The "Something" Series: Season 2

“Am I Missing Something?”: A Scene.

Shawn and Kevin sit on the balcony that is looking out towards Santa Monica. Shawn is sipping on a cold iced tea while Kevin sits across from him, applying sunscreen on his face.

Moments later, Jamie walks onto the balcony with a pizza box, placing it on the table in between the guys.

Jamie: American pizza may not be as amazing as Pizza Heaven’s potato pizza, but it’s sure a close second.

Kevin: Hyung, I think you’re the only person that keeps that pizza place in business the way you order potato pizza all the time.

Jamie shakes his head as the guys take a slice of pizza each. Jamie pulls a chair to the table and sits in between Shawn and Kevin.

Shawn: *to Kevin* Have you called your mom– I mean Joo-Ah– yet?

Kevin rolls his eyes at the comment as Shawn begins to laugh. Jamie moderates the two.

Jamie: Ya, leave him alone. At least he has a woman back at home waiting for his return.

Shawn: *offensive* What are you talking about; you don’t either!

Jamie: You don’t see me teasing him about Joo-Ah though.

Kevin continues to laugh at the banter. Shawn finally shuts up and continues to eat his pizza.

Jamie: How is Joo-Ah doing, Kevin?

Kevin: She’s okay. She hasn’t been feeling good lately; she said it might be stress about work.

Jamie: It definitely can happen to a person.

As the guys continue to eat, Jamie’s cellphone begins to vibrate on the table. He looks down at it, a bit confused that the number is a local, American number.

Jamie: Huh?

Jamie gets up from the table and walks back into the house before he answers the phone.

Jamie: Hello?

It takes a while for him to realize it’s a woman on the other line.

Caller: Hi! Idk if this is who I think I’m talking to so I just wanted to see if it actually was! *pause* You don’t really sound attractive like I thought you would…

Jamie: I’m… sorry? Who is–

Caller: Omg no I totally didn’t mean it that way, it’s just that–

Jamie looks at the phone number once again and then places the phone back to his ear.

Jamie: I’m sorry miss, you might have the wrong number…

Caller: Is this not Jamie?

Jamie doesn’t say anything back right away. He’s shocked that the woman over the phone knows his name.

Jamie: This is he… I’m sorry, but who is this?

The woman on the phone curses at her mistake.

Skylar: I’m sorry, where are my manners; I’m Skylar.

Jamie: Nice to meet you, Skylar, but you still may have the wrong number, I–

Skylar: I found your number in my cousin’s room and needed to see if it was really true, or if she’s picking up women now at the bar or something…

Jamie: I really don’t think I gave my number to your… cousin?

Skylar: Do you not know a woman named Grace?

Jamie’s eyes widen. He suddenly remembers the encounter he had with Grace at the cafe a couple of weeks ago where he gave her his number.

Jamie: Grace Ashmore?

Skylar: Yeah! Y’know, short, skinny, red-head. That’s my cousin. I don’t know why she left your number on her dresser, so I’m just helping her out and calling you for her, since I know she wasn’t going to do it…

The comment stings Jamie a bit. He takes a deep breath before he continues the conversation.

Jamie: I’m sorry, that number was meant for Grace.

Skylar: Oh for sure! I’m not calling you to steal her from me! I’m trying to see if I can get you guys to finally meet up!

Jamie looks concerned at the thought. He doesn’t want to do anything that Grace doesn’t want to do.

Jamie: I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Skylar: Why not? Listen, Grace has always gotten numbers from random strangers, and I end up finding her tossing them out because she’s not interested. I don’t know what it is about you, but she kept yours. Grace isn’t the type to call people if she’s interested; it’s probably why she hasn’t gotten laid in God knows how long…

Jamie squeezes his eyes shut; this girl was truly related to Grace by the way her personality resembles her over the phone.

Jamie: Miss…?

Skylar: Oh! Sorry! But yeah! Look I know she’s not the easiest girl to get a hold of, but clearly, she’s been contemplating calling you back if she kept your number, so I am doing the liberty of doing it for her! How about I bring Grace to the Voyage Bar on the pier? She’ll thank me later.

Jamie looks up when he sees Shawn walking back in from the balcony. He panics, needing to end the conversation now.

Jamie: Yeah, that sounds good.

Skylar: Awesome! We’ll be there tonight at 8! Don’t wait up!

Jamie hangs up the phone and looks at Shawn, who is looking at him back.

Shawn: Who was that?

Jamie: Nobody.

Shawn: Your face is red; you were talking to a woman!

Jamie: Ya, it’s not like that…

Shawn: Look at you swooning over a girl! Finally! Are you going out to meet up with her? How’d you find her? Hyung, does she–

Jamie: *stern* Ya!

Shawn stops talking. Jamie looks towards the balcony, where Kevin is still sitting on his phone.

Jamie: You have to promise not to tell Kevin.

Shawn: Why?

Jamie: Because I will never hear the end of it from him.

Jamie grabs Shawn and brings him further in the room.

Jamie: Grace is in California.

Shawn laughs, not believing what Jamie just told him.

Shawn: Right, and I’ll meet my next girlfriend in California as well. Come on, what’s the deal?

Jamie: I’m not lying to you. Grace is in Santa Monica. She works at the cafe a couple of stores down from Voyage Bar. I bumped into her that night we went to that bar.

Shawn: *shocked* What?! What is she doing here? Was that Grace on the phone?!

Jamie: No, it was her cousin.

Shawn: Why would her cousin call you?

Jamie: Because Grace left my number on her dresser.

Shawn shakes his head, trying to understand what was going on.

Shawn: Hold on, you gave Grace your number and her cousin called you?

Jamie: Look I know this doesn’t make sense but… I have to see this through.

Shawn: But wouldn’t Grace have called you if she wanted to meet up with you?

Jamie doesn’t think about that. Shawn looks at Jamie, now being a bit more serious.

Shawn: Hyung, are you sure you want to go back down this path? You were pretty messed up over everything that happened between you and her…

Jamie: I know but… I have to at least talk to Grace one more time, and I feel like this is my only opportunity to do so.

Shawn doesn’t say anything right away. He takes in a deep breath.

Jamie: Come with me to the bar tonight.

Shawn: Wait, tonight?!

Jamie: Yes tonight! It’s going to be her and her cousin—

Shawn: Is her cousin cute?

Jamie: *taken back* I don’t know, Shawn! I never met her before! I would rather have you there with me instead of hearing Kevin all night…

Shawn: Count me in! Maybe her cousin is cute and likes Korean men like Grace does.

Jamie shoves Shawn as he laughs to himself.

Shawn: How are we going to get pass Kevin though? He’s going to want to know where we’re going tonight.

Jamie looks back at the balcony to where Kevin is.

Jamie: I don’t know, but I’ll think of something.

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