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Black Sheep in the Magazines: A Scene.

Several Russian Vogue Magazines Close Up. Fashion Magazines. Editorial  Photography - Image of happy, beautiful: 184082832

Micah enters the front door of an apartment. In the living room, a man, Milo Sr, is sitting on the couch grading papers. He looks up to greet his son.

Milo Sr: Hey, Micah; you’re home early…

Micah goes to the kitchen to grab something from the fridge.

Micah: Not really feeling good. Where’s mom?

Milo Sr: She went out with the girls to go shopping.

Micah: Alright.

Micah walks out of the kitchen and into the living room. He looks at the magazine pile on the coffee table and notices the person on the front cover.

Micah: That came in the mail today?

Milo Sr. looks down at the coffee table and then goes back to grading.

Milo Sr: Yeah, I think it’s Reagan’s magazine.

Micah picks it up and flips through the pages to see Kalia’s spread in this month’s Vogue magazine. He flips through the pictures, and ultimately tosses the magazine back on the table. His father notices.

Milo Sr: Trouble in paradise, son?

Micah rolls his eyes and doesn’t say anything back. He just gets up from the sofa and walks towards his room.

He enters his room and closes the door behind him. He sits on his bed and ties his hair up and away from his face. He removes his shirt; tattoos are shown on his upper arm and shoulder. He turns off his light and gets into bed, calling it a night.

Micah rubs his eyes as he walks along campus during his classes. He walks towards the student center to kill the time in between his classes. When he enters the building, he looks around until his eyes hit the bookstore. He begins to walk towards the store.

He enters the bookstore and immediately looks at the person at the register. He smiles at the girl.

Micah: Good Morning, Rosie!

Rosie looks up from the register. She nods her head.

Rosie: Hi.

Micah looks around the store to buy something.

Micah: So, how was your weekend?

Rosie: Okay, I guess.

Micah doesn’t say anything back, he just continues to roam around the store. He settles on a drink and a bag of chips. Before he checks out, he passes the magazine rack and sees a familiar person on one of the covers. His mood instantly changes. He flips through the pages and reads the interview Kalia did. In one of the questions, Kalia mentions that relationships aren’t her main focus, as her career is just starting out and wants to focus on that. Micah gets mad, immediately putting the magazine back.

Rosie: You know her?

Micah: *looks up* Huh?

Rosie: That girl on the magazine. She was on the bus with you the other night.

Micah raises his eyebrows, surprised she remembered seeing him on the bus.

Rosie: Where were you going with Little Miss Supermodel on the bus?

Micah: Where were you going with that outfit on the bus?

Rosie doesn’t say anything, she takes the drink and chips and scans them.

Rosie: That’s gonna be $5.18.

Micah: Sorry if that came-

Rosie: $5.18, please.

Micah doesn’t say anything, he just takes out his wallet and hands Rosie the cash. She takes it to the register and gets the change together.

Micah: I hope you know that bus doesn’t go into a good neighborhood.

Rosie: I don’t remember asking for your opinion.

Micah: Just trying to look out for you.

Rosie slides over Micah’s change on the counter.

Rosie: You don’t even know me, so please I don’t need you looking out for me.

Micah takes his change and his items from the register.

Micah: Have a good day, Rosie.

Rosie: Bye, Micah.

Micah pauses and realizes Rosie knows his name. He doesn’t say anything back, he just leaves the bookstore.

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