The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage After-School Hangout: A Scene.

Cain Park | Cleveland Heights Parks & Recreation, OH

It’s a warm, Fall day in Prospect Park; people are riding their bicycles, kids are playing on the playground, and teenagers with their backpacks and sweaters tied around their waist talk loud and walk along the path throughout the park.

A boy ties up his dreadlocks into a ponytail with a hair tie that clearly feels uncomfortable with having in his hair due to the girly look of it. Milo rolls his eyes when his best friend, Mollie, laughs at him with his hair tied up all messily.

Mollie: Yo, are you good? That shit looks like it weighs like 10 pounds.

Milo: *deadpans* Haha, very funny. Let’s not even talk about your big red yarn ball of hair.

Mollie playfully pushes him to the side.

Mollie: *mimics Milo* Haha, very funny!

The two friends laugh and reach a bench in the park; both teenagers toss their book-bags in the grass near the bench and sit on the bench.

Mollie: Did you see Laurie and her dumb self wearing heels today? Like, she turned 13 today, whoopie-fucking-do.

Milo: *laughs* She wore them in her gym clothes at gym as well.

Mollie: I swear, her parents paid the principal to keep their princess unbothered and still in school And did you see that enormous cake she had at lunch? Like, that shit was so lame and attention-seeking, she really needs to get a grip.

Milo takes out a chocolate bar from his bag. Mollie looks at him, and Milo already knows the deal. He breaks the chocolate bar in half and gives it to Mollie.

Mollie: What time is it? I have to make sure I make it to my appointment on time this week.

Milo takes out his phone to check on the time, and instead looks on Instagram. He scrolls through the news feed and comes across a group photo. He presses the photo to see who is tagged in it and long and behold, the person he’s looking at is “leesophie”.

Mollie: Hello? Milo?

Milo: *off-guard* What?

Mollie: What time is it?

Milo: *looks at phone* 3:30.

Mollie: *tilts her head* What’s got you all stupid-looking on your phone?

Milo: Nothing.

Mollie smirks and leans forward to take a peek.

Mollie: Who is it?!

Milo: *holds up phone* Stop! It’s nothing!

Mollie tries to get the phone from Milo, but he refuses to let her get to it.

Mollie: Lemme see!

Milo: No!

Mollie grabs Milo by the ear and yanks it. Milo yells in pain, and Mollie grabs the phone.

Milo: Mollie!

Mollie looks down at the phone.

Mollie: Ugh, it’s locked.

She tosses the phone back to Milo as he readjusts himself.

Milo: *angry* Why are you like this?!

Mollie: Because you like some girl and as your best friend, I deserve to know who the hell got you cheesing like an idiot.

Milo: Love you, Mol, but you got it all wrong. There’s no girl. I don’t “go giddy” for a girl, unlike you going all googly eyes for Theo.

Mollie: *defensive* Shut up! I do not!

Milo: Anyone can see how much you crush on him!

Mollie: So what? I can be honest and admit that I think Theo is really cute! What about you?

Milo: *not letting up* Nobody.

Mollie rolls her eyes.

Mollie: You’re such a shitty best friend.

Milo: Love you too, Mol.

Mollie gets up from the bench and grabs her backpack to leave. She sticks the middle finger up at him and walks up. Milo laughs and looks back down at his phone. He types in the username “leesophie” on the search bar on Instagram. Pictures of a young Asian girl pops up; her at ice cream shops, her in a black dress holding up her violin at some event, and the her with a group of girls; one of them being Laurie McAdams.

Milo looks up towards his surroundings out of caution and then back down at his phone. He clicks the “follow” button on her Instagram page and then quickly shoves his phone in his pocket.

Milo: *squeezes his eyes shut* What the fuck are you going, Milo?

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