y2katalogue: The Tapes

Tape #1: A Day of School in 2007.

A girl, Jennifer, sits on the floor of her high-school gym with her wired headphones on. She clicks the “next” button on her iPod nano until she is satisfied with what plays. Shortly after, someone tugs at one of her headphones. She looks up and sees a boy, Milo, standing over her. She smiles and gives him a pound as he sits down next to her.

Jennifer: I thought you were actually gonna play basketball today.

Milo: Yeah, but not with those guys hogging up the court…

Jennifer: You mean the same boys that always play during our gym period?

Both Jennifer and Milo look at the basketball court to see that the popular guys are playing a game. Jennifer looks back at Milo.

Jennifer: You know the coach is gonna fail you if you don’t play at least once this marking period.

Milo: You shouldn’t be talking, Pep.

Jennifer rolls her eyes at the nickname Milo calls her: Pep. She got that nickname when they were friends back when they were kids during a school production where she played a character named “Pepper.” Milo has shortened it to “Pep” as the years went on.

Jennifer: Coach Anderson doesn’t care about what the girls do in this class.

Milo: That’s not what happen last marking period though…

Jennifer hits Milo on the arm as he teases her. Shortly after, a blonde hair girl walks over to Milo and Jennifer. She sits next to them and hoffs.

Jennifer: Why so moody, Nicki?

Nicki looks at Jennifer and gives her a look. Jennifer widens her eyes, trying to figure out why Nicki was acting the way she was. Nicki rolls her eyes and sighs.

Nicki: I tried to talk to Daniel again today in Math class; it didn’t work out as I planned.

Jennifer: You didn’t act cute trying to answer his questions?

Nicki: *annoyed* How was I suppose to if all of his questions were literally the dumbest questions ever?

Jennifer: Nic, sometimes a guy just asks questions because they want to see how a girl reacts to them. They want someone cute and gentle and he probably wanted you to laugh at all of his jokes–

Milo shakes his head and interrupts the conversation between the girls.

Milo: *confused* Wait, who are you guys talking about?

The girls stay silent for a moment until Nicki finally says something.

Nicki: Nothing, it’s stupid.

Jennifer: *to Nicki* It’s not stupid! *to Milo* Nicki has a crush on a boy.

Milo: *curious* Ms. Little? Crushing on a boy that isn’t Leonhard Euler?

Jennifer: *confused* Who?

Milo: The guy that literally is all over Nicki’s bedroom walls?

Jennifer: That’s him?

Nicki tries to get the attention off from her.

Nicki: It doesn’t matter, he’s never going to talk to me anyway.

Milo: Leonahard Euler? Isn’t the guys dead?

Jennifer: *annoyed* The guys she’s crushing on! Keep up, dude!

Milo shifts in his spot on the floor, trying to understand what his friends were talking about.

Milo: Who is this mysetryboy that is swooning Nicki’s heart?

Nicki: Nothing…

Jennifer: Nic, it’s fine.

Nothing is said between the three friends until Jennifer finally speaks up.

Jennifer: Danny Campbell.

Milo looks at Jennifer and laughs.

Milo: Sorry, I thought you said Danny Campbell.

Jennifer: I did say Danny’s name.

Milo looks at Jennifer; annoyed.

Milo: You mean the guy that literally took your virginity at the beginning of freshman year?

Jennifer sighs and Nicki looks away from Milo and Jennifer.

Jennifer: *defensive* Of course, this is the reason why we didn’t say anything to you–

Milo: What do you mean?! He literally fucked you out of a bet and now you’re just okay with Nicki trying to talk to him?

Jennifer: For fuck’s sake, Danny and I are friends, like let it go–

Milo: Like you had to take a pregnancy test because you thought he didn’t use a–

Jennifer: *mad* I know what happened, I was there.

Milo: Yeah, well maybe you have to remind yourself that Danny is a piece of shit that you let back into your life because he was “sorry.”

Jennifer: Oh please, stop making it a bigger deal than what it really is–

Milo gets up from his seat and walks away from the two girls. Jennifer and Nicki look at each other. Nicki looks unsure and nervous about the situation.

Nicki: Maybe this was a bad idea, Pep. I mean, it happened just last year and–

Jennifer: Danny and I are literally friends. Like what happened happened, but he’s cool people. If you like him, then you like him. It’s not wrong to like a boy I liked once.

Nicki: But Milo–

Jennifer: Forget Milo! He needs to stop getting into our business anyway if he doesn’t like what he hears. I’ll talk to him after school today or something.

Nicki: I just don’t want to be the reason he removes you from his Top 8 on MySpace.

Jennifer: The most he’ll do is put an away message on AIM that he wants us to read but “isn’t about us”.

The school bell rings and the girls get up from the floor to walk out of the gym. Milo watches the two girls walk towards the girl’s locker room, and then proceeds to enter the boy’s locker room.

Milo enters a classroom with a bunch of other students before the late bell officially rings. He sits in his seat towards the back of the class. He takes out a notebook from his bag and places it on his desk. It’s not long that the notebook gets pushed off the desk, in which Milo looks up to see someone walking down the aisle of his desk. Craig Bernstein, boyfriend of the most popular girl in school, Diana Lopez. Craig laughs as he walks towards the front of the classroom. Milo rolls his eyes and picks the notebook off from the floor. He looks around the class and notices the different cliques that sit with each other. His friends aren’t in his Biology class, which makes Milo dread the class even more. Turning back to sit in his chair, he bumps into another student.

Milo: Oh! Sorry–

He glances at the girl as she quietly walks to her seat at the front of the classroom. Milo huffs and sits back in his chair, hoping the day will be over soon.

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