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SAS: Your Voice Matters. (11/3/18)

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Hey, guys – welcome back to TNTH!

With November just making its entrance, you all must’ve heard to get up off your asses and vote in this year’s election! Although the Presidental election isn’t for another 2 years, it is extremely important to not make the same mistake we made during the last presidential election in 2016. So please, go and register to vote!

I say this because, in every aspect of your life, your voice matters. You are allowed to be heard. You have the right to express yourself and use your voice hopefully for good. Spread awareness about the things that matter the most, like expressing outrage of the Trump Administration trying to erase the identities of transgender people currently happening and how he wants to abolish the 14th Amendment by ending birthright citizenship. Express yourself on issues such as discrimination and injustice, women’s rights, mental health; pretty much everything that matters right now in the world.

I will be the first to admit that I take my voice for granted. I sometimes feel like my voice is just one little squeaky thing in a room full of louder, better people. Sometimes, I fail to realize that all voices are voices, period. They express, they discuss, they have something to say, and taking it for granted isn’t right. We live in such a progressive time where changing the status quo and changing the type of voices being spoken for us need to change.

Using your voice is more than just speaking out. It’s writing your truth for awareness. It’s getting up from your house and taking a stance at a voting booth and vote for change in our democracy. It’s standing up for a person who is forced to be silent. Using your voice is about being outspoken in so many different areas, and truly not giving a fuck what anyone thinks or says about you.

I speak because I was told my anxiety and my mental health didn’t matter at one point. I speak because I was mentally abused. I speak because I have people in my life who I love that are being targeted by either having them killed or having their identities erased as if they aren’t real fucking human beings. I speak because I am tired of being afraid to speak when I know that my voice matters.

Many of us are tired of being silenced in one aspect of our lives, and it’s slowly changing.

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-Liz. (:

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