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The Night They Knew: A Scene.

Camilo Jose Vergara | By Night in Brooklyn | 1

— Spring 2026 —

It’s a calm and clear night, even in a neighborhood that’s not the safest to be in at this time of the hour. An 18-year-old girl with curly red-hair, Mollie, is cautiously walking on the sidewalk; this is her first time coming to this part of town at night before. She looks behind her to see if there’s anyone following her and she doesn’ dare take out her cell phone while she’s out either. She knows where she’s going, and she’s hoping to get there fast. 

She finally reaches her destination; a small little apartment on the side of a complex. She knocks on the door and within seconds, a boy answers the door; an 18-year-old boy with wavy dirty blonde hair and the deepest blue of eyes, Weston. He smiles at Mollie, and invites her in. 

Weston: I really appreciate you coming all the way here, but we could’ve just went to your place if you wanted to.

Mollie: My mom is home for the night; I told her I was going to the movies with Milo.

Weston: *concerned* But isn’t Milo your sister’s stepson? Won’t they still find out?

Mollie: *laughs* There’s nothing for you to worry about. We got this. We’ve been doing this for years.

Weston playfully raises his eyebrows as Mollie sticks out her tongue at him; he’s glad that she’s here. 

Mollie: But I gotta say, your neighborhood at night is freaky. How do you guys do it?

Weston: We just got used to it. Once people know you belong in the neighborhood, they don’t bother you. It’s only when they don’t recognize you.

Mollie: Ah, so, me?

Weston: *playfully* I think you came here enough times for everyone to know you down this block.

Mollie: Don’t say it like that! It makes me sound slutty or something.

Weston: What? Can’t two friends just enjoy each other’s company without it being sexual?

Mollie looks at Weston, who is clearly playing with her emotions. They’re friends, but they both know they really like (more like love) each other, yet they don’t want to admit it. Mollie wants him, but she’s afraid to drag him in her world of self-destruction. She knows Weston is so much better with another “put together” girl in their grade, yet she can’t seem to get away from him, and neither can he.

Mollie: *plays back* I don’t know, can they?

Weston is caught off-guard from Mollie’s response; oof. This definitely the first time he’s ever had a girl over his place at this time of night, and Mollie’s snarky responses is not helping the situation at hand. 

While Weston was still in thought, Mollie walks throughout the living room to see the pictures hanging on the wall; she never noticed them in detail before.

Mollie: You used to play baseball as a kid?

Weston walks over to Mollie, and looks up at the wall of pictures with her. 

Weston: That’s my brother, Mason. He was the athletic one when we were younger. *points at another picture* That was me.

A picture with a geeky kid in glasses holding a game controller in his hands is shown.

Mollie: *holds in laughter* Oh! You were… so cool.

Mollie bursts out laughing and Weston nudges her a bit.

Weston: Hey! We all have our awkward phases! Mine just so happened a little later in life… at 12.

Mollie: Hey, mine was 14. Braces and tangled hair and scraped knees from dancing.

Weston: You used to dance?

Mollie: *sighs* Still do.

Weston: *wonders* Then what are you doing in the vocal program? *catches himself* Not that I’m saying you can’t sing, because you sing better than anyone else in the class, and–

Mollie: *laughs* Thanks, Wes. Dancing has been more of an outlet rather than something I wanted to do in school and hate it, y’know? I’ve danced for most of my life, and it’s always been a sacred thing for me. Nobody at the school knows that I dance besides Milo. I just didn’t want to be in a program where all the girls are snobby and rich and can afford to be in such a tedious program. So, I just decided to go into the vocal one instead.

Weston: I mean, you should be doing what you want to do though, Mol.

Mollie: And I am, just not at school.

Weston looks at Mollie while she continues to look at the wall. He takes in her beauty; the concentration on her face looking at the photos on the wall, possibly wondering about his past as much as he wonders about hers. She then looks at Weston, then back at another photo on the wall.

Mollie: *points* Was this you back in San Francisco?

Weston: Yeah. Mason and I had to have been like 4-years-old in that picture. *looks closer* That used to be my favorite dinosaur toy. I took that thing with me everywhere.

Mollie: Aww, did you like dinosaurs as a kid?

Weston: No, it was the last thing my father gave to me before he left.

Mollie looked at Weston as he kept staring at the picture.

Mollie: It seems like when they give you such a nice gift, it’s never just a gift. There’s always some “but” involved. “Here’s a pair of earrings, but dad’s not gonna be there for your birthday.” 

Weston: *looks at Mollie* Your present was a pair of earrings?

Mollie places her hair behind her ear and shows Weston the tiny hoop earrings. Weston reaches out to touch one of them on her ear. She doesn’t move, nor does he. Nothing is said, they just look at each other for a moment.

Mollie: At least you were able to let go of your last present; your past.

Mollie finds herself too exposed and tries to guard her feelings and vulnerable side. She snaps out of the thought and walks over to the couch.

Mollie: So, Milo told me that Sophie is having her birthday party in two weeks; I really hope her plastic friends don’t cause a scene, like, can we just be cordial for the sake of our friends?

Weston walks to the couch to sit next to Mollie. 

Weston: Mol.

Mollie: I mean, technically I wasn’t invited because of her friends but hello Milo is my best friend and I’m not about to let him just walk into a party without no backup like those bitches are evil and–

Weston: *snaps in front of Mollie’s face* Mollie.

Mollie: *widens eyes* Huh?

Weston: You don’t have to pretend with me. I know that talking about your family just now was a lot for you to do, and that’s okay if that’s all you want to talk about. Thank you for trusting me enough to hear even a portion of your history.

Mollie is at a loss for words.

Mollie: *defensive* So just because I tell you two little lousy secrets of mine you think you know what’s best for me?

Weston: *confused* Wait, what?

Mollie: I don’t need you thinking that I’m this broken, damaged person that needs someone to fix them or save them. I’m not broken, I don’t need to be found or fixed, I’m perfectly fine! So just stop trying to just be so understanding because you’re just lying to yourself. Everyone has.

Weston looks at Mollie with the most confused look on his face. What just happened? What is she saying?

Weston: Mollie, I’m not trying to save you or fix you or do anything to change you.

Mollie looks back at Mollie; unsure and worried.

Weston: There’s more to you than your past, Mol. I’m not here to figure you out or to take your past and use it against you. I’m here for this version of you. The present you. The one that is funny, and spunky, and such a badass. The one that’s an awesome fucking friend and bandmate and would do anything for the people she loves. The one sitting right in front of me, at this moment.

Weston turns his body towards Mollie to give her his undivided attention.

Weston: I’m here for you, and I’ll listen to you whenever you’re ready to share your story, Mol.

Weston makes the first move and gets closer to Mollie. She stays put, but watches Weston get closer. She’s not protesting. Weston gently cups her face with his hands and kisses her. She kisses him back. After their first kiss, they look at each other intently. 

Mollie: Did we just… ?

Weston: Yeah.

Mollie gets up from the couch and starts to panic. She’s pacing back and forth and Weston gets up and tries to calm her down.

Weston: Mol, hey, hey, it’s okay-

Mollie: We can’t do this, I can’t fuck this up, you’re the best fucking thing to happen to me and I can’t fuck that up, I-

Weston kisses Mollie again and her body instantly calms down. This time the kiss is deeper and more passionate; it lasts longer than the first. When they break up the kiss, Mollie is silent. Weston still caresses his hands on her face.

Weston: You’re the best fucking thing to happen to me, Mollie Sue Castro.

He takes control and they start making out. Mollie completely sinks into Weston’s touch until she starts leading him towards his room. The kiss doesn’t break until they reach the door. They pause and look at each other to see if the other person is okay about what’s going to happen next. Weston pushes the bedroom door open and they practically fall in the room.

Mollie and Weston are now standing in the front door. Weston is wearing a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie without a t-shirt on, while Mollie’s once-tamed-curly-hair is now tied up in a messy bun. 

Mollie: Tonight was great, Wes. Thank you.

Weston: I honestly should be thanking you, if anything.

Mollie nudges Weston as they laugh; still the same old people.

Mollie: Seriously though, thank you for just even… seeing me for who I am in this moment.

Weston: That’s the you that matters most… but man, I hope I get to see the you that was in my bed 30 minutes ago again. 

Mollie covers her face with her hands as she shakes her head; Weston hugs her for reassurance.

Mollie: What am I going to do with you, Weston?

Weston: *pulls away from the hug to look at Mollie* Whatever you’d like to do, Mol.

Mollie looks at Weston with an endearing look and then takes a hand to his face.

Mollie: Can’t stay away from the dirty jokes, huh?

She gently pats him on the cheek; Weston laughs – same old Mollie, yet a little more open and calmer.

Mollie begins to put her sweater on to get herself ready to go home; it’s extremely late into the night. Weston notices the thin material of Mollie’s sweater and offers her one of his.

Weston: It may be Spring, but the night still screams Winter.

Mollie: And what am I suppose to say to my mom when I mysteriously come home with another person’s hoodie?

Weston: Tell her it’s Milo’s; sure his taste is not as great as mine, but it’ll do for the time being.

Mollie: *laughs* I’m so telling him you said that.

Weston: Hey, he knows it’s true.

They both laugh and look at each other for a moment. Mollie takes in a deep breath nervously. 

Mollie: Well, I should get going, it’s gonna be a long train ride home.

Weston: Mol, are you sure you don’t want me to call you an Uber? It’s really no big deal.

Mollie: I’m a big girl, Wes. The night-time doesn’t scare me.

Weston: As long as you’re sure. *kisses Mollie one last time* Call me when you get home.

Mollie: I gotcha.

Mollie opens up the door and walks out; she waves at Weston as she walks down the stoop and onto the sidewalk. Weston smiles at Mollie and then closes the door. 

Mollie walks down the block towards the train station. She’s about to put in her headphones until she hears a group of guys in front of her, looking at her:

Street Guy #1: Hey pretty mama, whatcha doing out here at this time of night? Looking for a date?

Mollie ignores the guy like she usually does whenever someone cat-calls her. It is New York City after all.

The guys get up from where they are sitting and try to stop Mollie in her tracks.

Street Guy #2: Yo honey, my mans asked you a question.

Mollie: *annoyed* Look, I don’t want any trouble tonight, just leave me alone.

Street Guy #1: We ain’t here to cause trouble either, sweetheart, we’re looking for a good time *laughs with the other two guys*

Mollie: Well, go find your good time with someone else, because it’s not with me, asshole.

Street Guy #1: A little feisty one, aren’t you? Even better.

The three guys surround Mollie now in the middle of the empty street, Mollie’s tough demeanor is now weakening with fear. She tries to keep her eyes on all three guys just in case they try to do anything funny. One comments on the length of her dress and grabs to grab it.

Street Guy #3: Any girl wearing a short little dress like this is asking for it, baby.

Mollie: I said leave me the fuck alone!

The three guys continue to laugh until Mollie’s fight response kicks in. She punches one of the street guys in the face so hard, it knocks him on the ground. As soon as he hits the ground, she runs down the block and the guys run after her. 

Street Guy: #1: Get back here you bitch!

Mollie is now fully in panic, she runs back down the block that Weston lives on in hopes that she can reach it before it’s too late. The guys are nearly behind Mollie now, and she’s afraid the worst is yet to come. Thankfully, Weston’s house is just seconds away and when she reaches the front door, she’s banging on it like her life depended on it, because it did.

Mollie: Weston, please! Open the door, open the door!

A few seconds later, Weston opens the door and Mollie pushes herself inside. She pushes the door shut and she starts to cry. 

Weston: Mollie, are you okay? What happened?

Mollie: *hysterical* These guys are after me, they tried to–  they–

The front door is now banging non-stop. Angry voices of the guys are heard from outside. Mollie holds her head in her arms, trying to stop herself from hearing the guys yelling. 

Weston: *crouches down* Mollie, it’s okay, you’re safe now, they can’t hurt you.

One of the guys outside is heard screaming “That bitch is gonna get hers! When you come back out here bitch, you ain’t never coming back out in these streets!” Weston gets extremely angry hearing the guys outside and decides to take matters in his own hands. He goes into the closet to take out a baseball bat. Mollie realizes what Weston is about to do.

Mollie: No! Don’t do it, Weston, it’s not worth it, they’ll go away!

Weston doesn’t hear Mollie speak. He just opens the door and walks out.

Mollie: Weston!

Mollie gets up from the floor and opens the front door to get Weston. She stands at the entrance and watches Weston walk up to the three guys.

Weston: Y’all think ya tough trying to beat up a woman?! Fight someone your own damn size, punks!

Mollie runs down the stoop stairs and follows Weston. She runs after him.

Mollie: Weston! Stop!

Once Mollie reaches Weston, he’s surrounded by the three guys in a fighting stance. He’s swinging the bat trying to hit one of them until one of them sneaks up behind him and knocks him to the floor. All three guys are ganging up on him. Mollie screams and runs towards the scene until she seems a tall man running from the other direction towards the scene.

Tall Man: Hey! Get the hell outta here before I call the cops!

The guys run away from the scene and Weston is still on the ground. Mollie runs towards Weston in a panic; he’s in really bad shape. The tall man stands around Weston on the phone with the cops.

Mollie: Weston, please. Please wake up.

Weston doesn’t move or open his eyes. Mollie holds Weston in her arms, covered in his blood, waiting for the ambulance to come. 


— The End —

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