The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Screw Up: A Scene.

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Milo stands in the kitchen, looking at his father and Jennifer, who sit at the kitchen table. He doesn’t say anything or move, he just stands there in hopes one of his parents says something first. They don’t.

Milo: *nervously laughs* Home before midnight! Parents in those movies where the teenager breaks their curfew would… love…that…

Milo Sr and Jennifer don’t respond. They sit there, not amused with Milo.

Jennifer: *to Milo Sr* So, do we ground him now, or yell at him for lying to us about tonight?

Milo Sr: Why not both?

Jennifer: Works for me.

Milo panics and drops the act, he drops his bag onto the floor.

Milo: I’m sorry, I had to finish the project, I swear I wasn’t gone for that long I–

Milo Sr: You still lied to us, Milo! You also ditched Mollie’s party to *air quotes* finish the project.

Jennifer: There has to be more to this story than you’re telling us.

Milo: No! I swear!

Milo kneels to the floor to open his bookbag and pulls out his notebook. He flips through the pages to show his dad and Jennifer. After some time, Milo Sr and Jennifer believe him, but still is skeptical about Milo’s motive.

Milo Sr: Milo, it’s the fact that you missed Mollie’s birthday party. Mollie’s your best friend, she was asking about you all night.

Milo: She’ll be fine, she’s always over here anyway and I can make it up to her–

Jennifer: Milo, that’s not the point! You lied to us. We had no idea where you were tonight!

Milo: *annoyed* Well I went out to finish my project! Is that so bad to do?

Jennifer: When you’re coming home at 10 at night without us knowing!

Milo Sr: Pep.

Jennifer gets up from her chair and walks out of the kitchen once she hears Micah come out of his room. Milo and hid dad are the only ones left in the kitchen. There’s a long pause before anything else is said.

Milo Sr: Is there more to this project than you’re telling us?

Milo: *off-guard* What?

Milo Sr: Is this more about the person you’re doing the project with?

Milo doesn’t know how to answer the question. Milo Sr takes a deep breath.

Milo Sr: Milo…

Milo: *defensive* It’s just a stupid project that has to get done! That’s it!

Milo Sr: To me, it sounds like you have a crush on this girl you’re working on this project with.

Milo: *angry* No! You’re wrong! Just–

Milo grabs his bookbag and tries to walk past his father.

Milo Sr: *shouts* You;re still ground, Milo.

The door slams shut. Milo Sr takes off his glasses to rub his eyes. Jennifer enters the kitchen after Milo leaves to go into his room. Jennifer sits down next to Milo, brushing his dreadlocks away from his face.

Milo: We’re in trouble, Pep.

Jennifer doesn’t say anything, she just listens to Milo talk.

The following Monday, Milo walks in the hallway in school, towards his locker. He looks up to see Mollie at her locker, getting her things together before class.

Milo: Yo, Mol! You wanna go get pizza after school? I do have to be home before 3:30 so maybe we can just–

Mollie slams her locker shut, and looks at Milo.

Mollie: I’m busy.

Milo: … Okay, how about tomorrow?

Mollie: *annoyed* No.

Mollie zips up her backpack and tries to walk in the other direction.

Milo: What’s wrong with you today?

Mollie: Hmm, I don’t know, maybe it’s the fact that my own best friend missed my birthday to go out with one of the plastics and *air quotes* finish your project.

Milo: Who told you that?

Mollie: It doesn’t matter how I found out! You really ditched me to hang out with one of Laurie’s dumb friends! Like, are you stupid, Milo?!

Milo: Look, I promised her we would finish up the project on Friday!

Mollie: And it couldn’t have been another day? It had to be on my fucking 14th birthday?!

Milo doesn’t say anything. Mollie turns around in disgust.

Milo: Wait, Mol!

Mollie: No, Milo. Clearly you don’t care about me, so why should I care about you? Go hang out with that bitch–

Milo: *defensive* Sophie isn’t a bitch!

Mollie scoffs in disbelief.

Mollie: You’re really sticking up for a girl who you only met like three months ago on this stupid project? Whatever. See you when I see you, traitor.

Mollie walks off and leaves Milo standing near the lockers. In the other direction, Sophie looks at Milo and the argument that he had with Mollie. She turns around towards the other direction, sad.

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