Black Sheep in Society., Twelve Letters of Lizmas: 2021

Day 5: Black Sheep College Students: A Scene.

The College Campus Tour Checklist - College Board Blog

It was a cooler than normal day in this Autumn day. A young adult in this early 20’s, Micah, walks on campus with two of his friends.

Micah is an eccentric looking person; he rocks a nose piercing and curly hair with round glasses. His two friends are Dani and Tanner, who are actually a couple. Dani is Micah’s best friend since childhood; their parents have been best friends for what seems like forever. She’s definitely the mom of the group, always scolding Micah for his poor choices and decisions in situations. Tanner, Dani’s boyfriend, definitely follows the group and tries to be the peacemaker when Micah and Dani argue with each other, which is pretty much all the time.

The trio walk through the sidewalk on campus, holding their books until they reach a bench that they typically always sit on in between classes.

Dani: Can we just go in the lounge today? It’s freezing out here!

Micah: Maybe you shouldn’t have worn that dress with no jacket, smartass.

Dani: It’s literally the end of September, why the fuck does it need to be cold already?

Micah shrugs his shoulders and takes out a notebook and pencil. He flips to a page with music staffs and notes on it and reads it. Tanner takes off his sweater and hands it to his girlfriend.

Dani: So, what’s the plan looking like today?

Micah: I’m going out with Kalia after class today.

Dani rolls her eyes and audibly sighs out loud. Micah looks up from his notebook to look at Dani.

Micah: What? Sorry that I had plans already.

Dani: When are you going to remember that you also have friends? Like, you don’t see me and Tanner always running off to do couple things.

Micah: That’s because you guys are weird…

Tanner: Hey! We aren’t weird! We just like to spend time with our friends because they matter a lot to us and—

Dani: Tanner.

Tanner anxiously stops talking and looks at Dani and Micah.

Dani: Kalia can’t be that great in bed, Mic.

Micah: *shocked* Where the hell is this coming from?!

Dani: I mean what other reason are you constantly spending your time with her, like she barely has a personality from what I remember.

Micah: *to Tanner* Bro, control your girl before I hurt her feelings.

Dani and Micah start arguing and Tanner tries to break it up.

Tanner: All that Dani wants is for her best friend to hang out with us a little more.

Dani: Exactly.

Tanner: Bring Kalia over tonight.

Dani: *looks at Tanner* That’s not what I meant, babe; what?

Tanner: Look, we gotta be more accepting with Kalia since she’s Micah’s girl. If she makes him happy, then that’s what matters since Micah is our friend.

Micah: Thank you Tanner. *to Dani* Now how can he be understanding more than you, Dani?

Once again, the two friends begin arguing, leaving Tanner having to calm the group down.

Micah enters the student center to wait for his last class of the day. He looks near the cafeteria area, which is packed with hungry students. He opts for a snack at the college bookstore. He enters and takes in the environment; school sweatshirts and merch surround the store, with snacks and drinks towards the front. He grabs a snack and heads to the front of the bookstore.

Micah: Hi, Rosie.

The girl at the register has big, curly hair with streaks of colors in it. She wears a septum piercing, all back clothing, and her name tag, which reads “Rosie” on it. Micah met Rosie on campus one day a couple of months ago, but haven’t seen her since. He’s quite shocked she’s even still working at the bookstore, considering how much she expressed hating it.

Rosie: Hi.

She scans the item into the register.

Rosie: That’s gonna be $3.57.

Micah reaches for his bag to take out his wallet. In the meantime, he chats with Rosie.

Micah: So, how’s business here at the bookstore?

Rosie: Fine, I guess?

Micah takes his wallet out and gives Rosie the money. He waits for his change back.

Micah: Bad day?

Rosie looks up from the register at Micah. Micah uncomfortably looks away, trying to avoid the conversation completely. She hands him his change and receipt. He smiles politely and leaves the store.

His phone rings in his pocket, to which he answers it once he notices the person calling him.

Micah: Hey babe, listen I wanted to talk to you about tonight…

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