Blogust 2018: The Series

Day 31: End of Blogust & Future of TNTH!

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Hey, guys – welcome back to TNTH, and welcome to the last day of Blogust 2018!

The journey has been a ride, might I tell you.

Blogust, although decided very last minute, was something that I’m very glad that I did. It allowed me to stay productive during a mellow summer, and it allowed me to get back in the swing of things after not doing so for most of the year. Honestly, I thought I was going to stop writing and posting after, like, ten days, so I’m very glad to see that we got through all 31 days of Blogust with content that I was very proud of writing.

After 31 days of posts, ya girl is taking a well-needed break away for a week!

Since tomorrow is Saturday, normally there would be a Self-Appreciation Saturday being ready to publish at noon, but I do need to gather myself and begin planning for the weeks ahead, and a nice week away from the blog will give me that time.

So yes, after today, TNTH will be back on its regular schedule, which is Tuesdays and Saturdays at noon, respectively.

Again, thank you so much for supporting TNTH, and for being a part of such a fun series! Of course, we’ll be back with more series like this during the holiday season for Twelve Days of TNTHmas, as well as in January 2019 for TNTH’s 2nd Anniversary Blogging Celebration! Hopefully, there’ll be another month dedicated to daily blogging… maybe February since it is the shortest day of the year…

Although there is a whole subcategory section where all the Blogust posts live, here are some of my favorites that I enjoyed writing for the month:

  1. Day 3: Travel Diary of Greeley, P.A.
  2. Day 7: Let’s Talk about Mental Health Medication.
  3. Day 8: Let’s Talk about the Reality of Addiction.
  4. Day 9: 24-Year-Old Liz Reacts to a Poem Written By 18-Year-Old Liz.
  5. Day 11: SAS: What Going Out in a Swimsuit Taught Me This Summer. (8/11/18)
  6. Day 16: My Experience at Poetic Theater Productions.
  7. Day 19: How I’m Dealing with “Culture Shock”.
  8. Day 23: A Look Through my 2016 Daily Journal!
  9. Day 24: Stories I’ve Been Working On! (Part II)
  10. Day 28: To the People with an Anxiety Disorder…


See you guys in two weeks!


-Liz. (:

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