The "Something" Series: Season 2

Spicy Little Something: A Scene.

Grace: Skylar!

Grace yells toward the upstairs balcony. She continues to yell out for Skylar until Skylar is seen walking towards the balcony, looking down at Grace.

Skylar: What, what?!

Grace: What the fuck is wrong with you?

Skylar walks down the stairs; tired.

Skylar: I literally just woke up; I couldn’t have done anything wrong…

Grace: What happened last night?!

Skylar smiles and sits on the sofa.

Skylar: Shawn is so funny. I never met a man like him before…

Grace: That’s because he lives in Korea; I can’t believe you really left me for some guy, Sky!

Skylar: What? You were with Jamie, you were in a man’s hands for once…

Grace: That’s not my point! You really didn’t care where the fuck I was before you decided to come back here with Shawn.

Skylar rolls her eyes and flips through a magazine on the coffee table. Grace yanks it out of her hand.

Skylar: *annoyed* What the hell is your problem?

Grace: I don’t have a problem; I could care less what you do in your free time, but when you make dumb decisions that affect other people, then we have a problem! I’m sick and tired of having to look after you like a damn child and when I don’t, you continue to act like one!

Skylar: No one told you to look after me! I’m a grown woman; not your child!

Grace: *yells* Then stop acting like a damn child!

Skylar: *yells louder* If you want to look after a child, maybe go and look after your actual one!

Grace doesn’t say anything, but her face says it all. Skylar becomes apologetic, but Grace isn’t having it.

Skylar: I’m so sorry, Grace–

Grace grabs her purse from the sofa and walks upstairs, ignoring Skylar. Skylar tries to get Grace’s attention by grabbing her arm, but Grace turns around and yanks her arm away.

Grace: Don’t. Fucking. Touch. Me.

Skylar doesn’t say anything. Grace turns back around and walks toward her room.

When Grace enters her room, she drops her bag near the door. She looks up towards the ceiling; trying to keep her tears from falling down.

Grace: *to herself* For fuck’s sake, Grace, keep it together…

She takes in a deep breath and slowly walks to her bed, then plops herself onto it. She looks up at the ceiling, heavy in thought. She slowly closes her eyes, tired from the night she had.

Grace is seen wearing a emerald green dress with nude, strappy high-heels. Her hair is down and her natural auburn red curls frame her face. She looks around the venue, not knowing anyone there besides the people that invited her. She follows a crowd of people towards a ballroom hall, in which is decorated with an assortment of flowers, lights, and flowy curtains. She walks to the greeting table and gets her number for her seat in the venue.

As she walks towards her table, she sees an elderly woman holding the hand of someone she knows. She smiles and walks towards the elderly woman.

Grace: Hi, Eleanor–

Grace’s crouches down to look at the little girl with Eleanor.

Grace: Hi, Willow!

The little girl hides behind her great-great grandmother. Grace’s face turns red and quickly gets back up.

Grace: It’s okay, it’s mommy!

Willow: No you’re not!

Grace is dumbfounded. She looks towards the man and woman walking in their direction. The little girl turns around and runs up to the woman and hugs her. The woman bends down to pick her up, in which she continues to walk with their man.

Eleanor: Max, Mariam; the ceremony was beautiful…

Max: Thank you, nan.

Max looks at the woman and kisses her. The couple looks at Grace; the woman still holding Grace’s daughter. Grace is confused as there is now a loud noise going off in the venue.

Grace opens her eyes to the sound of an alarm going off. She rubs her eyes and looks at her bag that is near her bedroom door.

Grace: Fuck–

Grace quickly gets out of her bed and rushes to her bag. She takes out her cell phone and shuts off the alarm. She then quickly walks to her vanity where her laptop is and flips it open. As soon as she sits down, she gets an incoming video call. When she answers, Max appears on her screen.

Grace: Hey!

Max: Hey Grace, just give her a moment; she wants to show you something.

A little girl’s voice is heard in the distance on Max’s screen. It gets louder as the little girl approaches Max. He picks up the little girl and puts her on his lap. She faces the screen and waves at it.

Willow: Hi Mommy!

Grace’s face lights up when she hears her daughter’s voice.

Grace: Hi, little bean!

Willow: Look what I made for you at camp!

Willow holds up a decorated macaroni necklace with different colored beads and tri-colored dry pasta.

Grace: It’s beautiful! I love it!

Willow: Daddy said I can give it to you when you come to see me.

Grace keeps her smile on her face, despite feeling immensely guilty for being so far from her daughter.

Grace: I can’t wait. I will always wear it when I do.

Willow smiles. Max looks down at his daughter.

Max: Tell mommy more about summer camp, sweetie.

Willow begins to talk about her day at summer day camp, and Grace does nothing but listens to Willow speak.

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