the kitchen table; a glass in one hand and a large bottle of Pedialyte in the other. Jamie looks up at Grace and then back down.

Jamie: Mianhae, I’ll buy Little Bean some more when she comes over.

Grace faintly smiles and sits at the table. Jamie looks up at her.

Jamie: Did you get any sleep last night?

Grace: I wasn’t feeling too good. I was… tossing and turning all night.

Jamie: Both in and out of the bathroom last night, huh?

Grace looks at Jamie.

Jamie: I heard you in the bathroom a couple of times last night.

Grace leans back in her chair as Jamie pours another glass of the drink.

Grace: You’ve never gotten that drunk before.

Jamie: First win, the team wanted to go out for drinks. I got a little carried away. Took an Uber ride home.

Grace: As long as you’re feeling okay, that’s all that matters.

Grace folds her arms across her chest.

Grace: So, I’m your sweetie? Honey? Baby? The love of your life?

Jamie is visibly confused about the start of this new conversation. Grace smirks.

Grace: Your ja-gi-ya?

Jamie lowers his head and finally understands what Grace is talking about.

Jamie: I… I told you what that meant last night, huh?

Grace giggles and nods her head.

Grace: gwaenchanh-a oppa.

Grace gets up and heads on over to the kitchen to before some coffee for the morning. Jamie smiles at the response.

Misc., The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Invisible Mirror: A Scene.

I Was So Angry | I Almost Punched My Best Friend In The Face - TruthLines

Milo sits at his desk, checking his phone every 5 minutes. He’s stressed; hoping he didn’t ruin his friendship with Sophie. He keeps checking his phone; there are no messages from Sophie.

He looks at the composition notebook he had earlier today doing his project. He opens the book to see the Polaroids he took of Sophie at the stage in the park. He takes in a deep breath and closes the book.

When straightening out his desk, his phone lights up. Milo’s attention immediately goes towards the phone. He picks it up and sees a message from Sophie.

leesophie: Hey.

Milo swipes the screen and immediately responds to Sophie.

milolani: hi, scout.
leesophie: I'm not going to be around this weekend to work on the project.

Milo sighs; he’s anxious and doesn’t know how to respond.

leesophie: Lunar new Year is on Saturday, so my family and I will be celebrating.

Milo instantly feels relief, he finally writes Sophie back.

milolani: no worries. thank you for letting me know.

Before Milo gets the courage to talk things out with Sophie, he gets a message from Sophie.

leesophie: Have a good night, Milo.

Sophie signs off and Milo is back to feeling anxious. He rubs his eyes; he’s mentally exhausted.

Another moment passes, and Milo hears doors opening and closing in the hallway, followed by speed walking footsteps. Milo doesn’t pay no mind to it until a knock is heard. He turns to the door as its being opened. Milo rolls his eyes.

Milo: Can I at least give you permission to come in here, dad?

Milo Sr: We have to get going.

Milo looks at his father standing there with his little brother, Micah, in his dad’s hands. He doesn’t understand what’s going on.

Milo: Can’t I just stay home?

Milo Sr: *stern* Milo.

Milo scrunches his eyebrows, confused.

Milo: What’s going on? Where’s Jennifer?

Micah begins to cry in his dad’s arms; Milo Sr doesn’t answer back.

Milo Sr: We have to go, come on.

Milo grabs his phone and coat and leaves his bedroom door. They all walk down the stairs to the front landing, and Milo is still asking questions.

Milo: Is Jennifer alright? Where are we going?

His father opens the back door of the car and places Micah in the car seat. Milo stands there, now getting frustrated.

Milo: Dad? Dad??

Before Milo Sr opens the drivers front door, he stands in front of it, looking ahead at Milo on the opposite side of the car.

Milo Sr: What?

Milo: *annoyed* Can you at least tell me what’s going on? Where are we going? Where’s Jennifer?

Milo Sr: We’re meeting her at the hospital.

Milo: *shocked* Whoa, whoa; what? What the hell is going on?! Why are we–

Milo Sr: *softly* Milo…

Milo Sr looks down before he speaks.

Milo Sr: Pep’s at the hospital because Mollie is there.

Milo widens his eyes, he’s now panicked and worried.

Milo: Wait, what?! Mollie?! What the hell happened?

At first, Milo Sr is hesitant to tell his son, but he exhales loudly before saying further.

Milo Sr: Mollie tried to commit suicide.

Milo begins to breathe heavy, he’s on the verge of tears.

Milo: What?! When?! I– What?!

Milo Sr: We gotta go to the hospital, come on.

Milo immediately opens up the passenger’s door and gets into the car. Milo Sr goes into the driver’s side and starts the car to drive.

The boys enter the hospital lobby; Milo runs in ahead of Micah and Milo Sr.

Milo Sr: Milo! Milo!

Milo runs to the front desk and sees a woman sitting there.

Milo: Where’s Mollie? Mollie Castro?

Receptionist: *confused* I’m sorry, are you with an adult?

Milo: Just tell me where she is!

Milo Sr rushes up to the desk, still calling out for Milo.

Receptionist: Are you with an adult, son?

Milo: *furious* Where is she?!

Milo Sr: Milo! *to the woman* I’m so sorry, can you please tell us what room Mollie Sue Castro is. We’re family.

Receptionist: She’s with her mother and sisters on the second floor.

Milo Sr: Thank you, ma’am. *to Milo, embarrassed* Let’s go.

Milo runs towards the elevators, and Milo Sr follows with Micah in his arms.

They reach the second floor lobby where they see Jennifer sitting with another woman; her sister, Maryette.

Milo Sr: Hey, we got here as fast as we could.

Milo: Where is she? What the fuck happened?

Milo Sr: *stern* Milo.

Milo: What you mean she tired to commit suicide?! I– I–

Jennifer: Hey, Milo…

Jennifer reaches out her arms and Milo walks into them. He begins to cry buried in her chest.

Jennifer: Shh, shh; I know, Milo, I know…

Everyone else watches the interaction. Maryette gets up from her seat and takes Micah out of Milo Sr’s hands.

Maryette: Ima take Micah to the cafeteria with Dennis.

Maryette walks out of the waiting area. Milo pulls away from the hug and sits in between Jennifer and Milo Sr.

Jennifer: Mollie is fine, she’s in a room and our mom is in there with her.

Milo: What happened? I was literally–

Milo takes in a deep breath after realizing something.

Milo: Our last conversation was an argument. What if that was my last ever conversation I had with Mollie? What did I do, I–

Jennifer: Hey. You didn’t do anything wrong, Milo. Friends fight all the time, especially at your age. Don’t think you’re responsible for Mollie’s actions; Mollie is responsible for her own actions.

Milo doesn’t say anything, he faintly asks one more time before giving up entirely.

Milo: What happened?

Jennifer and Milo Sr look at each other; worried. Jennifer looks back down at Milo as Milo Sr rubs Jennifer’s arm for comfort.

Jennifer: Mollie cut her wrists in the bathroom. Mom found her.

Milo places his hands over his eyes and takes in the newfound information.

Milo: Why the fuck would she be so stupid to do something like that?! *looks up* Like, she’s going to therapy! Isn’t that enough?!

Jennifer: *disciplined* Hey. Mollie might be getting help from her therapist, but we don’t know what was going on in Mollie’s head when she made that decision.

Milo looks down on the hospital floor, he has nothing else to say, but has so many roaming thoughts.

Jennifer: The least we can do for her is support her and let her know that we love her. That’s all we can do as her family.

Jennifer gets up and walks out of the waiting room to get Micah from Maryette. Milo Sr looks at Milo, who still hasn’t said anything since.

Milo Sr: It’s not your fault.

Milo: I feel like it was my fault.

Milo Sr: And it’s going to feel that way until Mollie tells you that it isn’t. I know.

Milo: *looks up* You went through this before?

Milo Sr: *nods head* What Pep told you is true. You’re not responsible for Mollie actions, Mollie is.

Milo: *puts two-and-two together* Wait, was it…?

Milo Sr: I was about your age. Pep was in a really bad place and something bad happened to her and thought she didn’t want to be here anymore. Me and your Aunt Nicky and Uncle Danny were at the hospital, and I felt extremely guilty for not being there for Pep when she needed me. I was her best friend, and it felt like I let her down because I wasn’t there. But…

MIlo Sr takes a minute to ponder n the thought.

Milo Sr: The only thing I could do is let her know that I love her and care about her.

Milo: Is that why she seemed to be… kind calm?

Milo Sr: I think she was a lot more nervous when Mollie was first admitted into the hospital, but after hearing Mollie was okay, I think she just needed to be there for you and let you know before you allowed yourself to take the blame.

Milo’s phone vibrates in his pocket. He takes out his phone and looks at the screen.

leesophie: Can we please talk?

Milo puts his phone back in his pocket and takes a deep breath. He then looks at his father.

Milo: Are you sure Mollie is going to be okay?

Milo Sr: She’s getting all the help she can get. She made it, and that’s what matters.

Both father and son sit in the waiting room, waiting for the women to come back, or for a doctor to call them in so they can see Mollie. Nothing is said, and nobody moves, they just wait for something to happen.

Overexposed: A Self-Love Project.

Overexposed: The Most Asked Question About My Weight Loss Surgery Journey…

Ever since getting weight-loss surgery, I’ve been asked a lot of questions. By my family, I’m being constantly asked if I feel okay after eating a meal, by my friends I’m being asked what foods I can or cannot eat, and everyone in the mix tends to ask this one specific question, to which I have to say the same thing over and over again.

Hi, my name is Liz, and I will not be getting cosmetic surgery to remove my excess skin.

It’s funny to even think that many people, both that are in the WLS program and not, are always considered about the excess skin that comes with losing a lot of weight at once. It’s not unusual for WLS goers to have excess skin after getting the surgery, and I guess it depends on personal preference on how people deal with the appearance after losing the weight.

I haven’t personally known a lot of successful WLS goers, but for those that were able to keep off the weight haven’t had cosmetic surgery to remove the excess skin. In fact, many of them are into exercise! I feel like when the weather gets cooler and the more I get comfortable working out in front of complete strangers, I will probably be more than open to work out at a gym as well! I can only imagine that further down the process, people who lose weight feel better toning their body because they are able to handle it when they aren’t as heavy. I know for me, I would probably feel better once I feel like I can be more active without getting too tired too quickly.

Although I’m still so early in my weight-loss journey, it’s still something I get asked a lot and, like, I know many people don’t mean any harm in it, but sometimes I feel like it pressures me to consider it. It also puts this ideology in my mind that weight loss isn’t enough to “look good”, but cosmetic surgery will be the solution to make the weight loss surgery worth it.

I still remember going to my support group meetings and hearing the questions of older candidates for WLS, and many of them were about cosmetic surgery. How much will it cost or if it’s common for WLS goers to get it once they reached their goal weight, and to some sort of degree the meetings began to feel a bit pointless.

While everyone’s reasoning for weight loss surgery is different, I just hope that for many people, it’s a change for them to be and feel better, not to just look better. It’s so easy to get sucked into the number on the scale and determining your worth or “success” by how many pounds you lose, but…

As a person that lost 25 pounds in 5 weeks, I can say that just having 25 pounds off has made me feel so much better physically. I feel better in the clothes I wear, I can take longer walks without feeling like my lungs are gonna fall out of my chest, and I just all around feel better in my body. Like, if I feel so good already at this starting point in my journey, imagine in another month. Three months. Six months from now! My point is is that it’s more than just “looking good”. If anything, you start feeling good before you start to “look good”. Hell, you don’t look like society’s version of “good” until at least a year into your journey.

But of course, I don’t judge people who want to do this for their reasons. If they feel like their life will be better after losing their weight and getting slimmer, than that’s their reasoning for getting the surgery. There’s no “right” reason to get surgery, but I do wish that many people who consider surgery know that surgery isn’t a quick fix, and it’s so easy to get sick and gain back the weight if your head is in the wrong space.

And of course, I’m not judging every person who’s asked me if I’m considering cosmetic surgery in the future; it’s a very common curiosity question anyone looking into a WLS candidate/patient’s new lifestyle would have.

But, be nice to those who tell you that they aren’t considering it by not following up with, “then what are you gonna do with all that extra skin you’ll have?” It’s just not appropriate and you should respect the wishes from that specific person.

Other than that, we would be more than willing to answer your questions about the process! I love educating those around me about it because this is more than just a surgery that happened for me, it’ a surgery that happened and that lead me to live this new lifestyle. There’s nothing you should be cared about asking, just be considerate when asking certain questions that may appear insensitive.

Like, don’t ask me how I’m going to hide my extra skin when I get “skinny.”

Let me get through this week first before I think about something 9-12 months down the line.

Misc., The "Something" Series

A Whole Other Side of Something: A Scene.

Altech Electronics | Dark Sky Compliance

The two Korean women sit on the couch of Grace and Jamie’s apartment. Jamie comes out of the bedroom and closes it behind him. Grace stands behind the island watching Jamie get everyone situated.

Jamie: Bags are in the room, you both are more than welcome to get comfortable…

Mina: Thank you, sorry if we ruined your night out.

Jamie: Aniyo, I apologize for not being more prepared.

Mina smiles at Jamie and then at Grace. Grace anxiously stands behind the counter, watching the encounter.

Lia: May I use the restroom?

Jamie: Yeah, the bathroom is to your left.

Lia gets up from the sofa and walks towards the bathroom. Mina says something in Korean to her brother, in which he also responds in Korean. Grace turns around and starts to boil some hot water, bothered that the siblings are not talking in English anymore.

Suddenly, Lia comes back into the living room area, clearly confused.

Lia: Jaemin-ah, are we aunts?

Jamie: *surprised* Mwo? (What?)

Lia: There’s a baby room next to the bathroom.

Mina: Jaemin-ah, you had a baby and didn’t even tell your family?

Jamie: What?!

Grace finally steps up and speaks.

Grace: No, no; I have a daughter. That’s my daughter’s room.

Mina and Lia both exhale a sigh of relief. Grace is relieved that the tension in the room dies down. Grace comes over to the coffee table and places a kettle of water and teabags on a tray.

Lia: Thank you so much, Grace! You didn’t have to.

Grace: You’re our guests! I wish I had some type of pastry to have with the tea.

Mina: American snacks are known to be too sugary and sweet.

Jamie gives Mina the side-eyes as Grace nervously pours hot water into tea cups.

Lia: So, is it normal to be all dressed up at the airport to pick people up?

Grace: *laughs* No, no… we were at an event this evening.

Lia: The dress is really pretty, Grace.

Grace: *shyly* Thank you.

Mina gets up and walks to the bedroom and closes the door behind her. Grace looks at her while she does so.

Lia: She’s not a night person, don’t mind her.

Grace doesn’t say anything. Jamie walks to the room that Mina walked in. Grace watches.

In the room, Jamie closes the door behind him. Mina opens her suitcase.

Jamie: Ya…

Mina: Just because we’re in America, doesn’t mean you don’t respect me.

Jamie: Noona…

Mina: Is this what you came to live in America for? To be some American girl’s babysitter?

Jamie: *defensive* She has a name, noona, and quite frankly this is her apartment and her room you’re staying in for the time being.

Mina: Make it make sense, Jaemin-ah. How were you able to give up so much back home and be… here?

Jamie: Mina, you haven’t been here for more than an hour and you think you already have this idea on how my life is like here? Is that the only reason why you came here? To judge me?

Mina: I came to see my brother, since he so abruptly left home to come here.

Jamie: Be nice, noona. Grace is a good person.

Mina: You said the same thing about Seohyun.

Jamie: *angry* That was different, okay? Grace isn’t like that.

Mina: Hmm. Possibly worse? She is American…

Jamie rolls his eyes and stares at Mina. She’s not letting off about this topic.

Outside in the living room area, Lia and Grace silently sit on the sofa. Lia turns her head to start the conversation with Grace.

Lia: So have you lived in New York your whole life?

Grace: Most of it, not all of it.

Lia looks out of the window into the city lights.

Lia: It’s so beautiful. It definitely reminds me of Seoul; busy and full of lights.

Grace smiles. She takes a sip from her tea.

Lia: Are you and Jaemin a couple?

Grace nervously laughs.

Grace: We are. Jamie, uhh, Jaemin lives with me as well.

Lia: And you said you had a daughter, right?

Grace: Yeah! Her name is Willow.

Lia: Cute!

Grace smiles and the two women sit in the living room silent until Lia speaks again.

Lia: I’m sorry about my sister. She’s a hard person to adjust to things.

Grace: I see…

Lia: Do you have any siblings?

Grace: Uhm, no… it’s just me.

Lia: Lucky.

Grace laughs at the response.

Lia: Seriously though, Don’t read into Mina’s behavior.

Grace doesn’t say in return; she sits and ponders in thought until the door of the bedroom opens. Jamie looks okay; no signs of distress whatsoever. The two ladies in the living room look back at Jamie.

Jamie: Noona, the room is ready if you’ll like to rest for the night.

Lia gets up from the sofa.

Lia: Thank you for letting us stay here while we get our hotel situation sorted out.

Grace smiles and Lia walks into the room. She looks at Jamie, who is clearly exhausted.

Blankets and pillows are surrounded on the living room floor. Grace and Jamie lay in them together, staring up at the ceiling, clearly wide awake.

Grace: The last time I slept on the floor was at a sleepover when I was, like, 7.

Jamie: It’s pretty common for me to sleep on the floor whenever I visited my mom’s place. I told you that you could sleep on the sofa; I’m okay here on the floor.

Grace rolls her onto her stomach to face Jamie.

Grace: I can’t sleep if you’re not next to me though.

Jamie smiles the thought. He brings her closer to him.

Grace: I think your sister Mina hates me.

Jamie: Why’d you think that?

Grace: She just seemed very distant with me. I mean sure, we just met and all, but it seemed like sehe didn’t even want to be near me.

Jamie: *sigh* Mina is… traditional. She wasn’t on board with me coming here and leaving Korea. She has opinions, but she shouldn’t make you feel bad or anything of that sort.

Grace still looks worried.

Jamie: There’s nothing that you did wrong, Gracie.

Grace: I know, but those are your older sisters. I would want them to like me.

Jamie: Mina will come around.

The living room goes silent until Grace asks a question.

Grace: What were you guys talking about in the room?

Jamie: *dumbfounded* Nothing.

Grace: Jamie.

Jamie: We didn’t speak about anything important.

Grace: She hates me, doesn’t she?

Jamie doesn’t say anything, the silence makes Grace’s suspicions true.

Grace: Oh my god, your sister hates me!

Jamie: She doesn’t hate you! She’s just… an older sister.

Grace covers her face.

Grace: Your sister hates me, Jamie.

Jamie: Don’t say that! I’ll talk to her later this week. In the meantime, let’s just make the best of their time here.

Jamie kisses Grace on the forehead and puts his arm around her. Grace tries to sleep away the worry.

Misc., The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Fuck-Up: A Scene.

365 journal entries. One rollercoaster year as a high school senior | Post  Bulletin

It starts to rain heavily in the streets of Brooklyn. The streets begin to puddle around, and no one is in sight. Mollie sits on the stoop of Milo’s house, soaked and wet, and extremely mad. She was meant to meet up with Milo to rehearse for their auditions, but Milo has yet to show up and Mollie’s phone is dead. Her hair drips from being soaked and wet.

She looks ahead and sees someone running in the streets. When she gets a closer look at who it is. She gets mad to see that it’s Milo.

When Milo gets closer, he stops in his tracks when he sees Mollie. She stands up from sitting on the stoop.

Milo: Mol? Whatcha doing–

Mollie: *interrupts* Are you fucking kidding me, Milo?!

Milo: I told you I was working on the project with my partner!

Mollie: So was I! But at least I still did my part and kept with our plans for rehearsing for these damn auditions!

Milo: Why didn’t you text me?

Mollie: Because my phone died, ass wipe! And your dad and Jennifer aren’t home! Auditions are in two weeks and we have yet rehearsed for this stupid thing!

Milo doesn’t say anything, he just stands there, feeling guilty.

Milo: I’m… I’m sorry. I was just busy working on the project. I totally forgot.

Mollie: Yeah, you keep forgetting a lot of shit these days.

Milo: *defensive* No I don’t, stop exaggerating, Mol.

Mollie: You never hang out with me anymore! You’re always busy with Sophie doing this dumb project! What the hell is even going on between you two?

Milo begins to nervously stand in place. He doesn’t say anything immediately, and Mollie doesn’t wait for his answer.

Mollie: I’m suppose to be your best friend, Milo. I understand you got other shit to do, but it’s like you don’t even want to hang out with me anymore!

Milo: I don’t know why you care all of a sudden! You go and do your own thing all the time and I never complain about it!

Mollie: Because my shit involves dancing, therapy, and going to my dad’s house! You purposely are always busy whenever I want to hang out! You do nothing but work on that dumb project. *laughs* You think that plastic is actually your friend?

Milo stays silent, but he gets mad when Sophie is mentioned.

Mollie: You don’t think that bitch is going back to her friends and talking shit about you? That’s what girls like her do, Milo! Are you that fucking blind?

Milo: *yells* Just shut the fuck up, Mollie! You have no idea what you’re talking about! Instead of bashing others and shit, maybe you should try to be a nice and decent person and stop being like those mean girls you swear you’re nothing like!

Milo walks past Mollie and goes to the front door. He opens it and walks in. Mollie turns around.

Mollie: Fuck you, Milo! You’re such a lousy best friend!

The door slams behind him. Mollie’s eyes begin to water up, and she quickly runs away from the house.

Mollie tiredly walks into the front door of her house, still soaked from the rain. She immediately hears her mother’s voice in the kitchen.

Mom: Mollie Sue Castro! Where the hell were you?

Her mom looks at her and sees her wet clothes.

Mom: Do you know what time it is?!

Mollie: My phone died.

Mollie walks past her mom to walk upstairs, but her mom turns her around by placing her hand on her shoulder.

Mom: Mollie–

Mollie: What?! I told you my phone died! I was at Milo’s anyway!

Mom: Jennifer wasn’t home today. Where were you?

Mollie: *defensive* I swear I was at Milo’s! I was supposed to hang out with him and–

Mom: So you didn’t hang out with him?

Mollie begins to get frustrated.

Mollie: I was supposed to!

Mom: Mollie, this isn’t the first time you went out and I didn’t have no idea where you were! You’re about to graduate middle school, you have to learn how to take responsibility for your actions!

Mollie: I’m telling the truth! Why don’t you believe me?!

Mom: Because you lost that privilege when you kept making excuses for your poor behavior. I’m disappointed in you, Mollie.

Mollie: *upset* Mom!

Mom: Get changed out of those wet clothes before you catch a cold. Hand me your phone and laptop; you’re grounded.

Mollie: Are you serious?!

Mom: *angry* What else am I suppose to do? You will not listen to me and I can’t keep you letting things like this slide! You’re grounded, and you will not go to dance for two weeks.

Mollie: *furious* Are you fucking kidding me?!

Mom: Language, Mollie!

Mollie: No! I didn’t even do anything wrong and you’re grounding me? I have Waverly auditions in two weeks, I need to practice!

Mom: Well you should’ve thought about that when you were out and not checking in with me.

Mollie stomps her feet and walks towards the staircase.

She reaches her bedroom door and slams it shut when entering. She flops on her bed and screams into her pillow. She turns around starts to cry in bed. Her face is puffy and hot; she gets up and grabs clothes from her dresser and walks to her bathroom.

Emotionless, she enters the bathroom and closes the door behind her. She places her clothes on the floor and runs her shower. She looks at herself in the bathroom mirror; she’s tired, puffy, and mentally exhausted. Her family hates her, her bets friend hates her, and anyone else that tolerates her just secretly hates her. She opens up the medicine cabinet and reaches for something.

Mollie: Fuck everyone.