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#TBT Comeback Announcement!

My summer has officially started, which means goodbye grad school Mami, hello full-time TNTH writer! That’s right, my entire summer is now going to be dedicated to the blog, which means #TBT’s are coming back to TNTH!

#TBT comes back next Thursday, June 1st and although they don’t specifically talk about a year, these little posts are most likely gonna be me reminiscing about some good memories, bad memories, some firsts of mine and so much more! I have stories that I haven’t ever fully shared, so that’s what #TBT’s are looking like for the rest of the summer!

Again, I can’t thank you guys enough for coming every week to check out what’s new on the blog. I may not know you guys personally (or I might do), but I still appreciate every single one of you readers.

So, while you wait for next week’s post, check out the #TBT category on TNTH !

I hope everyone who is off college-time has an amazing summer!

-Liz (:

Weekly Life Updates

♥ Happy Easter! ♥


Happy Easter, TNTH readers! Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, I just wanted to write a little Sunday post to personally thank the people who came out during Spring Break to hang out with me on Instagram Live before every TNTH post was published. It was really fun to talk to you guys and tell you about some of these TNTH posts and inspiration behind them. I also shared some little surprises coming to the blog in the next couple of months, which I will let you guys know once everything is finalized. 

So yeah, I hope you guys are enjoying the last days of your Spring Break (if you are currently on it), I hope you’re spending time with family on this Easter Sunday (again, if you celebrate it), and again, thank you so much for your support and feedback on TNTH!

I also wanted to give a quick birthday shout out to a fellow blogger and old friend of mine, Nina. Nina is the creator and writer of SparklyWarTanks, a blog whose core message is to empower women in every aspect of their lives whether it be social, spiritual, mental, etc. She is turning 23 today, and you guys should totally wish her a happy birthday and read all of her inspirational stuff on her blog.

See you all on Tuesday; enjoy the last of your weekend and break! 😀

-Liz (:

TNTH Related Stuff

Tomorrow’s the day!

Hey, TNTH followers and TNTH readers!

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

For the past week, I’ve been reminding everyone on my social media accounts that the live-streams for TNTH will begin TOMORROW, April 8th! They will all start at 12:55pm EST (so if you’re not from America or on the East Coast, check your time settings and see when that is for you).

Make sure that if you will like to be a part of these live-streams this next week that you are FOLLOWING ME ON INSTAGRAM! It isn’t public for many reasons, do you will need to request to follow me and I’ll accept!

Thank you guys for following and supporting TNTH! Look out for more updates on new content and because planning for the summer content of TNTH has commenced!

I will be explaining a new topic that will be coming to TNTH in the near future, so I’m excited to share that with you all as well.

See you guys tomorrow! 😀

-Liz (: