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Day 23: Officially Official – A Scene.

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It’s a hot summer day in mid-August; a 20-year-old girl with cut denim shorts and a band t-shirt, Summer, is backstage of a concert hall with a VIP backstage pass around her neck. She looks around to the different people that are walking pass her to get work done; she stands there alone, looking for the one person she’s there to see.

Someone pats her on the shoulder and startles her. She turns around to see Dylan, her 22-year old cousin in blue braids and highlight glowing on her cheeks.

Dylan: Hey, Summer! Nate told me you were back here!

Dylan hugs Summer.

Summer: Did Nate see Seu- Evan anywhere?

Summer, who’s more Americanized than Korean, always hides the fact that the boy that she really likes, Evan, is an international student and originally is from Southeast Asia. She normally address him by his Korean name, but to everyone else around her, she calls him by his English name. It saves her the explanation of how to pronounce his name properly.

Dylan: He didn’t mention Evan, but he’ll come around!

Summer nervously plays with the rings on her fingers.

Dylan: Listen, my first time being backstage at a music festival I was just as nervous as you. You see all of the other fan girls drooling over the singers, All these hair and makeup and important people just walking around, you don’t feel like you belong…

Summer: *sarcastically* Thanks for the prep talk, Dyl.

Dylan: I’m just saying that you’ll be fine, Sum. Just go find Evan, maybe he’s in his dressing room or something.

Someone calls out for Dylan and she says goodbye to her cousin. Summer looks down at her phone to open the message chat with Evan. “나는 방 1에있다”, or “I am in Room 1” is written in the chat. Summer finds her way backstage to the dressing room. She finds the room and knocks on the door.

Evan: *from behind the door* 네? (Yes?)

Summer: It’s Summer.

Evan opens the door and sees Summer standing there. A huge smile suddenly appears on his face and it makes Summer blush. They’ve been close friends for awhile now; they study at the same college, he’s great company to be around, and she finds herself finally trusting another guy after being in a shitty relationship during her high-school years. Evan is a gentlemen, and crazy hot, which Summer is not complaining about.

Evan lets Summer walk into the dressing room and closes the door behind her. Summer looks around the unfamiliar atmosphere: a vanity, a couple of bags, and some takeout on the table near the couch.

Evan: Sorry about that, I thought Jimmy was coming back with coffee.

Summer: Hey, it’s understandable; gotta have that coffee before a big show!

She sits down on the couch as Evan sits on the coffee table across from her. He’s smiling from ear to ear looking at Summer. She feels her face getting hot from blushing.

Evan: You’re excited for the show?

Summer: Of course! I’ve only been an audience member for Nate’s band so to be backstage for someone I actually know is surreal.

Evan smiles and Summer melts at the sight.

Evan: Speaking of Nate, I must thank him later for getting me the gig, it was cool of him to do.

Summer: He has to be, or else Dylan would never hear the end of it.

Evan laughs and Summer is in a trance; even his laugh is perfect.

Evan: Well I’m glad to be here, and I’m glad you’re here as well.

Evan grabs Summer’s hand and kisses the top of it. Summer tries so hard not to jump Evan’s bones right in the dressing room. Summer takes her water bottle out of her back pack and gulps half of it down. It’s suddenly way too hot back here.

Evan gets up and walks to the vanity, he grabs a portable fan and gives it to Summer.

Evan: It can get pretty hot in dressing rooms. We’re already sweating enough of nerves, why let it be even hotter for us?

Summer giggles and Evan is taken back by the sound of it. She’s fucking adorable.

He sits next to Summer; his leg is crossed and facing towards Summer. She shifts her body to face him and eve though they’ve been friends for awhile, she’s never been this close to him. She didn’t realize just how fit he was, and the tattoos on his body fit him perfectly.

Summer: Are you nervous for tonight’s performance?

Evan: Not really. I’ve been to a lot of open gigs and late night karaoke with friends over the years, which you definitely have to come the next time I go…

Summer: *laughs* 안돼 (no way), I’m not a singer. It’s never going to happen.

Evan: It’s karaoke, Sum! You don’t have to sing well to enjoy your night at karaoke!

Summer: Uhm, have you heard yourself sing, dude? Like, you can hit notes that no man can hit!

Evan: *flirty* So you’re saying I’m a good singer and that you like my singing?

Summer: Would I be at the backstage of a venue with a backstage pass around my neck like a groupie?

Evan: Nah, you’re just the president of the fan club.

Summer takes the pillow from her side and throws it at Evan, he’s laughing once of the hardest laughs she’s ever head.

Evan: Of course I’m kidding, but I’m really glad you’re here.

Summer plays with the lanyard around her neck; she’s nervous. She hasn’t felt this way over a guy in years, and for someone like Evan do to this to her, it was surreal.

Summer: Evan, can I ask you a question?

Evan: *off-guard* Of course, what’s on your mind?

Summer takes in a deep breath and gathers her thoughts. She came to the concert to see her favorite boy perform on stage and see him do what he loves to do. She came to the concert like she always does, but she’s also here to do something she thought she’d never do.

She knows that Evan won’t ask her on a date or anything because of her past. She still struggles with her past and the abusive relationship she had, and Evan made it clear he would do nothing to make her uncomfortable or jeopardize the friendship they have. But Summer has been spending so much of her time with Evan and it just honestly feels right with him.

Summer: *takes a deep breath* Thank you for being an amazing person. Like, I haven’t been my complete self ever since Frankie and I broke up. I couldn’t get out of bed on the weekends, yet alone during the summer to go to concerts and be with friends. You’ve been such an amazing support system and–

Summer takes a breath; her voice is shaky and her voice is beginning to go out. Evan touches her knee with his hand and she instantly calms down. She looks at him and he smiles; the corner of his mouth curl up which instantly makes her smile. She just blurts out what’s on her mind, no filter.

Summer: I like you, so fucking much. Will you go out with me?

Evan: I like you too, Sum. We could always go out for lunch or karaoke like I said before, whatever you’d like to do–

Summer starts laughing and Evan immediately stops talking. He looks at Summer in a puzzled manner.

Summer: 좋아해. (I like you)

Evan’s eyes widen in shock, he nervously shifts in his seat and then smiles at Summer.

Evan: Ah, you mean it in like, a boyfriend/girlfriend type of way!

Summer’s face gets red. He notices.

Evan: No, don’t get embarrassed! *reaches out to hug Summer* Summer 누나! (noona)

Summer laughs at Evan calling him noona; he loves to tease Summer because she’s older than by a couple of months. She secretly loves it.

Summer: How can you make every awkward thing I say or do just be completely normal? You just take everything I do or say as if it’s not the most humiliating thing in the world.

Evan: *smiles* Well, I like you and you’re a really cool person to be around. I really enjoy your company, Sum.

Summer’s face gets hot again and she starts smiling. She tries to gain back her composure.

Summer: Just so you know, I’m usually not like this. I’m never the flustered girl that just smiles all day and acts cute and–

Evan: Yes.

Summer doesn’t catch Evan’s answer.

Summer: *continues* –girly like, I’m jut this weird, awkward girl that keeps to herself and doesn’t even take a good selfie, like who can master the art of looking good in photos like I rather take photos of nature and trees and–

Evan: *interrupts* 내 여름! (My Summer!)

Summer stops in mid-sentence. She looks up at Evan who is now looking at her back, with a smile on his face. When they first met earlier this year, Evan used to call her “Summer” in Korean since it fascinated him that she was named after a season. He always called her “My Summer” and I guess he knew it gets her attention, because she stops her traces every time she hears it.

Evan: I would love to be your boyfriend, Summer. Would you be my girlfriend?

Summer’s insides explode. She never had someone politely ask her out, let alone officially become official. Evan laughs and takes Summer’s hand.

Evan: 공주님. (Princess)

They both smile at each other, and this moment just feels right. They lean closer to each other, about to share their first kiss.

The door swings open, and it’s Jimmy with the coffee, and right behind him are Nate and Dylan. They both jump back in their seats, away from each other. Jimmy panics and closes the door quickly.

Jimmy: *awkwardly* Uhm, I think the girl he’s… with is… your cousin.

Dylan and Nate look at each other; eyebrows are raised.

Dylan: Summer’s having one hell of a Summer, huh?

— The End —

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