y2katalogue: The Tapes

Tape #8: Friday Night Gigs.

Nicki and Milo pace back and forth backstage at the venue. They hear the other performers on stage playing their sets; the crowd is cheering loudly. Nicki and Milo look at each other, worried about their set starting soon without their lead singer.

Milo: Where the hell is Pep?

Nicki: I tried messaging her on AIM; she never wrote back…

Milo: *annoyed* Doesn’t she know we have a gig tonight?!

Nicki looks at Milo, shocked at his reaction.

Nicki: Dude, don’t you remember what happened at our last rehearsal?

Milo takes a deep breath before he says anything in response.

Milo: I get that Pep’s mom and dad are dating again, but-

Nicki: Did you not see how upset she was?

Milo looks at the door as it opens; the backstage crew walks in and looks at the two teens.

Backstage Crew Guy: You guys are on after the next performers.

Nicki and Milo nod their heads, waiting for the guy to leave the room before they begin to panic again.

Milo: Can’t you sing the vocals and play bass, Nic?

Nicki: *deadpans* I am a band major, Milo.

Milo sits down on a chair and sighs. He flips open his phone to send a text to Jennifer. Not long after, Jennifer walks into the backstage room, not saying anything to Nicki and Milo.

Milo: Pep!

Jennifer doesn’t react. She drops her things on top of one of the vanity tables and sits down in front of it. She begins to fix her hair and get ready while Nicki and Milo look at her.

Milo: Pep?

Jennifer doesn’t respond. Nicki walks up to Jenifer and tries to talk to her.

Nicki: Is everything okay, Pep?

Pep: *snappy* I’m fine.

Nicki: Pep, we’re here if you–

Jennifer: *turns around* I’m not here to talk about my problems. I want to go up on stage, do this dumb gig, and leave.

The other two teens don’t say anything immediately; Nicki walks away as Milo approaches Jennifer.

Milo: I’m glad that you made it though.

Jennifer gets up from her seat and walks away from both Nicki and Milo. The two teens watch their friend walk across the other side of the room. Nicki and Milo look at each other before they give up and begin to get ready for their performance.

The band is dressed and ready to go up on the stage and perform. They look out at the audience through the side of the stage, watching the performers before they play their set. Milo looks at Jennifer; she looks out towards the stage, not acknowledging anything else around her.

Milo: Hey, Pep?

Jennifer turns around and looks at Milo. Milo tries to find the right words to say before speaking.

Milo: You’re gonna do great like you always do.

Jennifer’s hard exterior softens; she gently smiles.

Jennifer: Thank you, Milo. I needed that.

Milo smiles back and opens up his arms. It doesn’t take Jennifer long to hug Milo back. Milo hugs her tight like he usually does when Pep is going through a tough time. He smiles as he hugs her, and doesn’t let go until Nicki turns around to face the two.

Nicki: Alright, we’re up!

The host is heard introducing the band on stage. Jennifer is the first to walk on stage; Milo and Nicki follow her. Jennifer smiles and adjusts the microphone stand as the crowd cheers.

Jennifer: What’s up, Brooklyn?!

The crowd responds by cheering even louder. Milo watches Jennifer get the crowd amped up as they set their guitars up.

Jennifer: Now that’s what I’m talking about! We’re Indigo Registry and we’re here to rock the house tonight!

The crowd cheers before the band is finished setting up and starts the first song.

Jennifer: Tonight, we’re gonna start off our set with “Get What I Want” to get you guys on your feet and jamming out.

Jennifer looks at Milo. He looks at her and nods his head, letting her know that they are now ready to perform. Jennifer looks towards the audience and holds the microphone in her hand.

Jennifer: 1, 2, 3, 4!

The band starts playing the song and Jennifer starts to dance around on stage while she sings the song. Milo watches Jennifer have fun on stage; he smiles as he plays the lead guitar. Jennifer dances with Nicki, playing the bass guitar, and smiles. Jennifer finally goes back to the microphone stand and continues to sing the chorus of the song. Milo can’t stop watching Jennifer sing and perform; he knows the stage is where Jennifer belongs. The audience feeds off the energy the band has while performing; Milo whips his hair as he plays the guitar solo. Jennifer walks up to him as his solo continues, banging her head along to the music. They briefly look at each other before the solo is finished.

The first song comes to an end and the crowd cheers for the band. Milo and Jennifer look at each other before continuing their set for their performance.

It’s a little later into the night; Milo and Jennifer walk down the street with one another, heading home.

Milo: You killed it at tonight’s show, Pep.

Jennifer looks at Milo and smiles.

Jennifer: Me? Dude, you shredded on that guitar! Like that solo never sounded that good before.

Milo nudges Jennifer on the shoulder as she teases him.

Milo: I think fr our next gig, we have to have a permanent drummer. Your cousin’s boyfriend is gonna have other things to worry about since Beatrice is pregnant, y’know?

Jennifer: Yeah… but I mean, Andie loves Beatrice, and I think they’ll be able to stick it out together. But you are right, we need a drummer that’ll stay with us for a while if we ever plan on making it big.

Milo laughs at Jennifer’s enthusiasm. Jennifer and Milo share the vision of making it big with their band, but Milo worries about Jennifer and her other hobbies outside of the band.

Milo: You’re still dancing, right?

Jennifer: Yeah. We have our annual winter competition in a couple of weeks; why?

Milo: *shakes his head* I just know that you were busy preparing for this gig and just wanted to know if you still were dancing. I know how much dance means to you.

Jennifer: Yeah… I don’t know, I feel like dance is something that’s becoming so hard to do these days, like with school and vocal and the band, sometimes it feels like I’m just wasting my time doing something that I couldn’t even get into Waverly for–

Milo stops walking and looks at Jennifer. She stops walking once she notices Milo.

Milo: Pep, you are a great dancer. Just because you’re not dancing at Waverly doesn’t mean you’re bad at it.

Jennifer: *scoffs* Says the person who got into Waverly for both majors…

Milo: Waverly doesn’t measure your talent, Pep. You’re a great singer but you’ve been dancing for as long as I’ve known you. You’re a crazy good dancer and I hope you stick with it.

Jennifer doesn’t respond. The two continue to walk down the street until they stop in front of a house.

Jennifer: *sighs* Well, this is me.

Milo nods his head and then looks at the house across the street.

Milo: Technically me too.

The two friends smile. Milo extends his hand out toward Jennifer; she immediately starts their handshake.

Milo: I’ll AIM you later tonight.

Jennifer: See you later, dude.

Milo smiles and proceeds to cross the street to his house. Jennifer watches before she enters her house for the night.

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