Black Sheep in Society.

A Black Sheep’s Music Taste: A Scene.

New Lounge Featuring Jamaican and American Comfort Food Local Art, Live  Music & Events Comes to Park Slope, BK | Newswire

Micah and Rosie enter a small lounge in the trendy part of Brooklyn. Live music is being played in the background and people sit around eating food and sipping on drinks while socializing. Rosie looks around the place, taking in the atmosphere. Micah guides the two towards a table, where he pulls out a seat for Rosie. She looks at him weirdly, but accepts the offer and takes the seat.

Rosie: This is a cool spot.

Micah: I typically come down here just to chill and vibe.

They both look around the venue until a waitress comes up to their table and asks what they would like to order. Rosie, not knowing anything about the place, looks at Micah to answer for them.

Micah: I’ll take a swirl cherry milkshake, and the lady will have… *to Rosie* are you allergic to anything?

Rosie shakes her head, which Micah thumbs up about.

Micah: She’ll take the peanut butter cup swirl milkshake.

The waitress writes down their order and walks away from the table. Micah looks back at Rosie.

Micah: I hope you like milkshakes, because theirs are to die for.

Rosie: I mean, it’s been forever since I had once, but I don’t knock a free milkshake.

Micah laughs and shakes his head; Rosie is amused by Micah’s reaction. The two stay silent for a moment until Micah finally speaks up.

Micah: So, what made you want to come to New York? Isn’t Philly like the New York of PA?

Rosie: I needed a change of scenery. Philly was just becoming too much for me so I left after I graduated high school.

Micah nods his head in agreement.

Rosie: How about you? You lived in New York your whole life?

Micah: Born and raised. I would want to do some traveling in the future, but I honestly know that this is home for me.

Rosie: Even if a place, like LA, is more suitable for your career path?

Micah: I’ll find a way to do what I wanna do in New York.

Rosie nods to the statement. The waitress comes back with the drinks ready for the two young adults. They both thank the waitress. Micah digs into his milkshake and Rosie does the same. He looks up at Rosie, who is enjoying the milkshake a lot more than he realized.

Rosie: *wipes her mouth* This is the best thing ever; holy shit.

Micah: *laughs* I told you! These milkshakes don’t play any games with us!

Rosie puts her spoon back into the glass and crosses her arms on the table, leaning in on Micah.

Rosie: So why bring me here? This very much feels like a place you’d bring your supermodel girlfriend.

Micah: She doesn’t do milkshakes, or anything with too many calories.

Rosie: Wow, you didn’t correct me when I called her a supermodel for once.

Micah: Because no matter how much I correct you, you’re gonna say what you wanna say.

Rosie: Ahh, now you are learning the ways of Rosology.

Micah: *laughs* Wait, “Rosology?”

Rosie: Yeah, the methods and ways of Rosie.

Micah: Well, I’m glad to have gotten a lesson or two already if Rosology.

Rosie cocks her eyebrows up, which gets Micah a little nervous. He pulls back a bit, going in for more of his milkshake.

Rosie: So, is this your music taste?

Micah: Whatcha mean?

Rosie: Like, do you like the alternative, indie band folkish type of music?

Micah: *confused* You think I like that type of music?

Rosie: I don’t know, that’s the only vibe I’m getting from this place.

Micah: So what kind of music do you like then?

Rosie shrugs her shoulders and goes into her milkshake once again before answering.

Rosie: I listen to a lot of heavy rock. Y’know, something that I can feel in their voice when they sing.

Micah: I respect it. Music is music, no matter what, and people express it in ways that they want or need to.

Rosie: Exactly. People think it’s like devil music but it’s like, yo chill out with all of that, I like the music because the vocalist is singing his heart out about something meaningful to him.

Micah: Kinda like rapping. Like, Rap music isn’t just from the streets and gangs and violence and all of that. These people are spitting bars about things that matter to them the most, and you just gotta respect it.

Rosie nods her head in agreement.

Rosie: So what kind of music are you thinking about making?

Micah: *ponders* Shit, anything really. Like, I just want to make music for everything and everyone, no matter what you are and who you are. Music has no specification for it, it can be enjoyed by everything and everyone living in this earth.

Rosie: Okay Moses, that was philosophical.

Micah: I just spit facts.

Rosie and Micah sit there, enjoying the atmosphere and eating the rest of their shakes. Music plays in the background, and other people are chilling and vibing to the music. One guy, though, sits in a corner and takes pictures of Micah across the room.

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