Voiceless Rant: The Series

A Voiceless Rant: May 2019 Edition.

Dear, guys – welcome back to Letters From Liz!

We are unofficially halfway through the month; is everyone having a good May so far? Personally, I always liked May as a month; it wasn’t too hot, too cold, and most of the trees have their green leaves on and days just feel so much nicer in May. It’s the lead up to Summer June, and who doesn’t like a little warm weather after a long, cold Winter?

Anyway, a new month means a new installment of:


I’ve had a couple of rough patches since the month started, to be quite honest. Resuming my therapy sessions after a little break in April and juggling my personal life and all of that has had me feeling a little bit more on the anxious side lately. As hard as I’m going keeping up the schedule for this blog, prepping for my journal publication, all while being present in all of my relationships in life is getting a bit difficult, and at times I’ve found myself in a daze, not paying attention to anything or anyone around me, which isn’t a great feeling, since that’s what happened when I began to feel disconnected from the world last year. 

Although I’m mentally in a better place, this time around, it doesn’t mean I don’t have work to do. And this is what May’s Voiceless Rant is going to be about.

The process of self-discovery and being the best versions of ourselves simply doesn’t end after you have a good head on your shoulders, for the most part. We are always going to be working on ourselves simply due to the fact that we mature, grow up, and experience issues and obstacles that we are going to come face-to-face with. I may be generally okay with things at the moment, it doesn’t mean I’m proficient with handling the weaker parts of my being. I still cry when I’m overwhelmed, I still take things personally from time-to-time, I still don’t have a strong foundation of confidence with my abilities, and my anxiety tends to make issues about me still – and on top that, practicing assertiveness. There are so many areas in my life that I have plenty of work to do, and I’m okay knowing that someday, I will have all of that figured out.

As long as I’m keeping a positive outlook on the present, the future, and even about the past!

I’m learning that no matter what is happening in life currently, I still am able to keep a pretty positive outlook about myself, and on life. I’m nowhere where I wanted to be, but it doesn’t stop my process of eventually getting there. Obstacles and “bumps on the road” are going to occur whether you are ready for them as not, but the strongest and most courageous thing to do is to always remain positive about things, even through the tough times. 

Through the people around me and my own journey through healing, I am learning that progress starts with a positive mind; if you’re willing to still see some beauty in the things that may drag you or put you down, the negative energy behind those things won’t affect you as much as if you dwelled and stored up that energy in you.

So, whatever hardships you are going through in life, know that there’s always light at the end of each tunnel. Know that what you are going through and the way it’s affecting you is making you stronger, wiser, and braver. It’s also teaching you life lessons that just naturally occur in life.

We all grow up, we all experience the ups and downs life throws at us – and in all honesty, having that positive outlook is what’s gonna get you through them.

new end


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