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SAS: What a Tarot Reading Taught Me About Myself. (2/10/18)

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Hey, guys – welcome back to TNTH!

In all honesty, I had no idea what to write for this week’s SAS and it was frustrating because in the year I’ve been faithfully posting one, I never had a time where I didn’t know what I wanted to talk about. And I guess this is the SAS discussion: having a feeling of disconnect and uncertainty in life. But, this isn’t what ultimately inspired the writing of this post, it was a tarot card reading.

My college friend, Tori, has been known for being spooky and witchy and she’s definitely into all of the things that are deemed with a bad reputation. She just recently purchased herself a deck of tarot cards to perform readings on. Before going to my class this past week, she texted me in shock telling me how accurate her cards were in her readings were. Now, I became curious for her to do a possible reading on me via text message, and I pretty much asked her why do I feel this disconnect within myself, with my family, my personal life, and my professional environment. After following the steps she gave me, this is what the cards drew out:


Now at first, I was terrified at the death card because that means something ultimately needed to die, but when she explained each card one by one, she ultimately said that the cards were reading more about me personally than about me in these environments in my life. Ultimately, the reading reads as follows: I tend to mourn and dwell on the negativity without noticing the things I already have in my life. Because of this feeling of disconnect, I either have to confront and change something, or ultimately end something; either way, the death card represents the anxiety I am having of confronting this disconnect and will only seek relief from it once I become aware of what I’m being disconnected with. The third card, representing balance, is the outcome or new beginning after I change what’s making me feel disconnected. Once I overcome this obstacle in my life, I’ll feel a sense of balance and relief with myself, being able to be connected with those around me again.

Now, this isn’t something completely new to me. I knew for a fact that whatever I was dealing with was a result of me. It wasn’t set off by an event or a series of events, but it was mainly just my perspective and a trait that I need to work on because I’m possibly growing out of it? It’s still very foggy and I’m still not sure what it may be about, but I still found it crazy that a deck of cards came out to say the same exact thing.

Whether you believe in tarot readings and follow the results in your own lifestyle, or you take the reading like you would do for a horoscope reading, the outcome of the cards and relevance of the reading should say something about the importance of the issue that I’m having: something within my mindset and lifestyle has to change in order to obtain balance in my life.

It taught me that we as individuals really need to become more aware of our instincts and how we’re feeling. Sometimes, it’s weird and hard to feel negative things and when we feel like we’re doing the right thing to shove them away, you might actually be giving the negative vibes more power and control of your own life. People think that it’s good to only think about the positive things and neglect the negative things but when you have to focus your energy on eliminating those negative things, you’re giving it the unnecessary power that you are trying to avoid. That’s why it’s so easy for people to forget or neglect the positive things they have because we tend to focus on getting rid of the negatives. I feel like I just said the same thing three times, but you know what I’m trying to say. 

Personally, I feel like it’s harmless to go for a tarot card reading. It simply tells you what to expect in the future, whether you chose to believe the reading or not. Personally, I took my reading as a sign of immediate change. This disconnection I’ve been feeling in my life could simply mean that there is this trait about me that I’m growing out of. I feel like it’s a good way to get some guidance on a thing in your life that you feel stuck in or uncomfortable dealing with. Again, this isn’t meant to solve all of your problems and it doesn’t provide you with a guideline of things to do to overcome your obstacle, but it does give you some perspective on how you dealing with things and what needs to happen in order to get a positive and content outcome.

Give it a try!

-Liz. (:

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