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The Fakelationship: A Scene.

*For reference of these characters, read this scene first*

A man with dark brown hair and a woman with light brown curly hair with different color streaks walk down the suburban area of NYC. They are carrying a “happy birthday!” gift bag and a tray of homemade cupcakes. The man, Micah, holds everything while the woman, Rosie, insists she helps hold something. Micah does not want her to hold anything in her condition, and Rosie rolls her eyes. 

They stop in front of a little house at the end of the block.

Micah: Well, this is the place.

Rosie: *sighs* I’m not ready.

Micah: C’mon, it’s no big deal, Roe.

Rosie: *raises up an eyebrow* Micah, you’re a momma’s boy. I’m nervous just being in the same room as her. You know she never liked me.

Micah: Hey, that’s not true. You got this, we just gotta act like ourselves.

Micah smiles at Rosie to reassure her. She still doesn’t budge.

Rosie: Then why do I feel like I’m gonna hurl today’s lunch out in the street?

Micah: *laughs* You’ll be fine, Roe, c’mon.

He guides Rosie up the front stairs and rings the doorbell. A woman with red curly hair opens the door and greets both Micah and Rosie. Micah hands over the birthday gift bag and kisses his mother for her birthday. After hugging and greeting them, they all walk up to the living room area where an older man with dreadlocks and two teenage twin sisters come out of the kitchen area to greet everyone.

Rosie takes the cupcake tray from Micah and puts it in the kitchen.

Milo: *hugs Micah* Micah! It’s good to see you!

Micah: Hey dad. *teasingly looks at the girls* Hey, Reagan; hey Dylan!

The twin girls roll their eyes at their brother and laugh as they both walk into their bedroom. The feeling’s mutual.

Micah turns around and sees Rosie standing awkwardly near the doorframe. He walks to her to make her feel comfortable.

Micah: Hey, guys – you remember Rosie, right?

Jennifer: Of course; it’s nice to see you again, Rosie.

Rosie: *nervously* The pleasure is all mine, Mrs. Kamalani.

Micah looks at Rosie nervously; why would she be so proper to someone she’s known forever by now? 

Micah: Are Milo and Sophie coming with the kids?

Jennifer: He couldn’t make it, Summer came down with the flu, which then spread to the entire family… but they told me to say hi and ask you when you’re going to visit them again?

Micah: Times have been crazy lately, mom. I’ll give him a call later when I get home.

Rosie sits near Micah nervously; she’s allowing him to do all the talking as she just sits there and acts as normal as possible. Micah notices that Rosie is quieter than usual and isn’t her normal spunky self. When Jennifer excuses himself after Milo calls out to her, Micah turns around to face Rosie.

Micah: *caringly* Hey, you’re alright, Roe?

Rosie: Yeah I just- I feel like I don’t belong.

Micah: Stop it, you do. You’re my company and you’ve known my family for years.

Rosie: Yeah, as your friend, not as your “fake girlfriend that’s pregnant with *air quotes* your kid.”

Micah: Look, I know it’s weird, but having them over my place for dad’s birthday in a few weeks is going to raise the question of why you’re living with me. It eliminates that discussion.

Rosie: Oh, but then what’s the excuse you’re gonna give when they start coming over and see me with a huge fucking belly…

Micah: *shhes Rosie* We will get to that bridge when we need to cross it.

Jennifer comes back into the living room area and sits down on the single lounge chair across from the sofa the other two are sitting.

Jennifer: So, how have you been, honey? It seems like you barely come around anymore.

Micah: Yeah, I’ve just been busy trying to get my life together, you know the deal.

Jennifer: It still doesn’t mean you can’t drop by every now and then.

Micah: *reassuring* I’ll do what I can, mom.

The conversation stops, and now Jennifer is focused on Rosie.

Jennifer: And how have you’ve been, Rosie? I haven’t seen you since you and Micah graduated from college last year.

Rosie: *nervously* Yeah, I’ve been busy doing my art thing, nothing unusual.

Jennifer: Ah, that’s nice. Do you still live in the neighborhood?

Rosie looks at Micah. He doesn’t look at her, but he knows.

Micah: So Mom, uh Milo told me the other day that you were thinking about retiring for good? Giving the business to Aunt Mollie when she comes back to the city?

Rosie exhales to herself, thankful that Micah got her message of nervousness. While the mother and son were catching up, Rosie excuses herself to go to the bathroom. Pregnancy sicknesses. Jennifer notices.

Rosie: Excuse me for a moment, just have to use the bathroom.

Micah: Yeah, it’s the second door on the left.

Rosie quickly gets up and head towards the bathroom.

Jennifer: Is she okay?

Micah: Yeah, she’s fine, mom.

Jennifer sits closet to Micah.

Jennifer: Micah, what’s going on? You never brought Rosie over for a dinner like this.

Fuck. This conversation wasn’t supposed to happen until everyone got together at the dinner table.

Micah: I mean, there’s a first for everything, y’know? I just decided to bring her along.

Milo calls the family for dinner; saved by the bell. Rosie walks to the table and Micah follows behind her. Jennifer also follows.


Midway into the dinner, everything seems to be going as normal as possible; the twins are talking about their school lives and playfully teasing each other, Milo begins pouring wine into everyone’s glasses except the twins, who are drinking soda. After pouring Micah’s glass, he attempts to pour Rosie a glass.

Rosie: Oh, uhm, I’m fine, really.

Milo: Are you sure? Pasta always tastes better with some wine though. Not even a little sip?

Dylan: *intervenes* Dad, leave the poor girl alone.

Milo: What? I’m just being the hostess with the mostest. *to Rosie* Are you positive you don’t want any?

Micah: *annoyed* Dad…

Rosie: *nervously blurts out* I can’t even drink anyway.

Micah wides his eyes but avoids making a scene. He can only hope she heard what she said and tries to cover it up.

Rosie: I, uh, can’t drink because uhm, I’m a recovering alcoholic. *agreeing with herself* Yep. Recovering alcoholic.

Milo finally takes the bottle away from Rosie and the table is silent. Micah has absolutely no words for what just happened.

Milo: Really? That’s amazing, Rosie. *holds up his glass* Congratulations to your sobriety!

Rosie: *confidently* Thank you so much, Mr. Kamalani.

Micah chugs down the glass of wine; he wants to burst out laughing, he wants to die in this very seat, he doesn’t even know how he’s still functioning properly, but everything is going by well. Until…

Jennifer: So Rosie, it was great for you to join us tonight. Micah never brings anyone over when he visits.

Rosie: *nervously laughs* I’m honored to be the first, then.

Jennifer: Well, there was that one time that girl came over; what was her name, honey?

Milo is in the middle of eating, the twins are watching the conversation go down, and Micah is now visibly annoyed.

Micah: That was years ago, Mom. I was also living here too.

Jennifer: Ahh, that’s right; that’s why we saw her a lot.

Micah looks intently at everyone at the dining room table except Rosie; he can’t stand to see the look on her face after going through this awkward conversation. 

Micah: Well that was in the past.

Jennifer: You’re right, honey.

There is a moment of silence while everyone is eating, until…

Jennifer: Do you still keep in touch with Kalia, Micah?

Micah drops his fork onto his plate and looks down at the table, Rosie is now visibly annoyed at the conversation at hand. She respects Mrs. Kamalani, and she knows that Micah is her first-born and her only son; he holds a special place in her heart. She knows that Mrs. Kamalani only wants the best for her son, but why did she have a problem with her? What did this Kalia girl have that she doesn’t? Whatever the case was, Rosie is not about to sit around and act primp and proper for Micah’s family. She’s spunky, and she needs to lay down some dominance.

Rosie: Mrs. Kamalani, I don’t know if Micah told you why he brought me here today, but he brought me here because there is something we wanted to tell you guys.

Micah’s eyes widen and immediately turned his head towards Rosie. He knows what’s about to happen, or does he? 

Rosie: He brought me here to formally introduce me as his girlfriend. 

Jennifer tries to keep her composure, yet her wides widen at the news. 

Rosie: *raises her arms* The cat’s outta the bag! So please, Mrs. Kamalani, I know you don’t approve of me as much as you lead us on, but out of the respect of your son, can we at least try to get along? I’m not going anywhere.

Jennifer is shocked at Rosie’s words. She’s speechless, and all she can do is look at Micah, and throw daggers at Rosie, who still feels on top of the world, until the pit of her stomach tells her otherwise. Bathroom break #2.

Rosie: Now if you excuse me, *begins to look sickly* I have to use the–

The bile comes up before she’s able to finish her sentence. Rosie runs to the bathroom to most likely hurl both meals she had today. Micah officially gives up and continues eating. His family now looks at him in shock.

Milo: *breaks the silence* Are you sure she’s going to be okay, son?

Micah: *nonchalantly* She’ll be fine, she’s just pregnant.

The Kamalani family all drop their forks and knives on the dining room table. No one says anything, no one moves or does anything… besides Micah, who’s just letting things go the way they are going, eating the rest of his dinner. 

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