Blogust 2020: The Series, Creative Pieces

Day 16: the 103rd poem – a poem.

this is the 103rd poem

I’ve written mindlessly on my phone

about the world that we live in,

the fairytale love I hope to have one day,

the closing of my long, exhausting chapter,

the flowers that are in full bloom in my garden,

and the random thoughts I have about me,

him, her, you; whoever I decide

inspires the poems that I write

on this day.

and even though it took awhile

to let go of this fear that my writing wasn’t good

enough to be shown and told to the world,

let me remind you this is the 103rd poem;

the 103rd time I reminded myself

that my story matters,

my voice matters,

and even though no one may listen to my words,

at least I’m my own best listener.

to more life to live,

to more love to put out there,

to more chapters being written in silence,

to more growth and a whole lot of self-care,

these words are my own,

and they remind me that I never gave up

on something I was always passionate about.

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