The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage High-School Auditions: A Scene.

Setting the Stage: Building Theater Sets - Inventionland

It’s the day of the Waverly High auditions; the hallways are lined up with perspective teenagers awaiting to do their auditions for admission. Many of them are in costumes, dresses, formal attire, and leotards. Milo stands on line in his average clothing, looking around at the competition. He’s nervous and beginning to doubt himself.

A voice shouts out his name and he quickly turns around. He lets out a breath of relief as he sees who it is. Mollie has her hair up in a clean-looking ponytail with a skirt, Converse sneakers, and a chunky sweater.

Milo: Mollie? You actually showed up?

Mollie: I wasn’t gonna miss this audition for nothing!

Milo smiles; he’s incredibly happy that after everything that happened between them and herself, Mollie is here.

Mollie: You’re ready? You look like you’re about to shit your pants.

Milo rolls his eyes. That’s his best friend; Mollie Sue Castro.

Milo: *deadpans* Haha. i’m ready… nervous, but ready!

Mollie: You think you’re gonna make it in?

Milo: Do you think you’re gonna make it in?

Mollie: I do!

Milo: Well I do too!

Student: Cool, you may now kiss the bride!

The two teenagers look behind them. Mollie knows who it is; Milo doesn’t.

Mollie: Hey, Ronnie! I didn’t know you were auditioning?

Ronnie: You know I had to put my art skills into this tired looking school!

Mollie laughs and turns over to Milo.

Mollie: Milo, this is my friend Ronnie!

Ronnie: Short for Veronica.

Milo: Oh! You’re Mollie’s partner for the project?

Ronnie nods her head.

Mollie: She passes the vibe check.

Milo: It’s nice to meet you, Ronnie.

Ronnie: You too! *to Mollie* Remember we have to do week 4 of the project after school tomorrow.

Mollie: Oh yeah! I gotchu.

Ronnie and Mollie wave bye to each other and part their ways. Milo looks at Mollie.

Mollie: What?

Milo: *teases* Looks like I’ve been replaced.

Mollie: Oh please, I’m stuck with you for life. Ronnie is a cool chick. She skates! Well, skateboard, but still. She’s pretty chill.

Milo: Glad that someone was able to pass your incredibly hard “vibe check”.

Mollie pushes Milo as he laughs. The line begins to move towards the auditorium.

The group of students walk into a room next to the auditorium. No one says anything to each other. Milo and Mollie look around the room and see familiar faces from their school. Mollie rolls her eyes once she sees Laurie and her friends enter the room. Laurie is dressed in a very sparkly and elegant dress with her friends all wearing the same costume. Milo also looks in their direction and is surprised to not see Sophie with the girls. He looks around the room to see if perhaps Sophie even ever walked into the room; nothing. She was nowhere to be found.

Mollie: Earth to Milo?

Mollie knocks Milo’s head like it were a door. Milo snaps back to reality.

Mollie: Who are you looking for?

Milo: No one, I’m just seeing who’s here.

Mollie doesn’t suspect anything. Milo is attentive at who enters the room and who leaves.

One by one, the students leave the room to head out to their audition. Milo gets more and more nervous as the room gets more empty. Another small group of students enter the room. Milo notices Sophie within that group. He smiles.

Teacher: Milo Kamalani?

Milo looks toward the door at the teacher. He gets up from his seat as Mollie pats his back for good luck. He walks out the door and enters the auditorium. He looks around; it’s definitely the biggest auditorium he’s ever been in.

Milo opens his eyes as he sees Sophie looking down on him.

Sophie: Milo?

Milo sits up with his guitar and blocks the sun with his hand. He looks in Sophie’s direction.

Sophie: Tell me about your music.

Milo: *laughs* I only play music, I haven’t created anything yet.

Milo places his guitar to the side and faces Sophie, who is sitting on her knees and her jacket covering her legs.

Sophie: That’s still your music though. You seem like you’re incredibly passionate about it.

Milo: I am. I still haven’t decided what I wanted to do for the Waverly audition.

Sophie: You have to do what you feel is right.

Milo: Yeah, but…

Milo gets up from the grass and brushes the grass and dirt off of hi clothing. Sophie gets up with him.

Milo: I just feel like what I do right is so lame compared to other people.

Sophie: *stern* Hey.

Sophie looks up to Milo; the height difference becoming noticeable in between them. He looks down at her.

Sophie: Your best is your best, and it can’t be compared to other people because that’s YOUR best.

Sophie picks up Milo’s guitar and hands it to him.

Sophie: Play me something.

The teacher escorts Milo towards the stage, and Milo walks up to it. He faces the audience and sees the committee sitting at a table. Milo plugs his guitar into the amplifier and takes a deep breath.

Milo: Hi, I’m Milo Kamalani, and I’m auditioning for the Vocal & Band Duo Major.

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