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Too Little, *Never* Late: A Scene.

Cozy Apartment in the City Centre Entire apartment (Budapest ...

A couple of weeks have passed since the incident at the hospital with Rosie. Both Rosie and Micah enter the apartment together; Micah is holding her hospital bag when they enter. When he closes the door behind him, he puts the bag on the ground near the door. Rosie doesn’t say a word; she tries to walk straight to her bedroom. Micah isn’t haven’t it.

Micah: Roe?

Rosie stops but doesn’t turn around to face Micah.

Rosie: I just want to relax, Micah.

Micah: We really need to talk before we continue doing whatever we are doing.

Rosie: *snappy* It can wait.

Micah: *pleading* Rosie, please.

Rosie turns around and sees how pale Micah’s face has become. She knows he’s been neglecting his basic needs just to be there by her side for the last couple of weeks. She doesn’t understand why someone would even do that for her. She doesn’t deserve it and yet here he is, exhausted as ever, still wanting to talk things out.

She walks over to the sofa and sits down. Micah takes in a deep breath and sits next to her. He faces her.

Micah: What happened that night?

Rosie is visibly uncomfortable. She stays silent.

Micah: Roe, I- I need to know. I haven’t been able to sleep for weeks because of it. I- *sighs* I need some closure, Roe.

Rosie: *nervously* Closure? Closure of what? Of me?

Micah rubs his eyes. Rosie starts to panic.

Rosie: You want me to leave, huh? You’re done with me? You’re tired of trying to save me and being there for me because I can’t give it to you back? Huh?!

Micah looks at Rosie; he’s worried and he doesn’t know where this whole thing is coming from.

Rosie: *spiraling* I don’t need your sympathy, Micah. I don’t need your constant patrolling and I certainly don’t need you to come to the rescue and fix me and find me and make everything go away! Because it’s not going to, Micah! I’m a fucked up person! I ran away and my parents didn’t hesitate when I asked to be emancipated. I lived on the streets, picked up dates for money, for food, for survival! My ex-boyfriend used to steal my money and still beat me up because it was never enough! I came to New York on a strangers money to get me through college and get a real job and to get my life together and what the fuck I do? I chose to live in an abandoned movie theater and still pick up dates for money and fuck my life up!

Rosie loses her breath and panics. Micah reaches for her hand and she pulls it back.

Rosie: Don’t fucking touch me! Don’t fucking do that Micah because I don’t fucking deserve it! I tried to fucking kill myself, Micah, kill myself! Because I don’t deserve anything in this world! I’m going to be a fucked up mother with a child who’s father is an abusive jerk, and that kid is gonna grow up to become just another fucked up Delgado in this world! I don’t deserve any of this!

Micah immediately pulls Rosie close and hugs her. She starts to sob so loudly, the echo surrounds the small living room. Micah rubs his hands in small circles on her back, trying to calm her down. She continues to cry everything she’s held in for weeks, possibly for years.

Micah: You’re the best fucking thing in this world, Roe.

Micah releases Rosie to take a good look at her. Her face is red, her eyes are puffy, and her face is wet from the tears.

Micah: Look at me.

Rosie looks up at Micah; this is the most vulnerable he’s ever seen her.

Micah: You deserve all the amazing things in this world. You’re fucking worth it. Yeah, we all make mistakes and bad choices in life, but ending your life is never the right way out. You know how many people care about you, Roe? Both Tanner and Daniella stayed at the hospital waiting for updates on you. Hudson must’ve drove 80 MPH to get here from Philly because he was one of the first people to see you. People love and care for you, Roe.

Micah’s thoughts scatter around the room. He needs to say it now that she’s awake.

Micah: I love you, Rosie.

Micah takes a tissue from the coffee table and wipes Rosie’s tears. She doesn’t move.

Rosie: You’re just saying that because you have to say it.

Micah: Well sure, you’re my best friend, it comes with the job description of being *cutesy voice* the bestest friend in the whole wide world.

Rosie smirks and Micah feels on top of the world he got her to do just the simplest thing.

Micah: But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love you any less, Roe.

Rosie: Well, thank you for dealing with me. I know I could be a handful and I know I don’t always show you my appreciation for the things you do for me, but I am grateful for you.

Micah looks at Rosie’s belly and he’s suddenly in a trance. How could he have fallen in love with someone he’s never even met yet?

Micah: You’ve given me the most wonderful thing in the world…

Rosie looks at Micah, she knows that he’s staring at her belly. Her face gets hot. Micah looks back up and snaps out of the thought, and brings his attention to Rosie again.

Rosie: Dani told me you caused a scene at the hospital with that dickhead. I don’t know why he even showed up at the hospital.

Micah: Because guys like him strive for power. Probably wanted to see the damage he’s done.

Rosie’s face drops and she’s suddenly in thought. Micah notices and he successfully touches her hand.

Micah: Sorry. I couldn’t help myself. He was saying horrible things about our daughter and it just really got to me.

Rosie: *questioning* Our daughter?

Micah: I-uh, your daughter. Sorry.

Rosie: *smiles* Our daughter.

Micah’s eyes light up and the most grinning smile lands on his face.

Rosie: If anyone’s gonna be a great parent to her, it’s gonna be you. I mean, you already love this little bean and she’s not even here and she’s not even–

She stops before she continues. Micah already knows what’s gonna be said, but makes sure Rosie doesn’t read into it.

Rosie: Despite the circumstances, she’s lucky she’s gonna have you in her life.

Micah: I mean, what can I say? I’m amazing.

Micah laughs and Rosie shoves Micah on the shoulder. Micah gets up from the sofa to get some water for Rosie, but he stops in his tracks when Rosie speaks.

Rosie: I heard what you said that day in the hospital.

Micah: *turns around* Heard what?

Rosie: What you said. And I just want to say that I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking about anyone besides myself that night. You could’ve lost us both, and I’m sorry I could’ve been the reason why.

Micah takes a long look at Rosie. He remembers that night at the hospital when he confessed his love to her. He wonders if she heard that as well.

Micah: You’re here now. That’s all that matters.

He turns around and continues to go towards the kitchen, until–

Rosie: Do you still love me?

Micah’s eyes widen and his heart is pounding. She heard everything. Micah turns around and faces Rosie. He never knew this day would happen like this; him halfway towards the kitchen and Rosie with snot-filled tissues surrounding her on the sofa. Despite the arrangement, he takes in the moment for what it is. It’s time to be honest.

Micah: Always have, always will, Roe.

He walks over to her to face her again.

Micah:First and foremost, you’re my best friend, and I would never want to jeopardize that, y’know? But… there’s always been something more with you. I want to protect you, take care of you, go through this whole journey with you; does that sound weird? I don’t know, I just started to feel these things and it just made me realize that I’d do anything for you. And I know you don’t let people get too close to you and I just didn’t want to ruin things and–

Rosie: *laughs* Hey, Micah?

Micah: Huh?

Rosie leans forwards and softly kisses Micah. It’s an innocent, reassuring kiss.

Rosie: Shut up, will ya?

Micah smiles and grabs Rosie’s face and kisses her again, this time it’s deeper. It’s a yearning, a long wait for this moment, and Rosie sinks in. It gets passionate, and they both know where this could go.

Rosie: Hey, hey, easy there, tiger.

Micah tries to catch his breath as he stares at Rosie. He’s in her hands.

Micah: Do you love me too?

Rosie is taken back by the sudden question. She realizes that she hasn’t said it back to Micah, and it has her wondering: does she love him more than a friend? She knows she loves him as a person; he’s the only person that truly understands her and makes her happy. They’ve been through the roughest parts and the greatest parts of life and somehow it got them to this moment, just inches away from each other.

She thinks about all the people that ever told her that they loved her: her parents, her guardian Weston, her junkie ex-boyfriend from Philly, and now Micah Kamalani. Nobody ever looked at her the way Micah looked at her while saying the words “I love you”. The way he said it and the way he looked while saying it was so foreign to her, but it made her feel something different than the other times she’s heard it from people. Perhaps she felt different this time because she feels the same way. Perhaps she’s in love with Micah Kamalani.

Rosie: I do. It’s always been you. *recognition* I wasted all this time in other guys and running away and deep down it’s always been–

Micah forcefully kisses Rosie, and Rosie immediately kisses him back. This time, the feelings mutual, and they start making out on the sofa. Every now and then, Rosie lets out tiny moans, which drives Micah crazy. He breaks up the kiss, gets up from the sofa, and takes Rosie’s hand.

Micah: Come.

Rosie nervously gets up from the sofa and follows Micah to his bedroom. Before they enter, he turns around and looks at Rosie. Her flushed, pink skin makes her brown freckles pop out more and her red lips so bright from the kissing. She’s fucking beautiful.

Micah: You sure you wanna do this? We could always take things slow.

Rosie puts her arms around Micah’s neck and stares at him.

Rosie: We were never conventional, Mic.

Micah smiles and pushes the door open behind him. He grabs Rosie by the hand and leads her into the bedroom.

— The End —

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