The Teenage Monologues.

All That We Have: A Sophie Monologue.

I walk out of my last class for the day with my backpack and coat on. Today was a slow day of school; our band class is preparing for the showcase in a few weeks before the winter break, so, needless to say, is that every student here at Waverly High isn’t doing much these days besides preparing for that. I was upset to not see Milo during our band period; since he’s a dual major, he’s getting the opportunity to perform with the upperclassmen and they have special rehearsals outside of school. Also without my cellphone, I don’t get to talk to Milo a lot these days which really makes things worse.

I look up from the floor to walk straight out of the building. Maybe Milo is still in Mr. Kamalani’s classroom. I walk in the opposite direction towards the vocal room, hoping to catch Milo leaving or something. I peeked inside the classroom to just see Mr. Kamalani cleaning up. I was about to turn back around to leave when I heard a girl’s voice. It was a familiar girl’s voice; it was definitely Mollie’s voice. If she’s there, then Milo has to be there with her. I went to look back into the classroom again to see if Milo was with her. I was definitely surprised to see that it wasn’t Milo, but Aaron from our band class. Was Aaron a dual major too?

“Yo, Kamalani! Stop flirting and get in place!”

I knew it was Aaron’s voice by the way he’s the only person to call Milo by his last name. My face begins to turn red and hot from the embarrassment of all the laughing happening. I tried to hide it from Milo by simply smiling it away, but it was too late. Milo knows when I’m pretending for the sake of the situation.

“I fucking hate that guy,” Milo simply says to me. “Like can he go bother someone else?”

“Maybe he wants to be your friend,” I said lightly, trying to make this situation fizzle out to nothing. Milo on the other hand was not looking at this the same way I was.

“That guy is a fucking asshole,” Milo scoffed. “And the fact I have to sit next to him and work with him makes me want to rip my hair out.” Maybe there was more to this than what Milo is telling me.

“Castro, Serrano; take this outside of my classroom, please,” I hear Mr. Kamalani tell Mollie and Aaron. I quickly run away in hopes that they don’t catch me near the vocal classroom. The last thing I needed was for Mollie to hate me even more for eavesdropping on her and Aaron’s conversation. I know that Milo and Mollie usually hang out on Mondays, so why wouldn’t Milo be in that classroom with Mollie and wait for her? There must be more to this than Milo is telling me.

I run out of the school building not realizing that we had rain earlier today and that it was nearly below freezing in the middle of November. I slipped on the front steps of the school and fell to the ground. Ssi-bal.

“Scout!” I heard a voice call out. By the nickname, I knew it was Milo. I looked up from the ground and saw Milo standing over me. He reached out for my hand and tries to get me off the ground. I immediately feel a wave of immense pain shoot up from my leg.

“Milo! My leg! My leg!” I bend down to try not to put too much pressure on it. Milo puts his body under my arm to help get me out of the cold and back into the school building. I start to cry; I feel like everything has just been one gobsmacked week.

“You’re gonna be fine, Scout,” Milo opts out to now make me piggyback him so that we has able to walk faster and get to where he was going. I realize that he’s bringing me to the classroom that I was just at, running away from the start. We enter the classroom and see Mr. Kamalani sitting at his desk. His attention is definitely now on us.

“What’s going on?” He simply said as he got up from his desk chair. Milo puts me down on the nearest seat; I winced out in pain.

“She fell on the ice outside of the building,” Milo said in a frenzy. “I was waiting for Mollie to come out and saw that Sophie fell down the school steps.” I looked at Milo as he spoke to his dad. I knew he was only out there to meet up with Mollie. Did he know that she was in here talking to Aaron before?

“Where is the pain, Sophie?” Mr. Kamalani looked at me to ask. I was always so scared of Milo’s parents, especially his dad. I felt like I’m constantly being judged or looked at weirdly by his dad; maybe that’s just the teacher in him, but I feel like his dad sees me as some sort of distraction for Milo. Why wouldn’t he see me as that? My mom literally sees Milo being my own distraction.

“My left ankle,” I answered. Mr. Kamalani walked over to the class telephone and dials up a number.

“Hey, it’s Mr. Kamalani in Room 125; do you happen to know if the Nurse is still in her office? I have a student that injured her ankle outside of the school building,” I couldn’t help but try to hide my face in my coat.

“Hey?” I heard Milo softly says as he sits in the seat next to me. I lift my head up and look at Milo. “You’re gonna be okay.”

“I’m sorry, I know you’re supposed to hang out with Mollie after school today and then this happened and-” The words just kept spilling out of my mouth like a water faucet.

“Don’t be sorry,” Milo began to answer. “I think she found some other plans or something. She was supposed to meet me outside like 20 minutes before I saw you fall.” At least I didn’t feel bad anymore that I was probably keeping him from hanging out with his best friend.

“The student is Sophie Lee,” Mr. Kamalani continued to speak on the phone. Shortly after, he hangs up the class phone and turns around to us. “Well, the nurse has already left for the day. Do you want to call your mom to pick you up?” Mr. Kamalani asked me. I felt my face get hot again as the sudden anxiety sinks into my body.

“I… I don’t have my cell phone with me,” I said. I looked at Milo who also looked like he had no words to say. “I should have her number memorized in times like this, but-“

“Can Pep help her?” Milo asked his dad. Pep was the nickname that Milo has for Jennifer.

“She’s not a doctor, Milo,” he answered. “She needs to see a doctor.”

“But she knows someone who is,” Milo pleaded with his dad. Mr. Kamalani sighed and then looked at me. I felt myself get nervous again.

“Is your mom working right now?” Mr. Kmalani asked. I nodded my head yes. He simply walked away from Milo and me and back to his desk. “Let me call Pep and see if Gabby is busy.”

“Who’s Gabby?” I asked Milo.

“Jennifer’s aunt,” he answered. “She’s a doctor.” I nodded my head, not adding much to the conversation anymore. At this point, I was exhausted.

Milo’s dad stepped out of the classroom to make a couple of phone calls and left Milo and me alone. We didn’t say anything to each other; why does it feel so awkward to talk to him at this moment? I adjusted myself and my leg in the seat I was in, wincing in pain as I did. It caught Milo’s attention, who came to help me shift properly in my seat.

“Thanks, Milo,” I said. He smiled at me as his response. I was glad that he wasn’t annoyed at me for being clumsy and stuck in still after the day was over. “I’m sorry for not being careful outside.”

“Again, don’t be sorry,” Milo said. He leaned back in his seat next to me. “This is probably all the time we have.”

I sighed before responding. The smile on Milo’s face disappears. There’s a lot that hasn’t been spoken about.

“Why don’t you hang out with me after school anymore?” I asked Milo. “Did I do something wrong?”

“What? No,” Milo said as he twisted his body toward me to look at me. “I love hanging out with you! I’ve just been so busy with showcase stuff and-“

“Milo,” I stopped him before he continued. “I know you have more work cut out than me being a dual major, but… it hurts when I see you hang out with Mollie after school but never ask me to hang out anymore. I feel like I did something to make you not like hanging out with me anymore.”

“It has nothing to do with you,” Milo reassured. “I just haven’t had the time to think about where we can hang out these days.”

“What happened to the treehouse?” I asked. Milo looked nervous when I asked that question. “Did something happen to the treehouse?”

“No, nothing like that,” he answered, now sounding a little annoyed. “It’s complicated, but it doesn’t mean it’s because of you. I even like hanging out here with you, even if you are in pain.” I laughed at Milo’s lighthearted response toward the end.

“Well, I’m happy you still enjoy hanging out with me, even if it’s with a sprained ankle.” Milo smiled and looked down at my hand. He slowly puts the palm of his hand in mine, folding his fingers around my hand. I feel my face get hot once more, but this time it’s because of me blushing. Who would’ve thought that Milo holding my hand would feel this good? The moment is short-lived when Mr. Kamalani walks back into the classroom. Milo immediately takes his hand away from mine.

“Gabby’s able to see Sophie,” Mr. Kamalani said to Milo. Milo gets up from the seat and hunches down for me to jump on his back like he did when I first fell outside. This time, Mr. Kamalani votes against it and tells Milo to just carry my backpack as he helps me walk out of the classroom on my good leg.

I guess this time we had together is over for the day.

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