The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Pity Party: A Scene.

I can't wait' | Norfolk Public School teachers back in the classroom,  preparing for students |

Kids chatter in the classroom as they sit with their partners to discuss their projects with one another. While everyone is carrying on conversation with each other, Milo and Sophie sit silently at their table. Milo twirls around his pencil as Sophie plays with the eraser on the desk. Milo looks at Sophie when he finally hears her speak.

Sophie: So, how did your audition go?

Milo: It was cool… yours?

Sophie: It was… cool as well.

Milo: Cool.

Sophie drops the eraser and sighs.

Sophie: What are we doing? We’re supposed to be friends.

Milo: Are we not?

Sophie: By the way you’re acting towards me, it doesn’t feel like it. I wanna be able to talk to you about the audition. I wanna be able to do this project without feeling awkward. I wanna hear you call me Scout again!

Milo can’t help but smile at the last sentence Sophie said. Sophie faintly smiles back.

Sophie: I’m sorry.

Milo: I’m sorry too.

Sophie: Friends?

Sophie hold out her pinky finger towards Milo. He looks down at it, smiles, and then reaches out for it with his pinky finger.

Milo: Friends.

Sophie smiles as they make up by pinky swearing their friendship. They hold onto each other’s fingers just a little too long. They slowly release each other and get back to business.

Sophie: So, the project–

Milo: You pick the place.

Sophie: *confused* But, it’s your turn to document a place.

Milo: We’ll start this project again on your place… I also need to think of another place so I rather you go first.

Sophie: Friday?

Milo: Friday.

Sophie laughs and Milo feels giddy inside. The feeling goes away when someone calls out his name. He looks up and sees Mollie coming over with her partner, Ronnie. Milo looks up and sees the girls walking over to his table.

Mollie: Yo, are you free on Friday? Of course you’re free — anyway, you’re coming to my party, right?

Milo’s eyes widen. Mollie reads them.

Mollie: You totally forgot about my birthday; what kind of best friend forgets their best friend’s birthday?

Before Milo can say anything, he sees Laurie and the rest of the girls come towards Sophie’s table. Once Laurie reaches the table, she rolls her eyes at the sight of Mollie.

Laurie: Come on, Soph, I’m done with the project for today.

Mollie rolls her eyes and coughs an inaudible insult. Laurie looks at Mollie.

Laurie: Was I talking to you, Castro?

Mollie: Was I talking to you, Whoring Warren?

Sophie and Milo’s eyes widen at the comment. Laurie is furious.

Laurie: You know no one is going to show up to your self-pity party, right?

Mollie: *sarcastically* Man, to even think that I’ll be hanging out with my friends at my party instead of sticking my tongue down a nasty jock’s tongue for most of the party really must make my party uncool and boring. *to Simon* Did you enjoy her tongue touching your tonsils?

Simon: You better watch who you’re talking to, bitch.

Milo stands up from his seat. Sophie looks mortified.

Milo: Have some respect for a girl, dude.

Simon: *to Milo* Why don’t you go wear panties and skirts with your best friend, asswipe.

Milo: At least I don’t have to flaunt my masculinity to feel superior.

Sophie: *worried* Milo–

Milo: You know what type of guys do that? Guys that don’t feel manly enough.

Simon: At least I got a girlfriend. Who do you got? Some tomboy best friend that probably likes other girls *touches Sophie’s shoulder* You better be careful, she might just try to kiss you.

Sophie forcefully shoves her shoulders away from Simon’s hand.

Mollie: Whatever, meat head.

Simon: You wanna act like a guy, I’ll treat you like a guy–

The teacher calls out for the students and the chatter dies down. They all look at the teacher as she tells the students to take their seats. Laurie and Simon move away from Milo and Sophie, as well as Mollie and her project partner. Milo looks at Sophie, who is visibly angry.

Milo: I’m- I’m sorry, Scout.

Sophie: Why must you start with him? It’s better if you let him talk about of his bum. He shuts up faster.

Milo laughs at the response. Sophie smiles at it as well.

Sophie: So, no project Friday?

Milo stays silent. The bell rings and everyone gathers their things to head out of the classroom.

Sophie: *sullen* Have fun at Mollie’s party.

Milo tries to call out for Sophie, but she leaves with her friends. Milo rubs his eyes in frustration.

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