PSA About April Fools Day.

Hey, guys – welcome back to TNTH!

First of all, Happy Easter to those who celebrate it, happy first day of April, and (sadly), happy April Fools Day.


This is just a quick reminder that not everyone is going to find your jokes funny. Be careful with the type of jokes you decide to make on this day. So, that means the following:

  • Ladies, do not tell your man that you are pregnant as a joke. There are women out there who would love to tell their S/O that they are pregnant for real but can’t because of medical reasons.
  • Do not tell someone you got any sort of medical illness or disease. These things are not made out to be jokes and millions of people live with said-disease-or-illness you said and tried to make into a joke.
  • Do not try to fight with someone and declare it a joke. You are putting the trust that person has for you in jeopardy by really scaring the shit out of them because you decided it was funny to fuck with them for a joke.
  • Men AND women: do not tell your S/O that you cheated on them as a joke. Again, you are putting the trust they have for you in jeopardy and in all honesty, you’re just giving them something you be worried about in the future.
  • Do not try to pull a prank on someone in public that will humiliate that person: i.e a fake marriage proposal, a stunt that makes them the center of attention, harass them, pretty much anything that will make that person uncomfortable. Joke or not, you’re being an absolute jerk who doesn’t respect or care about that person’s feelings.
  • Do not try and mock people’s phobias by putting them in situations where they are scared for their fucking lives. Do not put a fake mouse or spider on someone’s floor, do not pretend to be drowning in any body of water, do not lock people in small rooms, just don’t fucking do anything to trigger people’s stress and anxiety.

All in all, don’t try to prank or make jokes out of things that will ultimately hurt or emotionally scar a person. Yeah, it’s hard to prank someone on April Fool’s Day with an old-fashioned prank without them suspecting anything, but there are tons of unique ways you can do so without hurting anyone in the process. Making completely serious things a mockery is never going to be funny, even on April Fools Day.

So prank safely, be respectful to others, and have a great day, everyone!


-Liz (:

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