y2katalogue: The Tapes

Tape #9: Indigo Chemistry Auditions.

Milo, Jennifer, and Nicki begin to set up the studio space to hold their audition for a new drummer. Their music teacher, Mr. Collins cleans up around his desk and then directs his attention to the students.

Mr. Collins: Mr. Kamalani, Ms. Castro, Ms. Little?

The teenagers turn around to face their teacher.

Mr. Collins: You guys have until the period is over to wrap up and clean up after yourselves as I have a class next period.

The teenagers nodded their heads as Mr. Collins begins to gather his stuff.

Mr. Collins: I’ll be next door in Mr. Basile’s classroom if you need me.

Mr. Collins exits the classroom. Milo takes a deep breath and begins to talk to the girls.

Milo: Alright guys, we got to make a decision on a drummer today. Our next gig is in two months and We need to have this drummer come in and learn all of our music and new ones in time for that gig.

Nicki: What if we don’t find a drummer after the auditions though?

Jennifer: *to Nicki* We’ll find our drummer, I promise that.

Milo side-eyes Jennifer.

Milo: Remember we are not picking anyone just because we know them or whatever. *to Pep* Everyone who auditions deserves our unbiased opinions and thoughts.

Jennifer rolls her eyes and takes her seat in the middle of the table. Milo sighs and proceeds to sit in his seat as well. Nicki looks over at the two friends at her seat, gathering her loose-leaf paper and pens.

Nicki: Let’s start.

The first couple of auditions passed by as the teens cross each name off of their list. As each person leaves their audition, the group gets a little more discouraged that they aren’t going to find their drummer by the end of the period. Milo sighs loudly before the next person walks into the classroom.

Milo: We go to a performing arts high school; where the help is the talent?

Jennifer: *annoyed* Sorry that not everyone can be a dual major like you, dude.

Milo: I didn’t say that I–

There’s a knock on the door and a girl’s head pokes in. Nicki quickly gets up; she clearly knows the person at the door.

Girl: *whispers* String Orchestra has rehearsal in the West Wing instead of the auditorium.

Nicki: Thanks, Gwen; I’ll see you then!

The girl leaves and Nicki turns around the go back to her seat.

Milo: *to Nicki* Was she not auditioning?

Nicki: She plays the viola, she’s in my string orchestra class.

Milo rolls his eyes as the next person comes into the audition space. He knows exactly who just walked in: Danny Campbell. Danny walks in and stands in front of the drum set.

Danny: Hey, I’m Danny. Freshman, band major. Auditioning for the drummer position in your band.

Milo: DO you know the name of the band?

Jennifer: Milo.

Danny: Indigo Chemistry.

Milo doesn’t respond back, he starts to write something on the paper in front of him. The girls look back up toward Danny and smile.

Nicki: Go ahead and play what you prepared.

Danny smiles at Nicki before walking over to the drums. He sits down and begins to adjust the drums before he begins to play. Milo continues to roll his eyes, in which Jennifer catches and nudges Milo with her elbow. Danny takes a deep breath and begins to play a piece. Milo’s nonchalant expression turns into complete shock. Nicki also looks shocked whereas Jennifer vibes out to the music. Danny swings his hair around like a rockstar, getting into the song and doing tricks with the drumsticks. Once the audition piece is over, the girls clap. Milo sits there with his hands crossed along his chest.

Nicki: That was… so cool.

Danny: *laughs* Thanks, Nicki.

Milo looks at Nicki, who is apparently smitten. Milo faces forward and leans toward the table.

Milo: So what makes you want to join our band?

Danny: I think the band is dope; you don’t see two chicks play and sing rock music and kill it every performance. *extends an arm out toward Jennifer* Plus, Jennifer said you guys were looking for a drummer and thought to give it a try.

Milo: So you don’t really know the band as a band, huh?

Jennifer: *annoyed* Milo!

Milo: What? I’m just being honest. Like do you have what it takes to play drums for one of our class’ top groups?

Jennifer: Milo, we’re a high school rock band, not KISS. *to Danny* How’s your daily schedule looking like?

Danny: Pretty much the same as Milo’s, we have the same band schedule and stuff.

Milo: No, I also have “a vocal schedule and stuff”, you know, since I’m a dual major.

Danny awkwardly nods. Before Jennifer says anything to Milo, Nicki speaks up.

Nicki: I know we have different opinions on this, but going by your audition alone, you really do bring the aura that the band needs in order for us to succeed. Plus, it gives us all room to get to know each other and grow together as a band.

Milo: Nicki-

Nicki: I think I speak for all three of us when I say, well, welcome to Indigo Chemistry!

Milo gets up from his chair and stands in front of the two girls.

Milo: Are you kidding me?!

Jennifer: Are you kidding me? Milo, you said he needed to audition like everyone else; he did, and he was the best out of everyone! You know he’s a great fit!

Danny: You know, it’s completely fine if my joining the band would cause this much…issue. If you guys–

Jennifer: No!

Danny stays silent.

Jennifer: *to Milo* I thought you were over this dumb jealousy thing you had!

Milo: Jealousy? Over him?

Danny: *uncomfortable* “Him” is still in the room.

Nicki: *to Danny* Hold on–

Nicki turns around and faces both Milo and Jennifer.

Nicki: *yells* That’s enough!

The two friends stop fighting and look at Nicki.

Nicki: I am sick and tired of having to break up these petty fights between you two! Now, I don’t care about how you guys feel about Danny; all I care about is how much he fits with us as a band and I believe he is what we need as a band!

Milo: Nicki, please–

Nicki: *yells* Milo! I’m talking now!

Milo stays silent.

Nicki: I’m making this call because apparently, you two can’t put your differences aside to see the actual good for this band, so whether you guys like it or not or whatever your reasons are, too bad! I say Danny’s our new drummer in our goddamn band, whether you like it or not!

Nicki stops shouting at the two teens and turns around and smiles at Danny.

Nicki: With that being said, welcome to Indigo Chemistry! Practice is every Monday and Thursday at Jennifer’s place. I’ll give you the address.

Danny smiles and thanks the group of friends before the bell rings; the period is over and the teens have to clean up before Mr. Collins comes back to his classroom. Milo avoids talking to the girls; he folds the table and places it in the closet in the classroom. The girls look at him, clearly knowing he’s not happy about the decision made today.

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