The "Something" Series

Something’s A Coming: A Scene.

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It’s leaning towards the end of August and going into September. Everyone’s summer is coming to an end, kids are going back to school, vacations are not being taken as often, but the weather is still hot as ever.Grace wakes up one morning and stretches. She looks to her left and sees that the bed is empty. Again. Grace sighs and begins to get out of bed.

She rubs her eyes in exhaustion and looks around the room. She grabs her phone to see a message from her mom.

Mollie: Important meeting with the investors later today. Make sure you’re on time.

Grace tosses her phone on the bed and gets up. She looks at herself through the mirror, she’s noticed she’s lost a bit of weight by the way she’s constantly having to pull up her pajama pants. She goes to sit back down on the bed, taking in a moment before starting her day.

Across town, Jamie is sitting in a conference room with a bunch of other attorneys; he looks around while each of them talk about the case he’s working on. He rubs his eyes in exhaustion, and quickly blinks to snap out of it.

Attorney Carson: This isn’t just a case that’s easily solvable through some evidence. The perpetrators are violent people, and they committed a heinous crime against a young woman walking home just blocks away from her friends house.

Jamie continues to listen along to the debriefing until Attorney Carson looks at him. He then straightens in his seat.

Attorney Carson: Mr. Kim, did you speak with the detectives who worked the case?

Jamie: *shuffles in his files* Yes, they provided us with some of Joseph Mendez’s background information…

Jamie searches for the paperwork and pulls it out.

Jamie: Mr. Mendez seems to be the ringleader of these group of men in upper Manhattan. They linked him to a couple of burglaries and assaults within the last year, something that seems to be common in these group of men.

Attorney Carson: Any evidence of this gang he’s a part of?

Jamie: Nothing concrete, but they are trying to link a back tattoo to the Los Lobos street gang.

Attorney Carson: Alright. Proceed to keep working with the NYPD to gather some insight on the case, meeting adjourned.

The rest of the force gets up to leave the conference room while Jamie still sits there, reading the case file over and over and over again.

A little later in the day, Grace is seen dancing an energetic piece. Her mom, Mollie, stand in the sidelines to count beats. Once the song is over, Grace stops dancing and places her hands on her knees to breathe.

Mollie: Okay, okay, not bad. You’re really making good progress. *gets up from seat* Let’s review some positions.

Grace: *sighs* Do we really need to?

Mollie: Yes, we do. How do you expect new dancers the terminology if you don’t remember it?

Grace sighs and walks in front of her mother. Her mother begins to call out some terminology, in which Grace listens and gets in position.

Mollie: So I heard back from your aunt about the business; everything should be ready to be handed over to you in a month.

Grace: *shocked* A month?!

Grace loses her balance and stumbles in place.

Mollie: Yeah? Grace I told you that the deal was closing in. Are you not ready?

Mollie calls out another position, in which Grace takes a moment to remember the position for it.

Grace: I know, but, I thought I at least had like another couple of months to be ready.

Mollie: You’ll never be fully ready with a passion, Grace. You will nitpick every little detail until you burn yourself out and you just have to accept that your best is enough.

Grace gets out of the position and stands there.

Grace: *in thought* I don’t think I’ll ever be enough.

Mollie: *notices* In dance, or is there something else going on?

Grace doesn’t say anything. Instead, her phone rings in her bag on the bench in which she walks over to answer it. Mollie shakes her head and steps out of the rehearsal room momentarily.

Grace: Hello?

Max: Hey Grace, are you still coming over tonight for dinner?

Grace: Fuck, that’s tonight?

Max: … it’s in an hour, Grace.

Grace holds her head, frustrated.

Grace: Yeah, I’ll be there.

She hangs up the call and moves immediately to her messages. She frowns after tapping Jamie’s name.

Grace: I’ll be running late today. Sorry for the late notice.

She waits a moment to see if Jamie would respond. He doesn’t. She rolls her eyes and puts her phone back into her bag.

Grace: I have to get going. I promise Max I would help with Willow.

Mollie doesn’t say anything. Grace walks out of the studio to head home and start getting ready.

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