The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage School Fight: A Scene.

12 cool high school cafeterias | Food Management

It’s lunchtime at Beverly Junior High. Noise surrounds the lunch room with students; friends chatting up about anything and everything, lunch is being eaten and tossed by the stubborn eaters, and cliques sitting at their designated tables.

Milo and Mollie walk into the lunchroom.

Milo: Why do you insist we have lunch every day?

Mollie: Because I’m starving and I’m not going to be here with the others without you here as well. *looks at Milo* Plus, it looks like you can use a sandwich.

Milo rolls his eyes as they continue to walk to their table. They stop momentarily to slither through the crowd of kids. While Mollie makes it through successfully, Milo is having a hard time with his guitar case on his back.

Almost hitting someone, that person pushes Milo away, which makes him fall forward to the ground.

Laurie: Watch where you’re going, geek!

Milo stands up, annoyed.

Milo: Well maybe if you sat down at the table like a normal person, you wouldn’t have been in the way.

Laurie turns around to face Milo. She’s visibly surprised.

Laurie: Wow, the geek can talk. For a second I thought you were just an idiot that couldn’t talk.

Laurie walks up to Milo and pushes him again.

Laurie: Stay away from me, you freak.

While Laurie walks back to her table, Milo yells towards her.

Milo: You know you’re a bitch, right?

Laurie: *turns around* What did you call me?

Milo: You heard me! You’re just a mean bitch that thinks she runs the school because daddy pays off the principal to keep you here!

Laurie walks back to Milo.

Laurie: Take that back.

Milo: Make me.

A another teenage boy in a football player, walks up behind Laurie, angry.

Simon: Yo, it’s not cool to be calling a girl a bitch, like are you fucking stupid?

Milo doesn’t say anything.

Simon: Take your dumb-ass nerd self *pushes Milo back* and stay the fuck away from us.

Milo pushes Simon back.

Milo: You don’t scare me, and you guys don’t own the lunchroom!

Simon swings at Milo and he falls to the ground. The lunchroom gets rowdy, excited for the fight. Milo gets back up and tries to fight off Simon, but Simon continues to punch him.

Mollie comes running from the other side of the lunchroom, calling out for Milo. Sophie panics and stands up, staring at the two boys fighting. She runs out of the lunchroom.

Mollie comes in between the two boys and is able to break up the fight. She starts to fight Simon.

Mollie: Stay the fuck away from my best friend, you asshole!

Mollie is now on top of Simon, continuously punching him in the face. Shortly later, security guards come rushing into the lunchroom and breaks up the fight. Three security guard take Mollie and Milo out of the lunchroom. Milo looks to his left to see Sophie standing outside of the lunchroom teary-eyed.


Milo and Mollie sit on the bench outside of the principal’s office. They both sit there. Milo has an ice-pack on his face while Mollie sits there, swinging her legs on the bench, unbothered. That bothers Milo.

Milo: I didn’t need your help, Mol.

Mollie: You sure about that? From where I was standing, it looks like you were getting your ass beat.

Milo: *annoyed* I was fine before you jumped in.

Mollie: *even more annoyed* He was beating you to a pulp, Milo. What kind of friend would I be if I just watched you get beaten up by a whole fucking football player?

Milo: *louder* A friend that minds their own business!

Mollie: *even louder* Well maybe I should’ve just let him beat you up then!

The security guards quiet the two teenagers outside. They stop talking, now looking away from each other. A woman comes out of the office and calls for Mollie. She gets up and walks into the office. Milo sits out on the bench and huffs. Moments later, a dark at the end of the hall opens. He looks in the direction and immediately knows who it is.

Milo: Scout?

Sophie puts a finger to her mouth to quiet him down. She walks towards Milo.

Sophie: Are you okay?

Milo: I’m fine.

Sophie: You sure don’t look okay–

Milo: *short tempered* I’m fine.

Sophie doesn’t say anything back.

Milo: You called the security guard?

Sophie: I panicked.

Milo: You didn’t have to.

Sophie: *annoyed* Was I just suppose to let things keep going?

Milo: Aren’t you worry that your little friends would’ve saw you running out for help?

Sophie: *offended* Someone’s well-being is more important than some foolish clique.

Milo just looks down as he presses the ice-pack on his face. Sophie lifts Milo’s hand to cover the bruise on his face with the ice-packs better. Milo looks at Sophie. She smiles at him.

They both hear the office door open. In a panic, Sophie runs in the other direction towards the staircase so she doesn’t get caught. The door opens and they call for Milo to walk into the office.

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