A Message About COVID-19 From LFL.

Dear, guys – welcome back to Letters From Liz.

I’m writing this letter to my readers as a reminder that through this stressful time not only for NYC but for the rest of the world, that I’m here to be your gateway to some positivity and reassuring advice.

Not only are we all afraid of this unknown, infectious disease affecting our physical health, we must also take into consideration that this isolation and distance from society can take a toll on your mental health as well.

I am especially thinking about those who are now forced to stay indoors in their homes, aka the place that they escape from daily due to it being a toxic environment, abusive, or bad for their mental health. I worry for those that will go through major waves of depression due to the fact that not only they can’t escape from their triggers, but they also have to worry when or if this pandemic will get better anytime soon.

I use work as my escape from home because my home can become very bad for my mental health if I’m home for way too long. Before I started this job, I was home constantly, not knowing where to go or who to escape to, and because of that my depression skyrocketed. Not only am I afraid that might happen if my workplace is forced to close until further notice, but I also worry about my own sibling who shares the same feelings and emotions about our environment as I do.

So please, if you are feeling stuck, lost, or just alone during this isolating time, please reach out to family and friends that make you happy. Please don’t allow the sadness get to you, don’t let the media scare you even more, just do what you have to do to keep yourself safe: physically and mentally.

During this time, I am spending my time writing more and enjoying the things that make me happiest, whether that be listening to KPop music, talking to my coworkers (correction: friends) through group chat, and getting to know some awesome people through social media; anything to keep my mind busy and away from my surroundings and bad thoughts is a win in my book.

I wish you all the best during this difficult time. If you ever need some reading material during this time, the blog is up and running for you guys! My schedule is still the same: new posts every Tuesday and Saturday and perhaps if I get the time to write some more, we may actually add a third day to the schedule for the time being!

Thank you so much for following and supporting LFL in any way possible.

Stay safe!

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