Misc., The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage-Parent Conference: A Scene.

Bent Tree Apartments | Centreville, VA | Home

Milo winces in pain as his father puts alcohol on Milo’s cut on his face. His father tries to keep Milo still as he tries to clean the wound with a cloth.

Milo Sr: Bud, I’m just trying to help you.

Milo: It doesn’t mean it hurts any less!

Milo Sr. puts the last bandage on Milo and throws out the trash after he’s done. Milo touches the bandage on his face. Milo Sr. looks back at him.

Milo Sr: So, are you going to tell me what happened before Pep gets home?

Milo’s eyes widen. Pep, or Jennifer, is the last person Milo wants to tell this .

Milo: Please no! *sighs* I got into a fight.

Milo Sr: That much I got from your principal. What else?

Milo: … It was Simon Hempstead.

Milo Sr: That kid again? *annoyed* Milo…

Milo: *defensive* What?! He came up to me first!

Milo Sr: Then you stay out of it and let a teacher handle it!

Milo: So I could be the laughing stock of the school? No way!

Milo Sr. holds the bridge of his nose. He takes a deep breath.

Milo Sr: What is it about him that just gets you like this?

Milo doesn’t say anything.

Milo Sr: Milo? I’m talking to you.

Milo: Can I just go lay down? My head hurts.

Milo gets off the bar stool and begins to walk to his room.

Milo Sr: This isn’t the first time you and that kid had an altercation like this. What is up with you and this guy?

Milo: Nothing, dad. He’s just a bully.

Milo walks into his room and closes it behind him.

A couple of months ago…

Milo and Sophie sit together on two separate swings at the park. Sophie’s hair flies in the wind as she swings; she laughs out loud with Milo as they come to a halt. They slow down and just hang out on the swings.

Sophie: That was immensely fun!

Milo smiles at her, in awe. He takes in the beauty that is Sophie.

Milo: It really was!

Sophie: Thank you for hanging out with me today.

Milo: I had fun! I don’t normally get to hang out with people like this.

Sophie: Really? Why?

Milo: I’m… constantly practicing. I also don’t have many friends.

Sophie: Practicing?

Milo: Yeah, I’m looking to get into the music program at Waverly High. It gets really competitive so I’m preparing for my audition before the time comes.

Sophie: That’s a whole year and a half from now, I’m sure you’ll get in just fine.

Milo: *doubtful* My dad works there, so I have to get in for my talent, not because of my dad.

Sophie: What instrument do you play?

Milo smiles, excited that someone actually wants to talk about this for change.

Milo: I play the guitar, Piano, and drums.

Sophie: *amused* Whoa! We got a triple threat here!

Milo: *laughs* Shut up, I’m not! *looks at Sophie* What are your plans for high-school?

Sophie’s smile fades. She looks at the ground.

Sophie: I’m not sure yet… Actually…

Sophie lifts her head up to look at Milo.

Sophie: I was thinking about auditioning for Waverly High as well.

Milo: *surprised* Really?

Sophie: I haven’t old anyone that I wanted to go, but… I really enjoy playing the violin and I would love to study more in high-school for it.

Milo: Do your parents not want you to go?

Sophie shakes her head shamefully.

Sophie: The guy I like wouldn’t want me to go to another school.

Milo’s heart sinks. He didn’t know Sophie even liked another guy, and if she did, she didn’t show anyone that she liked someone. He’s confused that a smart girl like Sophie would make a decision like that for another person.

Milo: Who?

Sophie nervously looks at Milo.

Sophie: You swear you won’t tell anyone?

Milo: *raises hand* Scout’s honor.

Sophie takes pause before she reveals the name of the person she likes.

Sophie: It’s… Simon. Simon Hempstead?

Milo: *shocked* The football guy?! *laughs* You’re kidding, right?

Sophie doesn’t smile or laugh. Milo notices just how serious she is.

Milo: He told you to not go to Waverly?

Sophie: He doesn’t want me to go to Waverly because he’s going to some sports school in the Bronx. He wants me to go there with him and become high-school sweethearts.

Milo: Has he… said he liked you too?

Sophie: Sort of. He gave me his lunch one day when I forgot to bring my own. He also likes my pictures on Instagram and we always text each other.

Milo doesn’t know how to take this information. He’s angry, upset, but he doesn’t know if he’s more upset over the fact that she’s letting someone else dictate her life, or if she likes someone that’s not him.

Sophie: Milo?

Milo snaps out of his thought. His attention is now on her again.

Sophie: I really should get going before it gets too late. Again, thank you for hanging out with me today.

She leans forward to kiss him on the cheek and walks away. Milo is in a state of shock. Did… did Sophie just kiss me? He holds the palm of his hand to his warm cheek. He blushes and has a huge smile on his face.

Milo lays on his bed, playing with a rubber ball by throwing it up about the ceiling on his loft bed. He’s bored, and he’s grounded so his phone is officially turned off and with his dad. He takes a deep breath and moves to his side. He winces in pain. After awhile, he finally decides to drift off to sleep, in hopes the pain he is feeling subsides in the morning.

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