Blogust 2020: The Series

Day 2: What Have I Been Up To?

Dear, guys – welcome back to Letters From Liz!

How has everyone’s summer going? Is everyone back to work yet or are seeking jobs or just enjoying the summer weather? I don’t know about you, but these last couple of months sorta just flew by? How is it already August, you guys!

Anyway, I feel like I haven’t gave a legit life update in a really long time – so I guess I can use this lovely Sunday to just give you guys a life update!

For starters, I am restarting the bariatrics program again due to COVID-19 literally just stopping everyone’s life and because I wasn’t able to stay on track as much as I can now that I’m able to physically go to appointments and get the clearances I need for surgery. I’m technically done with weigh-ins, I’m just now getting all the testing done and clearances done for surgery and by early 2021, I will be undergoing it. It’s definitely a scary process, and it’s a process that I will have to prepare myself for once everything starts clearing, but it’s something I believe will benefit my way of living and my life in the long run.

I just recently got clearance from the psychologist in the program (which was my first ever guy psychologist and was so comforting to talk to!) and this week I’m seeing a nutritionist for the first time so hopefully things go well and I’m able to get some advice and guidance towards eating habits and living a better lifestyle!

In other news, I’ve been quite busy with my kpop collection! Back in June, I started to take collection more seriously and it’s pretty much complete excluding some that are impossible to find, but yeah! I’ve spent the majority of July on my trading account meeting new people (or moots) to share our love and interest for Victon and it’s just been an amazing journey to have, like internet friends? I think I’ll write a post more on that subject later in the month.

Lastly, I’ve been taking care of my mental health while I have this time to myself. A coping mechanism I had prior to the virus was my job; I was able to keep productive and social through my work and environment with my coworkers. Since I’ve been out of work, it’s been a bit difficult to stay out of my own head and “distract” myself from negative thoughts. I’ve just been trying to be gentle with myself and do things that make me happy! Lately its been my collection, the trading community, and even writing story scenes for the blog!

That’s pretty much it, nothing new or exciting! Just wanted to start off this first full week of Blogust with an update and to say that I’m so excited to give you guys new content for the month of August!

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