The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Halloween Party: A Scene.

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It’s the night of Laurie’s Halloween party, and teens gather around the venue with their invitation to head on inside. It’s extra, over the top, and luxurious; three things that most of Laurie’s parties are known for. Teens in costumes are walking around, chatting and socializing. Two teens come into the party, a guy dressed up as The Joker; the girl dressed up as a zombie school girl.

Theo looks at Mollie, who also looks at him.

Theo: You look so cute in your costume.

Mollie: Thanks! It was the only thing I could really think of last minute.

Theo: Well, you look great.

He winks at her, which makes Mollie blush.

Across the room is Sophie, who is dressed up as Jasmine from ‘Aladdin’. She sits with her group of friends while the others chat it up and socialize with the other people in the group. Laurie, who is dressed as a luxurious princess, looks at Sophie sitting by herself.

Laurie: Hey Sophie!

Sophie looks up in Laurie’s direction.

Laurie: Come on! We’re all talking pictures together!

Sophie gets up from her seat and lines up with the rest of her friends. The photographer in front of them sets up the camera and prompts them to say ‘Halloween!’ at the count of three. Before the group counts to three, Laurie notices an unwanted guest at her party.

Laurie:*annoyed* Mollie?!

Sophie looks ahead and sees Mollie at the party with Theo. Sophie is confused as in why she’s at the party with him. She doesn’t like the feeling it gives her.

Before she can walk back to where she was sitting, someone grabs her by the arm. It’s Simon, who is dressed up as a prince.

Simon: Sophie!

The gesture catches Sophie off-guard. She jumps in place in fear.

Simon: Hey, it’s just me!

Sophie: What do you want, Simon?

Simon: I just wanted to stop by, say hi and tell you that you look really good in your costume.

Sophie: *annoyed* You should be telling your girlfriend that.

Simon: I mean, she’s cute, but you’re even cuter.

Sophie is visibly disgusted.

Sophie: What happened to you? What happened to the friend that was actually kind and respectful?

Simon: Did I not just compliment you and be nice to you?

Sophie: I think it would be best if you left me alone, Simon. Have a good rest of the night.

Sophie walks away from Simon. She sits back down at her seat, surrounded by Laurie’s group of friends.

Laurie walks up to Theo and Mollie.

Laurie: I believe this was an invite-only party.

Theo: There’s nothing about not bringing a plus one to your party.

Laurie huffs and walks away from the two. Mollie smiles in victory as her and Theo laugh at the outcome.

The night progresses and everything is going well. Theo sits next to Mollie at one of the table and pulls her chair close to him. Mollie smiles.

Theo: You’re enjoying the party?

Mollie: It’s pretty cool.

Theo: Well, I’m having a great time here with you.

Mollie cheeses. She’s not one to swoon over a guy’s compliments like this, but she really likes Theo. Theo gets up from his seat and takes Mollie’s hand. He walks across the venue with her, passing the table of Laurie’s friends and Sophie. Sophie looks up to see the two of them walking towards a dark, secluded area. She doesn’t like the feeling she has, and takes out her phone.

leesophie: Mollie’s at the party with Theo.

In the secluded area, Theo looks at Mollie and smiles. Mollie is confused.

Mollie: What are we doing back here?

Theo: There was too much noise out there, I just wanted to hang out with you and talk.

Mollie nods and sits down in the bench behind the curtain. Theo joins her.

Theo: I’ve been wanting to tell you something, but I’ve been too scared to say anything.

Mollie: What is it?

Theo: I’m really glad that you came with me to the party. To be honest, I really wanted to talk to you in school, but I always thought you didn’t want to talk to me.

Mollie: Are you kidding me? *laughs* I always wanted you to come and talk to me! You’re Theodore Walker, the captain of the baseball team!

Theo laughs and gets closer to Mollie. She notices and starts to get a little uncomfortable.

Theo: The truth is, I like you Mollie. I think you’re the prettiest girl in the class.

Mollie is taken back. She blushes as her response.

Mollie: I… really like you too.

Theo gets even closer to Mollie and begins to go in to kiss her. She doesn’t move, but she’s nervous. He slowly goes in and kisses Mollie on the lips. Mollie closes her eyes and kisses him back until a curtain is swung open and flashes of lights appear. They break up the kiss.

Laurie: Look everyone! It’s Beverly Junior High’s slut! She even came dressed as herself!

Mollie looks mortified. She looks at Theo who’s also laughing and giving high-fives to the boys.

Theo: There you go guys, it’s not as hard as you think getting Mollie Castro after all!

Mollie is embarrassed and at the verge of tears.

Mollie: Go fuck yourself, Theo!

Theo: Not unless I get you to do that first!

The guys laugh as Mollie runs out of the secluded area. Sophie watches Mollie run out of the venue. She follows her.

Sophie: Mollie! Mollie wait!

Mollie: *turns around* Don’t you guys think you did enough? You’re all the fucking same; just plain, mean girls that thinks everyone wants to be like them and be your friend! Go back to Laurie and her other minions and share the same brain cell because all of you are fucking stupid and dumb!

Mollie runs out as Sophie stands there.

Mollie exits the venue and sees a familiar car waiting outside. It’s Milo Sr. and her eldest sister, Jennifer.

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