The Teenage Monologues.

Who; Me?: A Mollie Monologue.

It’s the day we all go in front of the class and out-sing each other like it’s a fucking talent show. I’ll be honest, I did not prepare for this assignment like everyone else has. Everyone else came in costumes, with accompanying instruments and all of that. Me? I showed up in my converse, an old t-shirt from the bottom of one of my drawers, and some jeans. I see Milo setting toning some of the strings on the piano in the front. It wouldn’t be Milo if he didn’t go over the top and beyond with his assignments.

I walked over to him and sat next to him on the piano bench, watching him do whatever the fuck he does to make it sound good.

“So, you’re ready?” I asked. Milo got up and looked at me stressed out. I couldn’t help but raise my eyebrows in shock.

“I literally just had a similar assignment in band class during 6th period,” Milo spoke as he fixed the piano strings. “Literally it’s like the whole school got the same assignments planned for the same day.”

“Well, that’s what you get when you’re dual majoring,” I teased. I always threw the dual major thing in his face. I told him to just pick a damn major; nope, he wanted to be the next best thing and go for two. Milo looked at me, still not amused. Mr. Kamalant walks into the classroom and everyone goes to sit in their seats.

“Alright, class,” Mr. Kamalani starts. “We have a lot of people to get to, so the sooner we start, the sooner we can move through everyone. Who wants to go first?”

No one raises their hand; it was like everyone was scared all of a sudden. I looked at Milo, who looked towards the ground so that he doesn’t get called. I couldn’t help but sigh loudly. I raised my hand as Mr. Kamalani looked in my direction.

“Ms. Castro,” he called. I got up from my seat and walked towards the front. When I look out towards the class, everyone has their eyes on me. Fuck, I’m now nervous.

“Hey, I’m Mollie,” I started. I looked towards Laurie, giggling with her new minions in the corner of the classroom. “I’m going to sing a song called ‘Quiet’.”

“Yeah, can you be quiet, please?” Laurie called out and started laughing with her new friends. Before I could say anything back, some other kid towards the back of the room looks over at Laurie.

“Can you shut up and just let her sing?” he said. Laurie looked offended, and Mr. Kamalani broke up the talking.

“Mr. Serrano,” he called out for the boy. He put the palms of his hands up as if he’s trying to say “you got it, teach!” I was relieved someone said something to that bitch. Without any other interruptions, I sing.

The truth is vocal wasn’t my first pick when I got into Waverly. I am a dancer, and I’ve been one for most of my life. Why didn’t I come to Waverly for dance then? Because dancing was something personal to me. I got into dancing to get away from everyone and their drama. I didn’t want to ruin it in high school where most of the girls trained in ballet since they were born. I didn’t want to be around dancers like that, but like the ones in my sister’s academy.

My family was excited when I told him I was thinking about going to Waverly. They all were so happy that I was going to be following in my older sisters’ footsteps and going into the vocal program. Singing was cool, and maybe a bit more tolerable than dancing, but my heart is in dance. Being in vocal s to just make my family proud of me for once.

I sing the song and while I sing, the rest of the classroom is dead silent. I don’t know if that was a good thing, but when I stopped singing, the class clapped for me. It felt really good to see a bunch of other singers actually clap for me. Mr. Kamalani stood up and looked in a notebook that was in his hands.

“Well, I think you knew exactly what your vocal range is,” he started. “I think you will be great as a first soprano.” I smiled, excited to be singing some of the highest parts in the choir. I went back to my seat and Milo gave me a hi-five. Maybe I do belong here.

Today, Milo isn’t at lunch with me, and I’m a bit bummed since he’s really the only other friend I have, despite Ronnie who’s been home sick after eating something even too questionable for me. Anyway, Milo ran off to a practice room to help Sophie with her assignment for their band class. I don’t care what he says; they are totally dating, and if not, he totally likes her. Whatever though, I don’t really care.

I sit at my usual spot in the lunchroom by myself, probably just gonna eat and scroll through social media or something. Anything to pass this boring ass lunch period.

“Anyone sitting here?” a voice says to me. I look up, not expecting anyone to sit with me, let alone Aaron Serrano.

“Nope,” I answered. He then sat down across from me with his lunch tray. I tried to not pay him any attention, but it was kinda hard to since he kept looking at me.

“You have an amazing voice by the way,” Aaron randomly said. “Deadass one of the best voices in that class.”

“Who, me?” I asked. I almost didn’t believe him when he said that. Was he just being nice to me for the sake of being nice? He smiled at my question.

“Yes, you,” Aaron answered. “You really have mad talent.”

“Thanks,” I politely said. “Also, thanks for saying what you said when Laurie tried to make fun of me.”

“Who’s Laurie?” Aaron asked. I laughed.

“The girl that tried to have the last laugh in vocal,” I answered back. Aaron’s eyebrows went up; I guess he remembers who I’m talking about.

“The blonde chick that was sharp for half of her song?” he said. I nearly choked on my chocolate milk for laughing.

“That’s mad funny,” I couldn’t help but feel hella relaxed talking to Aaron. He was cool. I crossed my arms and placed them on the table, now talking to Aaron. “You’re ready to present today?”

Aaron sucked in a breath; he looked nervous. “I’m a little nervous. I’m more of an instrument player than a vocalist. Like, I just had to present for my band ensemble; it was a piece of cake. Vocal? I definitely get worried.”

“Wait, are you a dual major?” I asked. Of course he fucking is, Mol; he just said he had this same assignment in his band class! Aaron nodded his head.

“I am,” he answered. “Band and Vocal.”

“That’s dope,” I said, taking a sip of my chocolate milk.

“Are you as well?”

“Oh no,” I quickly answered back. “That’s twice the work you gotta put in.” Aaron laughs and scrunches his nose up.

“Ouch,” Aaron says while holding his heart. I can’t help but laugh. “Seriously though, I thought you were as well because you’re crazy talented in singing.”

“And you’re probably just as crazy talented if you’re in here for two majors,” I added. Aaron smiled.

“I guess it takes one to know one,” Aaron responded. Sly as fuck.

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