The "Something" Series

Something You’re Not: A Scene.

Perfect bright and sunny day in #NYC | Sunny days, York city, New york city

The summer sun hits the pavement on this hot, June day. The curtains of an apartment window are swung open, and a petite woman is shown in the window.

Grace stares outside at the beautiful weather. She closes her eyes and smiles as the sun coming through the window hits her skin. She only opens them when she hears the door to her bedroom opening. She turns around and sees Jamie. He has his hair in a pomade style with his glasses and summer business attire on. Grace enjoys the view.

She walks up to Jamie and helps him readjust his button down shirt. Jamie looks down at her and smiles.

Jamie: You can be such a mom sometimes, Gracie.

Grace playfully hits Jamie on his chest. He laughs as he throws on his summertime blazer.

Grace: You’re ready?

Jamie: I have to admit, I’m extremely nervous.

Grace: *shakes her head* You’re going to do great. You’re more than qualified and they’re going to love you.

Jamie smiles at Grace’s words. She walks over to the island in the kitchen to make their usual morning coffee. Jamie walks to his bag to gather last minute things before he leaves.

Jamie: Are you off work today?

Grace: Yeah, I’m currently not active on a case, so I decided to take my vacation days a little early.

Jamie: *playful* Ah, so I can’t take you along with me as my lucky charm?

Grace: *smiles* You’re going to be late for your interview, Jamie.

Jamie laughs and picks up his bag, getting ready to leave.

Jamie: I guess that will be a no.

He walks over to Grace and kisses her head as she makes coffee.

Jamie: I’ll see you soon.

Jamie walks to the front door and leaves. Grace continues what she’s doing, but the smile suddenly turns into sudden relief.


Jamie anxiously bounces his leg as he sits in the waiting area with other candidates for the opening position at this Law Firm. He takes in a deep breath and adjusts the watch on his wrist. The firm looks just as busy as his did back in Korea. People waling in and out of offices with files piled in their arms. No matter where you go, the job pretty much stays the same.

He looks down at his phone to see the notification from his friend, Shawn He smiles at the message in Korean.

션: Drink's on us?  

Attached was a photo of two passports; one was Shawn’s and other one was Kevin’s.

제형: Aigoo, you two are going to kill me. 

Jamie puts his phone back into his pocket and looks around him, still waiting. Checking his watch one more time, he hears someone calling his name.

Ari: Jamie?

Jamie looks up and sees Ari, Grace’s best friend. He gets up and politely bows as he greets her.

Jamie: Ari, hi! How have you’ve been?

Ari: Good, good… Whatcha doing back in the States? *blinks; clearly confused* Better yet, whatcha doing at the firm? Grace isn’t working today.

Jamie: Oh, I know. I’m actually here for a job interview. Grace told me the firm was hiring and encouraged me to apply.

Ari visibly looks confused. She has no idea what he’s talking about.

Ari: Really? Wow, uhm–

Ari’s head is just spinning with questions and thoughts, she knows that Grace knows about the company policy, and–

Ari: Are you two dating?

Jamie is taken back at the question. His ears immediately turn red.

Jamie: *nervously laughs* Uhm, we’re working on things.

Ari: *bluntly* Are you staying with her?

Before Jamie can answer, one of the supervisors on the hiring team escort the candidates to a conference room. Jamie excuses himself to follow the others. Ari tries to put the pieces together about this weird encounter.

Across the city…

Grace is in a huge rehearsal room; she’s wearing bike shorts and a tied up t-shirt. She’s lacing up pointe shoes; her feet immediately hate Grace for putting them through the pain. It’s been years since Grace has been in the dance studio; it’s apparent from how under-prepared she was.

Grace: *in pain* Fuck, fuck, fuck…

While Grace tries to adjust in the pointe shoes, her mother comes out of the dressing area with a pair of the same shows on, walking perfectly and not in pain. Grace is in shock.

Grace: Mom, how in the hell–

Mollie: *playful* Man, I feel like I’m 27 again being in these!

Grace: Do you not have bones in your feet?

Mollie: No, but I do have years of blisters and scars from wearing these for 12 hour work shifts.

Grace sits on the bench in the rehearsal room. Mollie sits next to her.

Mollie: I’m not going to ask you again because I already know the answer, so instead I’m just going to say that you better get used to it.

Grace: I know.

Mollie: It’s not just something you can pick up one day and it’s easy. Sure, it’s easy to just run it like a regular business…

Grace: *annoyed* Mom, please!

Mollie: I’m just telling you how it is. I’m not trying to be overbearing; you just have to take this more seriously.

Grace: Well I’m not in pointe shoes just for the fun of it.

Mollie: You should wear them more often. While to you clean, while you cook, do laundry. That’s the only way you’ll be able to get used to them.

Mollie gets up and faces the rehearsal room mirror. She looks back at Grace, who is sitting there watching her mother, still visibly in pain.

Mollie: C’mon, we got some refreshing to do.

Grace: *gets up and winces* Do you hate me or something?

Mollie: Quite the opposite. I love you and as a mom that watched you grow out of dance to come back to it, I am honored you still consider it a passion.

Grace looks at Mollie as she stretches.

Grace: Then why are you making me want to hate it?

Mollie: Because I know you’re not going to, no matter how much shit I put you through.

Mollie looks at Grace through the mirror.

Mollie: I’m not saying you became something you’re not. I think being a lawyer was something you wanted to do because, well, you’re good at it. Really good. But you come from a family full of passion and I think you just want to do something that makes you happy.

Mollie finally turns around to face her daughter.

Mollie: I think the happiness you felt when you were a lawyer was to mask the happiness you weren’t getting from those around you. I genuinely think something changed in you and you seem a lot more… happier. *smiles* You remind me of when you and your father came back into my life.

Grace smiles at her mother, finally sharing a moment together that wasn’t argumentative.

Grace: I just want Willow to see her mom being truly happy. That’s all.

Grace’s phone begins to vibrate on the bench. Both women turn around to look at it.

Mollie: Someone’s really popular today.

Grace walks over to her phone to see message notifications. She opens up the messenger and sees that are from Ari.

Ari: Hey babe!  
Ari: We should totally catch up on some lunch later this week! 
Ari: Mimosas at my place? 

Grace responds to the message.

Grace: Definitely mimosas at your place. 

Mollie: You’re coming or what?

Grace places her phone back on the bench and stands next to her mother. Mollie proceeds to teach Grace some positions for the rest of the afternoon.

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