Self-Appreciation Saturdays, Twelve Days of TNTHmas: 2017

SAS: Let People Change for the New Year. (12/23/17)

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Hey guys, welcome back to TNTH!

This is going to be a quick little post about something that we are all going to start seeing as the next weeks comes, goes, and we start a new one in the new year.

There is always some negativity around holidays. Someone always has to make a negative post on a holiday just to be edgy and “different” and their post about New Year’s Eve or the new year is something of this sort:

Just because the clock turns midnight and a new year comes, doesn’t mean all your problems from the year before just disappear.

I never understood these type of posts. Who are you to judge how someone welcomes the new year? Do you know what a person goes through in the year? I say this because there are people in the world who have genuinely bad years. Sometimes, the hope one has during the year diminishes because they do not know how or when things get better. Sometimes, people need the new year to get the courage to drop every negative thing and start anew. The new year symbolizes this. The new year is supposed to make you want to start fresh, to do your wrongs, to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes. Yeah, things are bound to happen and people may gain new problems in the new year, but you telling people that their problems are just going to carry on into the new year is pretty much saying why bother trying to get happy?

Personally, I had a rough year and I’m not afraid to admit that. 2017 was not my year. I’m still grateful for everything that I learned and that I get to see another day each and every morning. The new year is a breath of fresh air. It’s a restart button. It’s taken everything that went wrong the previous year and making me better in the new one. Yes, I’m aware that life doesn’t just have a reset button and everything just disappears. I think everyone in the world knows that this is logically impossible. 

Let people interpret the new year the way that they want to. Let people allow the new year to push themselves forward and change for the better. Let people set resolutions and if they don’t keep them, how does it affect you? At the end of the day, you live life the way you want to live it, and people will live it the way they want to live theirs.

And if you’re a dreamer and believer of all the pure and innocence of the new year like me? Keep it close to your heart and indulge in the magic of it all.

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-Liz. (:

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