The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Drama (Prom) Queen: A Scene.

Event Theming - Eventologists

Tonight’s the night where the teens at Beverly Junior High have been waiting for all year: Prom! Limos line up outside of the venue, friends taking photos of each other, and music is heard being played from inside the venue.

In one of the limos, Laurie and her friends come out; all of her friends line up to take photos of Laurie walking on the red carpet towards the venue. She’s holding hands with Simon, matching a baby blue bowtie with Laurie’s dress. Sophie is the only girl that doesn’t take pictures of the couple.

Moments later, Mollie walks down a block in a green spaghetti-strapped dress with black and white Converse on. Her hair is in a basic, frizzy ponytail. Once she gets to the venue, she rolls her eyes, and then walks on.

Shortly after, Milo hops out of a car in slacks and a button down shirt. His hair is tied up, and he lifts his glasses from the bridge of his nose.

Everyone enters the venue to their middle school prom.

Inside the venue, a DJ is playing party music, friends are taking pictures at the photo booth, and others are chatting with each other at their table. Milo looks around the venue, not sure why he’s here in the first place. He looks towards the group of girls on the dance floor chatting and taking selfies with each other and sees her; Sophie. Her hair is curly, and she’s wearing a purple prom dress. She doesn’t notice Milo looking at her, but he can’t stop staring.

He suddenly hears someone call out his name. He turns his head towards the direction he heard it, and notices Mollie sitting at a table with a couple of other friends. He walks towards them.

Milo: *teasingly* Mollie Sue Castro? In a dress? At Prom?!

Mollie: Shut up! I’m surprised to see you here, Mr. “Prom is overrated”!

Milo rolls his eyes as Mollie teases him. He takes a seat at the table with Mollie, Ronnie, Davy, and Jonah; a couple of their mutual friends.

Milo: So, did anyone actually come to prom with a date?

Ronnie: That’s hella dumb, bro. Like, why be tied with one person all night when you could be with your friends? Having a date for prom is so lame…

Davy: *to Milo* No one asked her.

Ronnie pushes Davy on the arm; he winces in pain. The others at the table laugh.

Jonah: I was going to ask Giselle to prom…

Mollie: Eww, one of Laurie’s minions?

Jonah: What? She’s really pretty and seems to be the only one in that group that doesn’t look like they’re dumb as hell.

Milo looks at Jonah, clearly annoyed at his statement. The rest of the table laugh.

Mollie: Well good thing she turned you down, you’d be sitting with all of those fake girls and dumb ass Simon.

Milo looks over at the table where Laurie and her friends sit.

At Laurie’s table, they all talk among each other and continue taking selfies with each other. Sophie bobs her head to the music playing.

Laurie tries to get Simon to take pictures with her, but he’s clearly not in the mood to do so. Laurie puts her phone on the table, now frustrated.

Laurie: What is wrong with you tonight?

Sophie looks at the couples direction.

Simon: I just don’t want to take 5,000 photos tonight.

Laurie: It’s prom night!

Simon: And? That doesn’t mean anything to me.

Giselle: That’s not nice of you, Simon…

Simon: *annoyed* Who the hell asked you?

Laurie: Simon!

Simon gets up from the table and walks away. The table watches him do so. Sophie grabs her phone and gets up from the table, going after Simon.

Across the hall, Milo sees Sophie chasing after Simon, confused.

Simon leaves the hall, and Sophie is right behind him.

Sophie: Simon! Wait!

Simon turns around and stops. Sophie catches up to him.

Sophie: Are you okay?

Simon: Why do you care?

Sophie: Because you’re acting like a jerk to Laurie. I mean, you agreed to come with her to Prom; you know how she’s going to be like.

Simon: I shouldn’t be here; shit, I didn’t even want to be here!

Sophie: Just how you didn’t want to go with Laurie to Waverly?

Simon doesn’t say anything.

Sophie: Don’t break her heart, Simon.

Simon: Again, why the hell do you care?

Sophie: Because no girl deserves to be led on thinking her boyfriend wants to be with her when in reality he’s doing everything to stay away from her. It’s not fair to her.

Simon: So you’re gonna be on her side? She treats you like shit, Soph. I don’t even know why you’re still friends with her. For what? So you don’t get bullied for being a decent human being?

Sophie: This isn’t about me. You gotta do what’s right, Simon. I know you’re capable of doing at least that.

Simon takes in a deep breath. He looks at Sophie softly.

Simon: I’m sorry. For everything. For being… this.

Sophie: Things happen.

Simon: I’ve been nothing but a dick this whole school year, and I…

Simon takes Sophie’s hand.

Simon: It says a lot about you that you’re the one here comforting me and not my “girlfriend”.

Sophie doesn’t say anything, she just listens to Simon. He looks at her.

Simon: I’ll always love you, Sophie Lee.

Simon softly kisses Sophie on the lips; Sophie doesn’t fight it.

Moments later, the doors of the hall open and the two teens quickly turn around. They see Laurie standing there, shocked at what she just saw.

Laurie: I fucking knew it!

Sophie: Laurie, wait!

Laurie turns back around into the hall, and Sophie goes after her.

Sophie: Laurie! It’s not what it looks like, I–

Moments later, a teacher is heard on a microphone to get the attention of the teens.

Teacher: Alright class of 2022, it’s time to announce this year’s Prom Queen! After counting the votes, this year’s Prom Queen is… Laurie Warren!

Sophie: Laurie!

Laurie walks up to the stage as the teacher places the crown on her head and the microphoen to give a speech.

Laurie: Thank you to everyone that voted for me! It’s an honor to be your prom queen as expected! What wasn’t expected was to see one of your so-called friends kiss your boyfriend though. So Sophie–

Sophie stands on the dance floor with everyone else; she’s completely mortified. Milo, who stands in the back, is also in complete shock.

Laurie: Thank you for taking this magical night with my boyfriend away from me, slut.

The teacher takes the microphone away from Laurie and Laurie storms off the stage. The class of 2022 stares at Sophie, while talking and whispering to each other. The music plays again and Sophie pushes toward the crowd to get herself out of the hall. She runs out; Milo and the rest of his friends notice.

Mollie: Man, I knew Simon always had a thing for Sophie! That is fucking hilarious!

The table laugh except for Milo. He looks towards the door that Sophie ran out of. Milo is clearly heartbroken.

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