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SAS: When Anxiety Hits You in Advance. (1/20/18)

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Hey, guys – welcome back to TNTH!

As January begins to dwindle down towards the end, we all take that dreaded sign that reminds us that the new semester is just around the corner. Those who find themselves bored and nothing to do are happy to go back to finally see their friends and be productive, and for others, we wish that we had another month off. For me, this week I was definitely a person of the ladder for once in my life, and because of that, I began to experience some anxiety I haven’t felt in what felt like months. I realized that my school anxiety began seeping into my mind, and the feeling of it being back was completely overwhelming.

But this is the thing: the Spring semester doesn’t start until the end of January, so what can I possibly be anxious about? I don’t have any assignments yet, I’m not physically traveling to and from school yet, and I’m not having to run around and buy books for my classes. So, why am I experiencing the same type of stress and anxiety I get when I’m in a current semester of school?

The anticipation of it is what’s making me anxious. Knowing that I’m going back to a place where I feel my absolute worst because of the tedious work makes me sad. I’ve made so much progress with my mental health in the past couple of weeks that I am afraid that a new semester of grad school will destroy everything I worked hard for, and the feeling sucks.

The fact of the matter is that the semester is approaching whether I like it or not. I am going to have to spend two of my nights on campus, talking about books and analyzing the living shit out of them, to then come home and work on these books some more. I know how the cookie crumbles because I’ve done it for almost 2 years. Still, I feel this wave of anxiety that is just going to get worse as the semester goes, especially since this is my last one until I graduate in May.

Although I can’t predict the future and I don’t know what this semester is going to bring me, all I can do now is help myself prepare for it. Whether you’re a college or grad student, I feel like these little tips can help anyone who’s going back to school feel more prepared and ready for the productivity coming their way.

  • One thing I’m doing right now is doing some work in advance. As a grad student, my final semester requires me to write and submit my Master’s Thesis. In the time that I am off, I’ve been working on polishing it up, adding and revising the language and sections of the thesis and whatever else that will help me lessen my workload. If you’re not working on a big project like me, possibly start reading some of the content you’ll be assigned in the upcoming semester. If you have the chance to get some work done while on vacation, the semester and its deadlines won’t feel so overwhelming with your other classes.
  • Another thing I’m doing is spending some time with my family and my partner at any given time I have. Once I’m in a semester, I feel like my time is very scarce, and I hate feeling like I never have time for those who make me at my happiest. While I have the time, I am making sure that I get to see them more often than I usually get during the semester. If you’re like me and your semesters seem like you have no time for a social life, make sure you make the time while you have it.
  • One last thing I am trying to do is to keep calm. Thinking about the approaching semester will only create more anxiety for me, so I try to avoid thinking about it as much as possible. Like I know it’s coming, I know the deal with school already, and I know I will get used to it once I get the hang of things. As for now, make sure you keep your mind and yourself present. Enjoy the time you have left.


Preparing for something to happen can be one of the reasons why you’re feeling anxious. Maybe prepping for the new semester isn’t the healthiest thing to do. Maybe, you just need to keep telling yourself that you’re going to get through this because you’ve done it before. Don’t let the anxiety hinder you from doing what you gotta do. Allow it to motivate and make you rationalize the situation at hand.


-Liz. (:

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